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[Linda Goodnight] Ë A Time to Heal [nutrition PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Only One Person Knows Why Kat Thatcher Left Her Oklahoma Hometown Ten Years Ago Why She Ran To The City And Became A Workaholic Doctor Why She Put Off Marriageindefinitely And That Person Is Now Staring Her In The Face On Her First Day Back In Town Seth Washington Is As Handsome As Ever Way Too Available And Wanting To Talk About The Past Which Kat Prefers To Leave Alone Seth Insists The Lord Is On Their Side And Always Was Kat S Starting To Believe, But Will That Be Enough For Love This book started out good, and on a whole was written well The story line was a great one, but for me, there wasn t enough drama It was a little too slow paced and not enough conflict between the two main characters But hey, that s just my opinion.
5 5A well told and balanced story on the whole Not terribly exciting, but a pleasant and thoughtful little read.
good book i would recommend it Pretty good meaningful entertainment Dr Kat Thatcher has come home to heal after a lawsuit filed with her name on it Seth Washington is back in town after a divorce Will the two high school sweet hearts find romance again after all these years, or will their secrets keep them from each other enjoyablel this book is good i love it.
A Time to HealThis was a Christian suspense romance story Two people who were torn apart many years ago come back to their home town for different reasons He to get away from the hurt of a divorce Her from the hurt of being a doctor who had seen too many deaths of children in WE settings Both share a secret hurt of their past But when their faith or lack of faith gets tested things change Will it reunite them or year them apart forever Love Inspired novel A good sweet romance with no heat.