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[Peter Frankopan] ☆ The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World [Lingua Inglese] [egyptology PDF] Read Online ✓ This book concerns the modern day intrusion of Asia especially China and the Middle East into dominance of the world, and the apparent loss of influence of Europe and the U.
S Russia, China and the U.
S are portrayed as modern day empires, involved in an extremely complex game of political, economic and social influence Various factors have significantly played into China s hands The extreme importance of energy and minerals have continued to keep Russia and the Middle East of central importance It is far from clear as to what all of this means for the future of the world Frankopan certainly projects his viewpoint, and is convincing that there is an important transition occurring in the world at this time He presents a complex picture, and I am not sure that it gives us much insight on the big perspective over the numerous complicated details of change Russia, China and the U.
S play the games of empires, but the world, beyond this game, has incurred changes, especially population growth which Frankopan alludes to only very indirectly , that muddy the picture significantly I recommend Frankopan s book, but not strongly, for discussing a point of view that is important It adds one piece to the puzzle of humanity today.
A Brand New Book From The Sunday Times And Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Silk Roads Masterly Mapping Out Of A New World Order Evening Standard Revised And Updated Edition The New Silk Roads Takes A Fresh Look At The Relationships Being Formed Along The Length And Breadth Of The Ancient Trade Routes Today The World Is Changing Dramatically And In An Age Of Brexit And Trump, The Themes Of Isolation And Fragmentation Permeating The Western World Stand In Sharp Contrast To Events Along The Silk Roads, Where Ties Are Being Strengthened And Mutual Cooperation EstablishedThis Prescient Contemporary History Provides A Timely Reminder That We Live In A World That Is Profoundly Interconnected Following The Silk Roads Eastwards From Europe Through To China, By Way Of Russia And The Middle East, Peter Frankopan Assesses The Global Reverberations Of Continual Shifts In The Centre Of Power All Too Often Absent From Headlines In The West The New Silk Roads Asks Us To Re Examine Who We Are And Where We Stand In The World, Illuminating The Themes On Which All Our Lives And Livelihoods Depend The Silk Roads, A Major Reassessment Of World History, Has Sold Over Million Copies Worldwide This is today s and tomorrow s front page news, but it isn t talked about much because other news steals the spotlight read it now.

I thought Frankopan s The Silk Roads was outstanding, educational and a real page turner for someone like me who devours well written well documented history The Silk Roads is highly recommended, the New Silk Roads mmm.
not so much By the time I slogged past the middle of the book I knew it was primarily not so well concealed commentary of the type anyone can see on CNN or MSNBC every day of the week Suffering through page 178 was bad enough but when I got to page 179 and read that the U.
S had forcibly injected children of illegal immigrants asylum seekers with drugs , leaving them unable to walk, afraid of people and wanting to sleep all the time, I d had enough and put it down I stopped watching CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and ABC run around with their hair on fire three years ago I didn t pass this book on as I normally do, I threw it away.
When Frankopan s The New Silk Roads was selected by a book club to which I belong, I was very excited Unfortunately, the book is a terrible disappointment If you are looking for a repetitive compilation of statements by Chinese, Russian, and other leaders of their ambitions, along with a wide ranging but poorly organized criticism of Trump Administration statements and policies, Frankopan s book is for you But if you are looking for anything but the most superficial analysis of real global trends and developments, or any useful indication of what policies the U.
, the EU and other elements of the West should follow, there is nothing to see here.
As a former diplomat, professor of international relations, and harsh critic of Trump s foreign policy as well as the Iraq War and other U.
S misadventures , I find a few items in The New Silk Roads that might influence my views But there is no real framework for evaluating the abundance of repetitive and random facts or, often, reports and statements that fill paragraph after mind numbing paragraph in this book It is not a difficult read Frankopan is a good writer But it is a terribly light read There is no indication at all that Frankopan did serious research for this volume And his evaluation of sources is terribly wanting a serious shortcoming for a professional historian I have not read Frankopan s earlier The Silk Roads It must be vastly better than this, given the reviews The New Silk Roads was certainly inspired by the earlier volume Inspired, it seems, by the thought I can make a lot money without any real work.