Trailer ☆ The Roman Army PDF by Ò Peter Connolly

Trailer ☆ The Roman Army PDF by Ò Peter Connolly Great old school book that gets to the point.
I can remember picking this book up for the first time from my school library in intermediate school I was intrigued, this book started my love of ancient history The information written was clearly written for me to understand even at a young age, but for me the illustrations brought the time period to life in a way no other book had ever done That is the true brilliance of Peter Connolly, I m excited to finally own it, and hopefully this book will bring my children a love for history one day.
The Roman Army follows the development of Rome s legions starting with conflict with the Macedonians 168 BC moves to Caesar s conquest of Gaul 52BC and finishes during the Year of the Four Emperors 68 AD This is a lot of ground to cover and Peter Connolly is than up to the task Each small chapter is divided into two sections One section follows chronologically the progress of a military campaign while a side bar covers the development and organization of The Roman Army Peter Connolly is a skilled illustrator who takes great delight in bringing back to life archaeological discoveries It is his emphasis on the material culture of the time which seperates this book from other Roman history books The Roman Army is a must purchase for any child fascinated by The Roman Army Adults will also enjoy this book and may be motivated to read Peter Connolly s classic Greece and Rome at War Highly recommended.

Great resource which fully demonstrates that a picture is worth a thousand words Informative, accurate, comprehensive and fun Its format may resemble an adolescent book, both it has a permanent place in my reference library An Exploration Of The Roman Army For The Non Academic Reader, This Work Covers Such Topics As Armour And Weapons, Camping And Marching, Battle Tactics And Famous Battles, Fortifications And Sieges