ë The Hippo with Toothache à Download by Ð Lucy H. Spelman

ë The Hippo with Toothache à Download by Ð Lucy H. Spelman This book contains a number of anecdotes told by zoo and wildlife vets, mostly American The memoirs are grouped in subjects, each one introduced with a short chapter by the editors The stories are in their own words tales and as one might guess they vary considerably in style and quality of writing the contributors are working vets not writers All of them are detailed than they would be if written by a journalist or other non vet, and it is in the detail that a lot of the interest lies in the best ones give the feeling of peering over the vet s shoulder while the patient s ills are diagnosed and treated even the ones that read like a report rather than a story have the frisson of authenticity.
My knowledge of the veterinary world has been greatly expanded I didn t know that moray eels could mope, or that surgery on a goldfish is possible, or that a rhino could suffer sore feet Whether tracking a herd of elephants in order to treat an injured one, caring for a stranded dolphin, or treating an orphaned fawn, these people go to extraordinary lengths to help their fellow creatures.

Meet Mohan, A Rhino With Painfully Sore FeetAnd Patch, A Falcon With A Broken WishboneAnd Kachina, A Bear Cub With Brittle BonesNot To Mention Alfredito, A Hippo Suffering From A Sever Bout Of ToothacheAll These Animals Owe Their Lives To The Dedicated Zoo And Wild Animal Vets Who Employ Boundless Ingenuity And Expertise To Care For Them And Who, In This Beguiling Book, Tell The Stories Of Their Most Memorable Cases They Describe Not Only The Meticulous Detective Work That Goes Into Making A Diagnosis But Also The Pioneering Techniques They Have Developed And They Talk Freely And Movingly About The Bonds They Form With Their Exotic PatientsWhether It S One Doctor S Determined Effort To Save A Critically Ill Lemur, The Neurosurgeon Who Was Persuaded To Operate On A Paralysed Kangaroo, Or The Vet Who Refused To Give Up On An Orphaned Baby Beluga Whale, These Are Acts Of Rescue, Kindness And Co Operation That Will Warm Every Animal Lover S Heart