Å Hate Inc.: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another ↠´ Download by ✓ Matt Taibbi

Å Hate Inc.: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another ↠´ Download by ✓ Matt Taibbi I have been a huge fan of Matt Taibbi and have purchased all of his books There is much of interest in this book, but it does not offset his attempts to make a false equivalency between Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow Anyone who watches these commentators can see that they are totally different in tone, intent, and commentary I wish I hadn t purchased it.
Given the cover, I guess I only have myself to blame.
I preordered this book months ago, and wasn t disappointed after reading it Matt is as hard on himself as he is on other members of his profession as he examines several incidents and political campaigns in great detail You get all the W s from a true insider with keen insight into the industry I hope the book finds an audience because it doesn t pull any punches, nor does it spare any segment of our current political spectrum.
If you re wondering why we can t all get along, and how we have intentionally been manipulated into that position, the answers are here In my opinion, this is the clearest window into the journalism business since Manufacturing Consent.

Everyone who consumes news or media should read this I have enjoyed the writings of this author during the past year, his observations come from a bi partisan ability to see the big picture and drill down into the real truths and motivations behind lofty declarations made in the name of news and reporting Don t fall for the con jobs out there, at least arm yourselves with knowledge Matt tells it like it is He has been there, done that Excellent book Next Day Follow Up Where is the 3rd rating review that allegedly gives 1 Star The Invisible Rater apparently More Fake News I have been a fan and avid follower of Matt Taibbi since he joined Rolling Stone, and I ve voraciously devoured everything of his I could get my hands on But this book and Strangers in Their Own Land have brought me to a crisis of conscience of sorts.
Over a lifetime, our society conditions us to think in polar terms such that some of us can t pick up a piece of red or blue candy without the unconscious reflex of thinking us or them based on its color and their political party Our ideas, our sources, our media are pure, accurate, and good, but anyone and anything from the other side is not.
Taibbi s bold and devoted updating of Manufacturing Consent calls into question this social conditioning and the media s role in creating a political climate so fractured that writers have to embark on an ethnographic expedition to their own country to learn how to navigate the empathy divide as in Strangers in Their Own Land, which while Taibbi might deride the necessity of such a sojourn, the result was nevertheless revelatory to me At times, I ve cheered Taibbi s central thesis that the media must be impartial and never serve as a form of tribal blinders and at others, I ve been brought to an existential crisis of sorts Part of me worries I have been contributing to this culture war by having deeply held beliefs and that I ought to seek communion with my fellow man, while another part of me feels that there are limits to tolerance that should not be crossed, not least of which there being literal Nazis on our streets.
I don t know what the path forward is for us in this country, but I do know this political and media divide cannot stand I also know this book is an essential and vital read that will challenge your views, whichever side of the divide you re on.
Part Tirade, Part Confessional From The Celebrated Rolling Stone Journalist, Hate Inc Reveals That What Most People Think Of As The News Is, In Fact, A Twisted Wing Of The Entertainment BusinessIn This Characteristically Turbocharged New Book, Celebrated Rolling Stone Journalist Matt Taibbi Provides An Insider S Guide To The Variety Of Ways Today S Mainstream Media Tells Us Lies Part Tirade, Part Confessional, It Reveals That What Most People Think Of As The News Is, In Fact, A Twisted Wing Of The Entertainment Business In The Internet Age, The Press Have Mastered The Art Of Monetizing Anger, Paranoia, And Distrust Taibbi, Who Has Spent Much Of His Career Covering Elections In Which This Kind Of Manipulative Activity Is Most Egregious, Provides A Rich Taxonomic Survey Of American Political Journalism S Dirty Tricks Heading Into A Election Season That Promises To Be A Great Giza Pyramid Complex Of Invective And Digital Ugliness, Hate Inc Will Be An Invaluable Antidote To The Hidden Poisons Dished Up By Those We Rely On To Tell Us What Is Happening In The World