õ The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution ë Download by ☆ Roger Stone

õ The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution ë Download by ☆ Roger Stone great service and good reading thanks Excellent detailed chronicle of the 2016 presidential election An essential read for anyone who wants to understand how Donald Trump won the election Roger Stone has a very clear and detailed writing style The book is hard to put down.
In The Tradition Of Theodore Whites Landmark books, The Definitive Look At How Donald J Trump Shocked The World To Become President From Roger Stone, A New York Times Bestselling Author, Longtime Political Adviser And Friend To Donald Trump, And Consummate Republican Strategist, Comes The First In Depth Examination Of How Trumps Campaign Tapped Into The National Mood To Deliver A Stunning Victory That Almost No One Saw Coming In The Early Hours Of November , , One Of The Most Contentious, Polarizing, And Vicious Presidential Races Came To An Abrupt And Unexpected End When Heavily Favored Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton Called Donald J Trump To Concede, Shocking A Nation That Had, Only Hours Before, Given Little Credence To His Chances Donald Trump Pulled The Greatest Upset In American Political History Despite A Torrent Of Invective And Dismissal Of The Mainstream Media Here Is The First Definitive Explanation About How The Silent Majority Shifted The Election To Donald Trump In Reliable Democratic Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, And Michigan, Thus Handing Him The Presidency Stone, A Long Time Trump Retainer And Confidant, Gives Us The Inside Story Of How Donald Trump Almost Single Handedly Harnessed Discontent Among Forgotten Americans Despite Running A Guerrilla Style Grass Roots Campaign To Compete With The Smooth Running And Free Spending Clinton Political Machine From The Start, Trumps Campaign Was Unlike Any Seen On The National Stagecombative, Maverick, And Fearless Trumps Nomination Was The Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party And A Resounding Repudiation Of The Failed Leadership Of Both Parties Whose Policies Have Brought America To The Brink Of Financial Collapse As Well As Endangering Our National Security Here Stone Outlines How Donald Trump Skillfully Ran As The Anti Open Borders Candidate As Well As A Supporter Of American Sovereignty, And How He Used The Globalist Trade Deals Like NAFTA To Win Over Three Of Ten Bernie Sanders Supporters The Veteran Adviser To Nixon, Reagan, And Trump Charts The Rise Of The Alt Conservative Media And The End Of The Mainstream Media Monopoly On Voter Impacting Information Dissemination This Is An Insiders View That Includes Studying Opposition Research Into Bill, Hillary, And Chelsea Clintons Crimes, And The Struggle By The Republican Establishment To Stop Trump And How They Underestimated Him Stone Chronicles Trumps Triumph In Three Debates Where He Skillfully Lowered Expectation Levels But Skewered Mrs Clinton For The Corruption Of The Clinton Foundation, Her Mishandling Of Government Email, And Her Incompetence As Secretary Of State Stone Gives Us The Inside Word On Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Carlos Danger, Doug Band, Jeffery Epstein, And The Efforts To Hide The Former First Ladys Infirmities And Health Problems Stone Dissects The Phony Narrative That Trump Was In Cahoots With Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin Or That The E Mails Released By Wikileaks Came From The Russians The Grizzled Political Veteran Of Ten Republican Presidential Campaigns From Richard Nixon To Ronald Reagan To Donald Trump Explains How Trumps Election Has Averted Near Certain War With Russia Over Syria And The Rejection Of The Neocon Policies Of The Obama Clinton AdministrationThe Making Of The President Reveals How Trump Brilliantly Picked At Hillary Clintons Weaknesses, Particularly Her Reputation As A Crooked Insider, And Ignited The Passions Of Out Of Work White Men And Women From The Rust Belt And Beyond, At A Time When Millions Of Americans Desperately Wanted Change Stone Also Reveals How And Why The Mainstream Media Got It Wrong, Including How The Polls Were Loaded And Completely Misunderstood Who Would Vote Stones Analysis Is Akin To Theodore H Whites Seminal Book The Making Of The President It Is Both A Sweeping Analysis Of The Trends That Elected Trump As Well As The War Stories Of A Hard Bitten Political Survivor Who Donald Trump Called One Tough Cookie Roger Stone Has Authored Or Co Authored The Following books The Man Who Killed Kennedy, A New York Times Bestseller In Which Roger Stone Makes A Compelling Case That Lyndon Baines Johnson Was The Mastermind Behind The Murder Of President John F Kennedy Stone Maps Out LBJs Motives For Orchestrating The Murder And Uses Fingerprint Evidence And Testimony To Prove JFK Was Shot By A Long Time LBJ Hit Mannot Lee Harvey OswaldNixons Secrets Gives The Inside Scoop On Nixons Rise And Fall In Watergate Stone Charts Nixons Rise From Election To Congress In To The White House In After His Razor Thin Loss To John Kennedy In , His Disastrous Campaign For Governor Of California In And The Greatest Comeback In American Presidential HistoryJeb And The Bush Crime Family, In Which Stone Collaborates With Saint John Hunt To Make This A No Holds Barred History Of The Bush Family After Detailing The Vast Litany Of Jebs Misdeeds, Stone Travels Back To Samuel, Prescott, George H W And George W Bush To Weave An Epic Story Of Privilege, Greed, Corruption, Drug Profiteering, Assassination, And Lies This Exposition Will Have You Asking, Why Arent These People In Prison The Clintons War On Women, Where Roger Stone And Historian Robert Morrow Uncover The Explosive And Ugly Truths About Bill And Hillarys Crimes And Cover Ups They Reveal The Details About Their Actions In Arkansas, Bill Clintons Scandalous Time In The White House, Who Really Ordered The Deadly Attack On The Branch Davidian Compound In Waco, Hillarys Federally Investigated Tenure As Secretary Of State, Their Time At The Corrupt Clinton Foundation, And Hillarys Failed Campaign For President Roger Stone is the inside master of the political spiders web read while the stove is still hot A perfect finale Awesome summary of the making of the president 2016, written by the very intelligent campaign insider Roger Stone A must have.
Amazing insight Roger Stone is an insiders insider It was a fascinating read and I highly recommend it to understand what happened behind the scene during Donald Trump s historic election.
Love the book, no less than I would have expected from Roger Stone.

Incredible look behind the scenes of the 2016 presidential election.
Roger Stone es un viejo zorro de la pol tica estadounidense sus comienzos se remontan a Nixon y tiene amigos y enemigos por todas partes Tambi n ha estado en todas las salsas Conoce a Trump desde hace mucho y tiene con l una muy buena relaci n Cuenta como se desarroll la campa a en la que fue asesor formal y luego externo Habla de la confrontaci n entre los los managers Lewandovski y Manafort, de c mo Hillary le sustrajo la nominaci n a Sanders a golpe de superdelegados y de como Trump pudo superar sus tres momentos cruciales en campa a El enfrentamiento con McCain, la pol mica con el padre del Capit n Khan y la cinta de Billy Bush Tambi n pone en contexto los momentos finales de la campa a de Hillary, en los que concede a Trump por tel fono pero manda a Podesta a decir a los votantes que aun se est n contando votos, una de esas discrepancias para el estudio.
Hay multitud de an cdotas y nombres, y una narraci n con ritmo, siempre entretenida.
Lots of information about the 2016 US election that the main stream media ignored intentional I ve read a few of Roger Stone s books and he pulls no punches Dude, you are awesome So, is President Trump.