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[Chloe Cox] ☆ The Exam (Doctors Orders, #1) [childrens-classics PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The Exam is book one in the short BDSM erotica series, Doctor s Orders by Chloe Cox This story had potential for BDSM but instead it got weird view spoiler Claire receives an invitation in the mail, with an appointment date and time to see the doctor When she arrives, there s a partially naked woman sweeping the floor, without using her hands which are cuffed behind her back The Doctor tells her she needs to release and does a thorough exam The exam gets hot, but then he chains her to the ceiling and an anonymous person has sex with her, while she cries The doctor lets he down and schedules her for session two hide spoiler Short, but an ok read.
Claire Is Living A Boring Life, Full Of Little Humiliations And Impossible Dreams That Is, Until She Gets A Secretive Invitation To See The Mysterious DoctorClaire Is Skeptical About His Treatment At First, But Hell, What Does She Have To Lose At Least It S Exciting She Doesn T Expect The Doctor To Be So Tall, So Attractive, So Commanding She Doesn T Expect To Be Examined Sothoroughly She Doesn T Expect To Be Disciplined So Effectively And She Doesn T Expect To Be Fucked Nearly Unconscious, Coming Until She Can T See StraightBut Claire S Treatment Isn T Over Yet The Doctor Has Big, Big Plans For HerAbout Doctor S OrdersLost, Listless Claire Is Unexpectedly Swept Up In A Complicated Dance Of Dominance And Sexual Submission With The Doctor Himself, All As Part Of Her Treatment Each Session, She Learns Something New About Herself And Her Sexual Desires Each Session, She Gets Closer To Her Ultimate Goal The Doctor HimselfThis Is In The Doctor S Orders Series All The Stories In This Series Can Be read On Their Own, Satisfying Each Individual Kink, Or Can Be read Together Happy Reading WARNING This Short Story About , Words Contains Hardcore BDSM Play, Including Doctor Play Of Course , Spanking, Discipline, A Little Pain, A Sex Harness, Blind Fucking, Denied Orgasmand This Is A Fantasy In Real Life You Might Want To Be A Little Careful Erotic short read Doctor s Orders The Exam.
Claire accepts an invitation with The Doctor and undergoes an exam that has nothing to do with medicine Has some erotic restraint harness scenes where the Doctor controls Claire s arousal and insists on Trust before he allows an unknown character to give Claire the release she needs Explores that fear, embarrassing excitement many women experience visiting a handsome dominant Gynaecologist.
Better than 3 but not quite 4 stars.
Doctor s Orders The Exam by Chloe Cox2 starsThis short story opens up with the most eyebrow raising sentence When I masturbate it s always the sameI don t think the intention of this sentence was to make me laugh for about five minutes, but if Cox was hoping to get a reaction she did This is a brief story about a girl who is unhappy with her life, which is a very basic plot line for erotica novels when I think about it Unhappy Girl gets a mysterious letter sayingThe Doctor Tomorrow, 6 pm You will not be given anotherYes, there are editing errors, but we ll overlook that because I don t expect topnotch editing from these types of freebies Which is a very menacing way to send someone a letter Also it s very cryptic and this girl has to be very unhappy to just go this place Aside from the creepy letter the place is also a mansion not a doctor s office.
Now I know I said editing doesn t need to be up to par with a fantasy novel, but this sentence is just too awkward,My nipples are still quite awake My question is can the doctor help you with your unfortunate alive nipples The answer is Yes Also this doctor s office is weird is hell I m questioning the cleaning crew, which consists of a woman sweeping the floor with a broom in her mouth But you know what they say, doctor s orders.
So, in my completely incoherent review of this I hope that I ve established that this set up is kind of horrifying and weird I think the doctor is absolutely horrifying I also don t know how I should feel about this novel I don t hate it, but I m certainly not shouting that this is the best erotica novel out there In fact, I think it s just okay.
Whimsical Writing Scale 1 I ve established this is no Rowling Character Scale 1.
5 Unintentional Villain Scale 3Plotastic Scale 2.
5 because it is an intriguing plot Only the second story I ve read by Cox Strange considering how long ago I read that other story, and how much I liked it Granted it was odd, but still Also, I ve had this story here, free, for probably two years Or around that But never got around to reading it And forgot I had it.
A woman receives an invitation It s a black card With black text So, obviously, she can t read it and throws it away And that s that Story over Heh No Blackness, and monochronistic coloration seems to be a theme Though how exactly someone is supposed to read black text on a black card, I don t know But anyway, the woman is able to read it And sees that it is an appointment For The Doctor She s not going to go, but, depressed at 5 o clock the night of the appointment, she relents And goes.
She finds what looks like a rich house in a rich area When she arrives a voice tells her to enter And leave her coat She then wanders in, finds a reception area with weird chairs and no receptionist Scary horror movie scraping suddenly starts Door creaks open A basically naked woman, but for a bikini, pushes a dust pan in And pushes it around The woman, Claire, is quite aroused Suddenly spots a man Man tells her to follow.
She, seeing how spooky, horror film esque, and completely creepy everything is, hurriedly flees Wait, no, she follows the man Hurriedly Almost losing him But finally notices he has gone into the basement Well, down stairs Assumption is that it is basement like Finds herself in something like an exam room I kind of pictured dark heavy paneling, like in a gentleman s club, thick carpet Desk And, randomly strewn around the room, medical tables equipment.
She is questioned With weird questions Why are you here duh, I got an invitation no, really, why are you here Dude Did you not send me an invitation Heh, no, not the conversation but similar She s aroused He s commanding One thing leads to another and she s naked on a table with her legs up in stirrups Brought to the brink of orgasm Before the man leaves her there.
, etc Interesting story Completely unbelievable, but interesting Reading it with the idea that you are in a dream like world, a different world, one unlike our own, then it is quite entertaining and erotic Which is how I read it Trying to fathom what the fuck is going on, and noticing how completely off the wall everything is, like I didn t read it, and you will not enjoy.
Quick thoughts Promising, Provoking and D S goodnessThis was a strange story Strange in that it was arousing, but also at the same time I kept asking What the fuck I know it was because of the whole concept that this woman just waltzed into the doctor s office after not knowing anything about him or making an appointment She just gets this invitation in the mail and then the whole thing unfolds when she actually goes and meets her appointment I think a little back story behind that would have made realistic, but in saying that to me this was meant to be a fantasy situation so really while reading it, it didn t bother me After a while I got over the idea and began to explore the story on a different level.
I am kind of obsessed with the idea of being explored Being examined I guess you could say There is something satisfying to me in reading about someone who s mind and body are opened up so that they can really explore themselves I know from experience that sometimes you have to take great and dangerous risks to experience this and sometimes those risks that start as fear become something of pleasure and you learn so much from them I am hoping this is the case with the rest of the books and that we get to learn a little bit about the doctor I do know he is meant to be mysterious, but for me it s the subtle hints of background story that really pull me in In case of Clair I think it was done well.
Chloe did a great job at keeping me interested and stimulated throughout the story and I really enjoyed the little excerpt at the end of the book too I am curious to see where she will take the series and what parts of Clair the Doctor will explore I would recommend this for people with an interest in fantasy situations and BDSM.
Mmmm calling Doctor Dom, calling Doctor Dom, sexual healing in naughty exam room 1 stat What s not to love in this story, eh Well written, fantasy driven erotica with a heroine who s stupid enough to accept an invitation from a stranger and smart enough to appreciate the value of a free, thorough pelvic exam With today s rising health care costs, you can t blame a girl for taking advantage of a bargain.
As for Doctor Dom, I assume he s able to provide this free care because he s saving big bucks on janitorial services, what with using his presumably unpaid, bikini clad slave to sweep his offices Oh sure, pushing that dust pan around with her nose isn t terribly efficient, but as my mama always said, beggars can t be choosers.
We should all applaud Doctor Dom for his creativity in other areas as well For instance, he eschews using the exam table and stirrups to restrain dear Claire for her final probing No, that would be trite and this alpha male doc is too clever for that Instead, he pulls out his trusty suspension kit and soon has Claire spread eagled in mid air and properly primed for the grand finale.
Bravo, Sir Take me where I least expect it and, ahem, I most assuredly mean that figuratively You can stick Claire with the literal.

Like seriously WTF.
I mean I didnt have much expectations from the book But still.
This was the most confusing book ever She receives an invitation to go visit the doctor and enters the bdsm mansion where a random dude gives her a physical And there are naked maids It has nothing to do with me being a doctor but still.
this is just plain weird.
The only reason it gets the two stars is for the random penetration scene with the stranger Which was hot Other than that.
75 5 Sometimes I get in a reading funk We ve all been there right When your TBR mountain is so overwhelming that you don t know what to read next When this happens to me I like to browse the freebies in Barnes and Noble and find some off the wall to me short stories Ones that either the title or cover jumps out at me saying Look at me I m ridiculous I m not what you normally read but hey I m free so why not I like these, it gives me a chance to decide what I want to read next but still keeps my reading mojo going It also helps me try new authors that I ve never heard of before And this is exactly how I stumbled upon this book Not really my cup of tea not a huge BDSM fan but I thought it was pretty good Only 23 pages so it s super quick Nothing really super heavy but still pretty good The plot and storyline is intriguing and I m sure this will do very well as a series.