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[Eve Edwards] Õ The Rogues Princess (The Lacey Chronicles, #3) [f-f-f PDF] Read Online Ì England, Mercy Hart, Daughter Of One Of London S Wealthiest And Most Devout Cloth Merchants, Is Expected To Marry Her Equal In Rank And Piety Certainly Not Kit Turner, A Lowly Actor And Playboy, Who Also Happens To Be The Late Earl Of Dorset S Illegitimate Son But When A Chance Encounter Throws Them Together, Kit Instantly Falls For The Beautiful Mercy S Charms And Mercy Can T Deny The Passion That Kit Stirs Within Her She Seems Ready To Defy Her Father S Wishes Ready To Renounce Her Family And Her Family Name For True Love Then Kit Finds Himself Accused Treason Will Mercy Have The Strength To Stand By Him Or Will She Succumb To Pressure And Break His Heart When I found out in about April 2011 that there was going to be a third book in this series now named The Lacey Chronicles, I knew I had to get it and read it as soon as possible So I pre ordered it as it was half price and it was delivered over at the end of August, a couple of days before the release day I was rather happy really Due to commitments to other things, this is the first chance I ve had to read this book and BOY, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT Warning I will be gushing on how much I love this book.
Synopsis A chance encounter finds Kit, actor and illegitimate brother to the Lacey brothers, falling hopelessly in love with the charms of a rich merchants daughter, Mercy Who is also a Puritan The match is doomed A vagabond marrying a merchant s daughter and a Puritan it cannot be As Mercy starts to call equally for Kit as well, she knows that she might have to renounce her family name and leave home Will she choose duty over her heart Suddenly, Kit is caught is a dangerous web, one which could be fatal.
Review For avid readers of the Lacy Chronicles, we know that we were introduced to Kit in Book 2 of this series, The Queen s Lady, as a close friend of Milly Porter, who is consequently good friends with Lady Jane now James Lacey, the middle brother s, wife she was focused on in Book 2 Milly Porter goes on to marry Diego, a servant of the Lacey family The brothers found out that Kit was their illegitimate brother and let him into the family as if his illegitimacy was non existent.
This book focuses on this mysterious Kit that we have been only recently introduced to and his search for love, like his previous two brothers From reading this, I can tell that some will not enjoy it as the format is rather similar to the previous two books although with different people and the central theme of the theatre, but I personally like this consistency I know that I am going to probably enjoy it and this type of historical romance books have become my favourite.
Saying this, when I first started the book, I was doubtful if I would enjoy it completely I was actually rather worried when I started the book, as for me the beginning waswell, average, as I think I wrote about the intro in The Queen s Lady The lengthy passage on Mercy thinking herself sinful started to annoy me The long description of Kit s debut and then, being purified was, although a little bit interesting, not anything up to the standards Eve Edwards has placed herself Now, before any readers that LOVE these series, as do I, start throwing insults at me for saying this wait.
Then, we hit the moment when they meet and suddenly, I was falling in love with Edwards writing all over again, like I have twice before I could feel the excitement in the room they were in, the emotions of Kit and Mercy everything Every time I read Eve Edwards books, I fall into this historical paradise which I hardly want to leave in a hurry.
Here, again, we have old and new characters Will, James and especially Tobias all feature in this book and help Kit along the path to try and marry Mercy Ladies Ellie and Jane are also in it briefly Milly and Diego are also featured briefly For new characters, we are introduced to Mercy s family her strict, uptight father, John her siblings, Faith and Edwin both Puritan and well behaved than the younger Mercy her jolly aunt, Rose and the hilarious character of her Grandmother Isham who for me made the comedy in this book They all have a part to play in getting Mercy and Kit together All of these are interesting characters that you will enjoy Kit and Mercy play engaging protagonists, although Kit s humour favoured me.
The great thing about these books are they are always so detailed historical wise I learnt so much about the world of theatre useful as I m reading Othello in English Literature and being a Puritan by the way, apparently Rebecca is a Puritan name The language, although not quite so 1600 s as Shakespeare is, the language uses odd sentences and words that wouldn t be used nowadays but makes it so it is still easy to understand The bit which I smiled at the most was the casual references to big events and characters that we all know about in modern day Kit is in the same theatre company as William Shakespeare himself who is bursting at the chance to write The company was still a little in shock that something so good could come from rural Stratford Page 252 And a mention of the what his name Marlowe which really shows you what people those days must have thought of these normal seeming guys Who knew they would be remembered four centuries later This book really shone out for me and I enjoyed it immensely The characters of Mercy and Kit are incredibly entertaining and it s lovely to see their relationship flower and personalities deepen into characters that I would love to meet The romance once again is there in force but not too sensual to offend anyone, you can tell deeply that they do truly love each other The book is one of the best of 2011 so far and coming home every day this book from college, I just wanted to snuggle up and go back to the wonderful world of the Lacey s, Let s hope, there are some coming soon Keep up the good work, Edwards.
Verdict The beginning is a tad rocky, but the book as a whole makes up for it.
I give it a 5 out of 5 Christopher Kit Turner is the illegitimate Lacey brother For years he thought himself a cast off of their father s ill favour the forgotten son and family secret Kit was forced to find his place elsewhere in the world, and so he sought solace and fame on the stage Years later he is a London favourite a marvel for the ladies and money maker for his kind manager But recent events have conspired to reunite Kit with his three brothers Will, James and Tobias While he shares an uneasy alliance with the two elder Lacey s, Kit has a tender hearted spot for his look alike youngest brother, Tobias So when the little shrimp comes calling on Kit s London apartment, eager to stay with his delightful brother and avoid certain debt collectors, Kit is bemusedly happy to have him But when Tobias falls in with a crowd of Scottish queen sympathizers, Kit finds it necessary to intervene before treason catches Tobias by surprise.
Meanwhile, Kit s cynical heart is filled with hope upon meeting the lovely Mercy Hart At a dinner to raise funds for the theatre, Kit finds himself instantly smitten with the pious and humble Mercy with her dimpled smile and belying fiery curls Though her father disproves the match, most vehemently, both Kit and Mercy are determined to have each other even when murder, treason and plot look set to rip them apart, forever The Rogue s Princess is the third book in Eve Edwards s young adult Tudor Historical Romance I have been a big admirer of this series since The Other Countess first came out last year Eve Edward s has written such incredibly immersive and unique young adult books set in the Elizabethan period and covering all manner of historical topics from religious persecution to politics in the Virgin Queen s court The Rogue s Princess is another sublime historic romance this time observing the life of an illegitimate nobleman s son and set in the grimy, gossiping London town Kit was first introduced in The Queen s Lady a surprise appearance for the Lacey boys who never knew they had a fourth brother We learnt a little about Kit s unfortunate illegitimate status in that book, but Edwards goes into detail in Rogue s We learn of the few choices set before Kit when his father died and funds for his schooling dried up Through happenstance and a kind manager, not to mention the flights of fancy for little boys, Kit carved himself a nice life on the stage First he was a youthful boy girl for the romances, at a time when women were banned from setting foot on the stage for reasons of impropriety Years later and Kit is a leading man, nabbing all the best hero roles and making the London ladies swoon But despite Kit s fandom, the theatre is still considered an unrespectable trade The stage has also become the newest whipping post for preachers and church goers, claiming that it degrades humanity and shows people in the worst light imaginable The politics of theatre in the 1500 s is fascinating especially since a certain William Shakespeare is just starting out in Kit s theatre troupe, and nobody is even sure if he can write a decent play Edwards does a brilliant job of showing this side of life in Elizabethan times In previous books Edwards has shown us the way of life for a country nobleman and the intricate inner workings of the Queen s circle It was nice to get out onto the London streets in Rogue s and get a feel for the town especially from the point of view of someone who has his foot in so many worlds Kit has noble blood, but is illegitimate He is invited into the very noblest of houses for entertainment purposes, but his profession labels him something close to a degenerate On the other end of the spectrum is Mercy Hart, a wealthy merchant s daughter and pious church goer Mercy made a deal with God many years ago to remain righteous and humble and she has taken her promise to the very edge Wearing drab clothes, avoiding the theatre and even ignoring her musical talents But underneath it all, Mercy is suffocating and dying for some light in her life Mercy smoothed her grey skirts, secretly agreeing that they were dreadful, but she had made a bargain with God when she was little and she meant to keep it I like being this way Ann turned away to gather a few things for Mercy, putting them in a little leather bag No, you don t I see you eyeing my orange kirtle You, Mercy Hart, are a counterfeit good girl There is a merry maid just waiting to burst out When Kit and Mercy meet at a benefactor s dinner party, it s love at first sight Kit is amazed at Mercy s sweet disposition and innocent nature, so different from the fans who come courting him And in Kit, Mercy has found an outlet for her soul someone with whom she can play and enjoy life.
But Kit and Mercy have her father to contend with a man of strict virtue and unbending morals He thinks the stage is for degenerates and whoresons, and would see Mercy barefoot and nameless before agreeing to a match with Kit Turner Still, despite her families condemnation Mercy and Kit have a luscious and intense romance Bending down, he plucked three strands of grass and wove them into a ring Here I cannot afford gold yet, he winked, but wear this for me He bit off the ragged ends and pushed the grass ring on to her finger Mercy, I do not know any words for this Perhaps I should have consulted the poets and learnt my part, but too late You are left with the plain man speaking plain words, a worthless rogue daring to address a merchant princess Will you marry me Will you be mine She covered her left hand with her right, caressing the ring he had made for her It is better than gold to me I love Eve Edwards s Tudor Historical Romance Her books are rich in history, full of romance and dashing daring characters to captivate the heart The Rogue s Princess is another jewel in Edwards s marvellous series, but I sincerely hope it s not the last I have my fingers crossed that Edwards gives us a book for youngest Lacey, Tobias I adore these books and heartily recommend them to lovers of history and romance alike The Rogue s Princess is the latest in Eve Edward s Tudor series Each book focuses on a different brother of Lacey family, this one in particular focusing on the illegitimate half brother Kit Turner.
I am pleased to say that this instalment is as good as the other two in the series and I already have a new Lacey brother to swoon over in Kit He is just as gorgeous as the brothers in the previous two books so be prepared to fall in love all over again The main storyline follows Kit as he tries to woo Mercy, a young lady he met at a dinner and plays with the idea of forbidden love as her father does all he can to prevent the couple from being together.
What I love about this series is the characterisation It is done brilliantly making the whole host of characters easily to relate to even though they act and behave in a way that is fitting for the time period they are in I love how you get a real sense of period whilst reading them without feeling like the history is being rammed down your throat The dialogue is witty and clever throughout.
The star of this piece without a doubt is Kit Kit s story is very different from that of the other Lacey brothers As he was illegitimate he had a very different background to his brothers and his life since then is also very different He is a player who spends his evenings making audiences fall in love with him and is in all intents and purposes a bit of a Jack the Lad until he meets Mercy whom he falls for instantly and wishes to marry Mercy father who is a putrian has other ideas however I loved following Kit s attempts to both win Mercy won which was easy and then her father which was not I loved seeing how their relationship develops over the book and seeing how far both of them would go to have the other in their lives.
Those of you who enjoyed the first two books will be pleased to know that the characters you loved in the earlier books all have cameos throughout the story, a feature which I really loved.
All in all this book is a prime example of how historical fiction should be done Fun, fast paced and witty which excellent characters you can relate to instantly.
Eve Edwards Lacey Chronicles offer up historical romance for a young adult audience I enjoyed both the previous two novels in the series, and was eager to break into this one As with the rest of the series, The Rogue s Princess is a quick, light, romantic read, full to the brim with love, betrayal, drama, and sumptuous clothing This series is perfect for fans of light historical romance Though this is a series, each novel stands alone well There is no need to read all of them or to read them in order unless that is your wont.
The Rogue s Princess features the illegitimate half brother of the Laceys Kit Turner works as a player on Burbage s stage, a peer of William Shakespeare I love that in the first chapter, we get a glimpse of Kit s youth, when he tread the boards in women s weeds as a young boy Now fully grown, though, he plays the romantic leads, the young heroes.
Kit lives a life of drinking and flirting until the day he attends the same party as young Puritan Mercy Hart She captures his heart at first sight, and he sways her easily with his charms Their instalove does bother me a bit, but it fits the time, as courtship was a much faster process in those days, since people needed to get married and breeding as soon as possible The two have several cute moments, and, while they re not my favorite couple of the Lacey series, they are sweet.
Mercy runs to the Fanny Price end of the heroine spectrum than the Elizabeth Bennet What I mean by this, for those less familiar with Jane Austen, is that Mercy is shy, quiet, and endlessly determined to do right by God She often doesn t stand up for herself when I think she should, and her constant reference to prayers and sins made me crazy For other readers, perhaps those who enjoy Christian fiction, this could be an asset rather than a negative, however On the plus side, Mercy does gain in spirit as the story goes along, all while retaining her values.
The attempt to add historical weightiness to The Rogue s Princess with Kit s imprisonment for treason does not succeed He is imprisoned for such a stupid reason drinking once with people who spoke of putting Mary on the throne and there is no question that he shall be found innocent in this sort of novel I appreciate the attempt to make it historical and less a romance, but I do not think it played out particularly well, especially in how easily it is resolved in the end.
Easily readable as standalones, The Lacey Chronicles consists of romantic stories set during the reign of Elizabeth I The Rogue s Princess will even have appeal for a Christian audience.
This third instalment of the Lacey family tales follows the story of the Lacey boy s illegitimate half brother Kit who was estranged from the family after their father died and enjoys a life on stage as a player at Richard Babbage s famous company whilst Mercy Hart is the daughter of a well respected London tradesman who belongs to the Puritans All the unwritten laws of society declare that they cannot be together is there love strong enough to overcome this and sacrifice part of themselves for each other I loved the previous two books in the Lacey Chronicle series, The Other Countess and The Queen s Lady so I was really hoping that The Rouge s Princess would live up to my high expectations and it did I fall every time for the will they, won t they romances in books and this was no exception.
Kit made an appearance in the Queen s Lady and at first I was unsure of whether I liked him because he came across as irritating so I was apprehensive about him being a main character However, I couldn t have been wrong because out of the male leads so far, I think he is the most fun to read about because he leads such a different life than his half brothers His gift with words and use of poetic flowery language makes him a real charmer complete with gorgeous looks swoon I doubt I will be the only reader crushing on him At the beginning of the book, he has his heart in the right place but also likes a good drink down the pub like the other theatre boys but the thing that really won him over as a worthy hero of the book was his resilience in his pursuit of Mercy He treated her with the utmost kindness and respect and was even willing to change his character to fit in with her Puritan ways by toning down his bright fashionable clothes It was so sweet because it was clear that he really loved Mercy and she wasn t just a passing fancy because he was determined to continue his courtship even at the opposition of the Hart family.
Likewise, Mercy has a different personality than the other ladies in the books so far because she s quiet, shy and extremely modest about herself because of her Puritan upbringing and will not even allow herself the pleasure of a pretty new dress Kit bought out the wild side in her character, which was hidden inside at the start but started to show in her half shy cheeky flirtations with Kit when they first meet by chance I admired her for the courage she showed and she is the kind of girl I d like to have as a friend because she has a fun sense of humour that emerged but a sensible head.
The main characters from the other books with Will, James and Tobias Lacey as well as Milly Porter and her husband Diego appearing in person and Ellie, Jane and Sarah being mentioned I particularly loved Tobias s mischievous neature and his witty and affectionate brotherly banter with Kit That bought a lot of comic relief to the story and was funny to read.
Again, the Tudor era was described vividly and I found myself right in the heart of the streets of London and I could visualise the bawdy roar of the crowds at the Globe Theatre and sense the political atmosphere at the taverns that Kit visits As in the other books, historical events were involved heavily in the plot and this book focused on suspicion of plots to overthrow Mary Queen of Scots and gave a glimpse into the start of William Shakespeare s career I particularly enjoyed learning about the Puritan beliefs because I ve heard things about them in other historical books but never in detail Their simple and harsh way of life fascinated me and fitted in perfectly with the plot and setting The author s biography says that she dined at a Tudor banquet in order to get the sounds and smells of the era right and this really shines through in her writing I loved curling up with the Rogue s Princess and it left me with a smile on my face The character cast that Eve Edwards has created is wonderful and it feels like I know them It s not often I feel that way about book characters and when you do find that special series, it feels like you ve struck gold I really hope that there will be books in the series because I ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them and of course, there s still the youngest Lacey brother Tobias and sister Sarah to write about Verdict Speed read Eve Edward s evocative depiction of Tudor England took me to Elizabethan London along with well crafted and loved characters Mercy and Kit s romance was adorable and I was so glad to see some characters from the previous books in the series The Lacey Chronicle books are now firm favourites of mine and The Rogue s Princess is no exception to this I savoured every last word and hope that we will see books in the series Highly recommended for fans of YA historical and those who are looking to escape in a wonderfully romantic book.
Historical romances are one of my favorite genres, but I never read YA historical romance all that often So when I saw The Rogue Princess, I was super excited to get into it and see if I would enjoy it as much as I enjoy the adult version of the genre Mercy is the sixteen year old daughter of a very rich, very religious, cloth merchant Growing up in such a strict household, Mercy has led a life of respecting God and making it her mission to adhere to her religious laws Kit, however, is quite the opposite Kit is an actor, seen as a devilish act in the eyes of the church, who engages in drinking and other sinful deeds But when he first lays eyes on Mercy, he s a goner Kit tries to turn his life around so that Mercy s father will accept him, but can he sway such a religious man into allowing him to marry the love of his life I really did enjoy the historical romance aspect of this story, but I just could not connect with Mercy as a character She seemed very naive and her obsession with pleasing God and avoiding sin just got a tad bit annoying after awhile Also, I am not a big fan of super long prologues, and the one in this book went on for twenty pages Now that may not be long to some people, but I just wanted to get to the story already The other part that bugged me was the insta love between Mercy and Kit As soon as their eyes met, they had fallen in love I wish there was conversation and courting before they decided that they couldn t live without each other While those aspects of the book were turnoffs, I really did enjoy the whole context and story of the book I loved how Kit was an actor and actually acted with William Shakespeare That part of the plot was really cool and the part about how theater was so looked down upon at that time Also, I really loved Mercy s grandmother and Aunt They were great characters, but I don t like it when I start enjoying the parts about the secondary characters far than the main character So while the historical part of the book was spot on and fun to read, the romance and main characters just didn t do it for me.
This series about the Lacey brothers is one of my absolute favourites The books may be set in the past but they feature wonderful characters and stories that literally pulse with life The Rogue s Princess follows the Laceys illigitimate half brother Kit Turner, a player in the theatre Some what flamboyant and a bit of a loveable rogue with an eye for the ladies, Kit becomes a reformed man when he meets the pure and innocent Mercy Hart, the daughter of a rich cloth merchant However, Kit has not had the same start in life and all the priviliges that go with it as his brothers, so he must first try to win over Mercy s Puritan father before he can claim her hand in marriage.
I love books which feature romances which make my heart flutter and skip a beat and this one certainly did In fact, all of the books in the series have incredible romances at the root of their stories I enjoyed seeing the way in which Kit woos Mercy and makes her fall in love with him Their courtship is pure but also full of longing looks, gentle kises and unswerving devotion Many familiar faces are featured throughout, including Will and Jamie Lacey, plus Milly and her new husband Diego The youngest Lacey brother Tobias also has a signiciant part to play in the plot and I m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that there wll be a fourth book based around Tobias finally meeting a nice girl of his own.
As the story is set in 1586, there are also glimpses of some real life historical figures such as the playwright from Statford, William Shakespeare I love the way so many historical details and touches from the past have been interwoven, such as the plot to remove Elizabeth from the throne and reinstate Mary Eve Edwards has done so much research to make sure that all the details of ther period are accurate and true.
I have to also briefly mention the beautiful cover art for this book too which really stands out from other YA historical fiction series It s absolutely gorgeous and a treat to have on my bookshelves Let yourself by swept away by The Rogue s Princess and surrender to the past as Eve Edwards works her magical storytelling skills on you One of the things I like about these books is that while each of them largely revolves around the main female character, it s the boys who link the stories together In the previous books, we ve seen Will, the young Earl of Dorset fall in love with a girl of no fortune and his brother, James, fall for the lady Will was suppose to marry This time it s their half brother Kit s turn to fall in love with the wrong girl.
Mercy comes from a strictly religious background which she takes to another level because of something in her past that she feels was her fault An invite to her friend s for dinner leads to her meeting Kit and she s immediately attracted to him However, what she doesn t know is that Kit is a theatre player and therefore not a suitable match for her Kit is determined to win both Mercy and her father over, changing his laddish habits to try and prove himself.
The Rogue s Princess takes the Lacey Chronicles in another direction in which we are immersed into the world of Elizabethan theatre, complete with a cameo appearance from one Will Shakespeare I ve loved each of the Lacey boys as I ve gotten to know them but unsurprisingly, Kit is my favourite Just that he is considered the rogue of the bunch swung my allegiances in his direction He s a player in every sense of the word, both on stage and with the women As soon as he meets Mercy though, he wants to change all that, not just to win her over but because he no longer wants that kind of life He s dedicated to her from the start.
The story itself is rich in history from Shakespeare to religious conflict and conspiracy While it s quite obvious that Kit and Mercy end up together, it s a bumpy ride and it s about how and when it will happen than if it will.
An excellent addition to a great series, all I hope now is that their will be a fourth book centred around the youngest Lacey brother, Tobias.
As with her earlier Elizabethan stories The Last Countess and The Queen s Lady , Eve Edwards has kept her story deceptively simple and, at heart, rather predictable Kit and Mercy are clearly destined to be together and there are no real surprises in store on that count however, it is the subtly clever roads that Edwards leads her characters down that make her stories so completely readable While it could be argued that the romance in The Rogue s Princess is rather rushed, it s speedy commencement merely leaves room to add in interesting aspects Elizabeth I still looms large over London and has become increasingly paranoid in recent times While her Scottish cousin, Mary, languishes under lock and key the Queen is determined to hunt down any who oppose her and it is into these choppy and dangerous political times that Kit and Mercy, as well as the Lacey s find themselves wading As previously, Eve Edwards has the ability to weave fascinating history into the lightest of stories and yet never veer towards incongruity In addition to the political scene of the day, she has added the usual wealth of historical detail her descriptions of fashions, living conditions and societal expectations continue to be a delight to read Equally, her characters are beautifully drawn from the central twosome and familiar Lacey s to master Player Burbage and a dubiously hopeful young playwright going by the name of Will Shakespeare As with The Other Countess and The Queen s Lady, I sat down to read The Rogue s Princess with some doubt in my mind as I keep insisting, historical fiction just isn t my bag, baby yet it is impossible to not be drawn into these charming stories that are on one hand gloriously fluffy and on the other intriguingly interesting, I will certainly be reading whatever comes next full review available at www.