Download Epub Format à The Prodigal Comes Home PDF by ☆ Kathryn Springer

Download Epub Format à The Prodigal Comes Home PDF by ☆ Kathryn Springer Miniseries Mirror Lake Hard to put down and exactly what you d expect a prodigal story to be Zoey s and Matt s characters are exceptional, their romance is touching, and the supporting characters including the gossips are great Hope there s another in the series soon.
The Troublemaker ReturnsAfter Ten Years Away, Former Wild Child Zoey Decker Returns To Mirror Lake To Care For Her Ill Grandmother It Seems No One Will Let Her Forget Her Teenage Rebellion And The Tragic Consequences Except Matthew Sees The Kinds, Caring Christian Zoey Has Become But Spending Time With Her Could Hurt Matthew S Reputation In The Close Knit Community And Her Name Will Never Appear On The Town Matchmakers List Of Possible Wives For Him But Matthew Has His Own List, With Only One Name ZoeyWelcome To Mirror Lake A Small Town Where Dreams Of Finding Home Come True I liked these characters and storyline much than I thought I would.
and I read it in one sitting Oh, small town life This book hit home because something similar happened in my hometown, errvillage, when I was in high school It opened my eyes to how my community treated the girl, exactly like Mirror Lake s community, and my heart asks forgiveness People can be so mean and judgemental without knowing the whole story, and some never want to hear the story because they d prefer to stay on their high horse I knocked my rating down to a 3 because I didn t feel the characters communicated enough it was thoughts in their heads and it was hard to believe love blossomed as quickly as it did.
The periodical comments O EI enjoyed this book a lot As Christians, we need to have forgiving hearts We should realize that we are all human and we magistrates, but who farewell judge I really enjoyed this book This is my second time reading it and I think I liked it even better this time around Kathryn Springer is one of my favorite authors and her Mirror Lake series is excellent Zoey and Matt have great chemistry and the storyline is sweet I will definitely read again.
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I really like the parable about the prodigal son.
Kathryn Springer created a wonderful story about poor choices and consequences.
Her message of God s forgiveness is very powerful.

This is a story about Zoey Decker, a former wild child ten yeas earlier She leaves home ten years ago because of a tragic accident now her grandmother is ill and needs help and Zoey decides to go back to help her out She knows that some of the town still holds her past against her and she doesn t know if she can face them While she is on her way to town she runs into Matthew while he is on his morning run Matthew thinks Zoey is down on her luck and offers her first money then he offers to buy her breakfast Matt is attracted to Zoey but Zoey doesn t want to feel anything towards him because of her past She is afraid she will hurt his reputation This is a fast easy enjoyable read.
I think I found the beginning of the slow slide in Springer s books.
In this one, Pastor Matt Wilde finds a ratty looking woman on the side of the road during his morning jog, and offers her money to help her out Zoey realizes he thinks she s down on her luck it s actually a costume, she s Ella Cinder in a dinner theatre in the Wisconsin Dells area , and while she s got some heavy baggage she s dealing with, she s not THAT bad off.
She s coming home to take care of the grandmother she d stayed with for two years when her missionary pastoral parents deserted her she was too wild for them to have around them and be taken seriously in the ministry She d blown it big with the grandparents, too, in a bid to get her parents attention as a teen And bad things happened in this town People aren t going to want her back.
But Grandma does And Matt does he sees a person of value, and HATES that the people in his congregation are gossiping, being mean and shutting Zoey out On top of that, he s falling for her.
I had issues First was the all encompassing EASTER theme of the book I have severe issues with people even literary characters blindly accepting that pseudo pagan BS, and it just drove me up the wall, because that means the author that I was so thrilled to find rising above the mire isn t First step to a failure in faith blindly accepting what people tell you, that ISN T scriptural.
Up until now, the people in the Mirror Lake books weren t perfect, but they did try their best to be kind Not so, this book We get a look at the REAL congregants at Mirror Lake, and find that aside from the three people we ve had stories about, pretty much everyone else are malicious sheeple And the old fashioned services that didn t compromise in the first books are now adding a band, of a focus on outreach ministries like the knitting club than edification ones, although in this book, there s still Bible Olympics and mentoring, so we haven t TOTALLY lost credibility, yet but based on what I read in the Twin series, it s coming shakes head Then there was the statement that the most important thing for a pastor to focus on is the people WRONG HomiGOSH, that was the death knell for the book, right there Because I don t care HOW much you luv people, if you don t have Truth, you re a failure Catholics luv people Mormons luv people Ghandi luvved people right into Hell Springer, what the HECK The book was still good, but the things that made my jaw drop have been left behind by the first sightings of mainstream, church growth lies GAH I was hoping she would at least have made it thru the Mirror Lake series before crossing from Truth to Churchianity I will try one , but if it gets worse, they re ALL going back.