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[Ludmilla Petrushevskaya] á Through the Wall [queer PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ 9 10 Bleak and quietly disturbing, the short stories of Petrushevskaya portray a shadowy world that feeds equally on the social ails of the modern world, and the earthy magic of the old kingdom.
The stories in this collection Through the Wall, The Father, The Cabbage Patch Mother, Marilena s Secret, and Anna and Maria are fine examples of the modern faerie tale part horror story, part moral hazard, and part something nameless As the cast of listeners, lovers, nurses, wizards, and dancers journey through realms of endless woods and monotone cities, you re left with an inkling it s only the thinnest veil of hope that keeps the darkness from swallowing us whole.
There Once Lived A Woman Who Was So Fat, She Couldn T Fit In A Taxi, And When Going Into The Subway She Took Up The Whole Width Of The Escalator Ludmilla Petrushevskaya Has Been Acclaimed As One Of Russia S Greatest Living Writers These Five Dreamlike And Blackly Comic Stories, Two Of Which Are Here In English For The First Time, Tell Of Lost Children, Midnight Forests, Strange Transformations, Cruel Curses, Grief And Resilience, In The Darkest Of Modern Fairy Tales This Book Contains Through the Wall And Anna And Maria These stories are a riot Creative and wild.
Short and sweet This mini collection brings together some of the slightly less dark and terrifying fairy tales from her repertoire.
A funny little book.
Unfortunately this is a very unremarkable short story collection Some good ideas but not well executed I particularly found the endings lame and rushed I would not recommend it.
I like these kind of dark, weird fairy stories, very good.

This was my first venture into her writing, which I have been meaning to get to, and now that I ve got a taste, I wish for I have heard these stories are some of her least dark ones, I therefore, cannot wait to delve into her darker work, but I am glad that after I finished them, they left me with a tiny bit of hope These five stories reminded me of Angela Carter, the one difference being, these stories seem rooted in the real world than Carter s mystical ones I AM READY TO read HER OTHER WORKS 2 of the 5 stories left an impression on me For sure they re all fantastical, rly imaginative and you should nab a copy if you collect her books But it s not necessary if you re a casual fan.