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↠´ Read ✓ The Economists' Hour: How the False Prophets of Free Markets Fractured Our Society by Binyamin Applebaum ↠´ This was an objective and readable history of libertarian economics sometimes called neo liberal economics especially in the United States beginning in the 50s It will be highly influential book especially if the next recession is as terrible as 2007 and a strong reform movement develops Whether you support libertarian ideas of the free market or you support the reform and regulation of our current form of capitalism the book is informative If you are an ideologue you will not be satisfied and the book offers no solutions One reviewer seems to think book is pro Democratic but the book gives ample evidence that the elites of both parties have bought in to libertarian economic ideas Whether you watch CNBC or follow politics this book will help you understand the buzz words used by some commentators and what they really mean The personal history of economists was interesting too.

When the economy was booming after WWII, economists were found primarily in academia, but as the economy slowed and solutions were sought, the economists came out of hiding Starting with Milton Friedman, economists entered the political arena, and their ideas began to shape the economy not just of the United States, but of the world.
The author tells the story of how these economists came to the forefront of political thought with their belief that the economy given the impetus of free markets would bring prosperity and did not need so much government intervention The author tells the stories of Walter Oi, whose calculations persuaded President Nixon to end conscription, and Thomas Shelling who made value assessments of human life to underpin his suggested policies.
This book is very readable It focuses on the stories of individual economists, their ideas, and how the ideas impacted the lives of people I enjoyed the book very much It tells you a lot about policy and economics, but isn t preachy or dry The author uses his focus on individuals and episodes in their lives to bring this rather deep discipline to life I highly recommend it.
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The Story Of The Economists Who Championed The Rise Of Free Markets And Fundamentally Reshaped The Modern World As The Post World War II Economic Boom Began To Falter In The Late S, A New Breed Of Economists Gained In Influence And Power Over Time, Their Ideas Curbed Governments, Unleashed Corporations And Hastened Globalization Their Fundamental Belief That Governments Should Stop Trying To Manage The Economy Their Guiding Principle That Markets Would Deliver Steady Growth And Broad Prosperity But The Economists Hour Failed To Deliver On Its Premise The Single Minded Embrace Of Markets Has Come At The Expense Of Economic Equality, Of The Health Of Liberal Democracy, And Of Future Generations Across The World, From Both Right And Left, The Assumptions Of The Once Dominant School Of Free Market Economic Thought Are Being Challenged, As We Count The Costs As Well As The Gains Of Its Influence Both Accessible And Authoritative, Exploring The Impact Of Both Ideas And Individuals, Binyamin Appelbaum S The Economists Hour Provides Both A Reckoning With The Past And A Call Fora Different Future