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[Ursula James] ç The Source [military-history PDF] Read Online ☆ I hate to give the low rating, but this is not the type of book that we normally read, self help From what I read, I can say that the author wrote using her own experience and bared her sole to make the reading seemed less like an instruction book and like a journal.
A good book for those with an open mind and believers of the power of magic She gives instructions how to use the influence of the moon cycles and the use of rites and spells to help yourself and others.
review link Amazing Book, The Source By Ursula James This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Source , Essay By Ursula James Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I read up to page 148 When I bought the book I didn t read the back very closely and thought it was a fantasy novel It was 0.
25 at Goodwill The book is actually a self help guide about finding the magic in life The author just totally lost my interest and I can t get back into it She claims that she was actually visited by a dead witch I don t believe that real magic actually exists There are interesting parts I don t hate the book but I just can t buy into all of it So, I m passing this book along without finishing it.
Really good Discover your magic and bring about balance in your life with this book Coinciding with the phases of the moon, each chapter guides you through an exercise to help bring about personal harmony and peace, which is where The Source of your personal magic starts I would recommend this book for readers looking to make a life change and are somewhat familiar with meditation and natural magic.
it wasn t that great not what I expected.

Wonderful book Very informative in helping ease your mind and calm your mind before following the path At some point in the future I ll work through this in its entirety I honestly don t know when that will be This book is new age self help heavily seasoned with modern witchcraft Ursula James writing is absolutely gorgeous, and the book itself is a pleasure to read Maybe I m just not ready for the kind of work contained herein I keep starting and stopping the projects and rituals, which are also absolutely beautiful, for what it s worth My biggest issue with James process is that she advocates attempting to enter a trance state while you re laying in bed, right before you fall asleep This is honestly a terrible idea, and I would advise against it Why Because the act of laying in bed sends a signal to the subconscious it s a trigger if you will to prepare to sleep This is why sleep therapists will advise their patients to refrain from using the bed for anything other than sleep or sex When you are new to these sorts of processes, attempting to enter a trance while in bed is the same as setting yourself up for failure I can very easily enter an altered state and I have issues doing this in bed Someone just getting their bearings will most likely throw their hands up in disgust and give up, thinking that they don t have what it takes to do this kind of work Not true I suggest finding time in the evening to sit in front of your altar and do this If you don t have an altar, choose a place that is peaceful and relaxes you Maybe light a candle so you can focus on the flame You will likely surprise yourself with how easy it really is to change your consciousness.
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If told magic were real would you believe it If given the opportunity to learn magic from a book would you take the chance In The Source by Ursula James, you are given just such an opportunity A work springing for her own inner search and discovery, part of that step to The Source requires passing on the magic, and Ursula James has put together a Source Book of learning for the uninitiated, and those wanting to find that bit of magic inherent in themselves This book is for those believers wanting to live a life of their own, fulfilling their own dreams.
The Source is also the story of Mother Shipton, and her life and death as well as her part in the power of magic Known as a Prophetess, healer and seer, she is a wellspring of knowledge of the secrets of magic It is a book of journeys and passage, a road to your own power.
The book is a story and yet written in textbook style with lessons and guidance to help the user in their path It is full of information on the phases of the moon, an integral part of the process, and set and styled with ritual, again one of the prerequisites to attaining and pursuing that dream of life.
James shares her own story as she weaves the instruction, a story of excess and heartache, a life on the verge and how she also was able to learn, to open her vision and imagination to what is available to anyone who is looking for it.
The book is set with the ritual and guidance necessary to walk this path, listing the seven trances to attain that passage Seven is a magical number, rife with meaning and James walks you through the process and just sets the stage, allowing the reader to move at their own pace should they choose this path.
This book is both interesting and intriguing, who hasn t wanted to have a little magic at some time in their life, Bewitched TV Show made it fascinating and took away some of the stigma.
I believe this would be a great book for a reading group,creating an interesting and likely heated discussion of the merits of magic It is well written and easy to follow.
If you are even a bit interested in this subject it is thoughtful and insightful, and a different and unique vehicle to help you achieve a meaningful life It is a book about values and becoming a better person, an alternative to the self help books abundantly available.
This book was received free from the author through their publicist All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.