Download Epub Format ó Sinfully Sweet PDF by Ô Janelle Denison

Download Epub Format ó Sinfully Sweet PDF by Ô Janelle Denison La historia de Jacquie DAlessandro Muy dulce y entretenida.
The Owners Of Sinfully Sweet, An Upscale Sweets Shop, Want To Test Their Theory That Chocolate Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac So They Conduct An Unorthodox Study, Disguised As A Valentine S Day Promotion When The Unsuspecting Customers Start Grabbing Up The Chocolates The Experimental Results Go Right Off The ChartsSensible Rebecca Moore Impulsively Decides To Take Up The Offer Of Millionaire Playboy Connor Bassett To Have A Wildly Erotic FlingUptight Daniel Montgomery And Free Spirited Carlie Pratt Find Out That Opposites Don T Just Attract, They Set The Sheets On FireKel Martin And Darcy Scott, Who Shared A One Night Stand Five Years Ago, Are Suddenly Back In Bed Together And They Can T Get OutBut The Ultimate Test Iswhen The Last Of The Chocolates Melt In Their Mouths, Will The Passion Remain Sweet romance Rebecca is the responsible older sister She was forced at a young age to take care of everything She is the matron of honor for her sister Spencer is the best man He has been attracted to Rebecca since the first time he met her She was not receptive to his advances She saw him as an irresponsible playboy She goes into Sinfully Sweet to pick up something for the wedding She tries the chocolate and is seduced by the taste Spencer wanders in and sees her enjoying the treat They banter and it is obvious they have amazing chemistry She runs out before she can succumb to his temptation The story is sweet Rebecca has had a hard life and is understandably wary Spencer is sweet Super enjoyable read Kate hoffmannsweet stories of love with sinfully scrumptious chocolate as the joining point Wickedly delicious 3Constant craving 2Simply scrumptious 3

Wickedly Delicious Janelle Denison 2 5 Staid and practical Rebecca is the maid of honor for her sister s weddingthe sister she practically raised herself and for whom she feels a lot of responsibility She s going to have to deal with the best man, Conner, who is a self made millionaire and 6 years youngerand crazy attractive He s been flirting her up for the past 3 years, but she knows that Conner isn t long term relationship material He disagrees, since he s half in love with her and will do anything to have a chanceeven agree to her proposal of a weekend fling But one weekend might not be enough time to show her who he really is.
This is especially true since they spend time focusing on the sex than they do the getting to know you part of things I mean, he knows what her hang ups are She s concerned he s a wild, free wheeling playboy with no sense of responsibility And what does he prove when he agrees to a no strings fling with her Overall, although this was cute, it didn t have enough happening outside the bedroom to really make the romance blossom Other than a moonlit sit by the lake where she spills her entire life story out of the blue And then he shares his rise to fame And I m sorry but it wasn t enough to convince me they had a future He was good people and she had a lot of insecurities and hangups, so they had potential as a couple here, but they needed time together to convince me they were in love Constant Craving Jacquie D Alessandro 3.
5 5 Daniel and Carlie are next door neighbors who haven t really interacted except through her puppies, PB J who have a digging in the neighbor s backyard problem Daniel is moving on up in the world and leaving for Boston and a new job in 2 weeks, but he runs into his neighbor at the Sinfully Sweet chocolate shop and sparks really fly They both agree to a fun, 2 week fling before Daniel leaves for good But for Carlie, her feelings become invested and she realizes she s about to lose the love of her life and she isn t even sure if he d stay for her This one was cute and fluffy with only a touch of angst around the fact that Daniel is moving and the two have fallen in love There isn t really any starting out tension or anything Carlie initially thinks Daniel has a girlfriend and Daniel s hardly ever seen Carlie up close, so even though they re kind of opposites and Daniel s mildly annoyed by Carlie s dogs behavior, there isn t really any push pull feelings for either of them They re both very much on board for hooking up On the whole, I liked the characters and appreciated the fact that they were both on the same page with how things were going down no strings, ends in 2 weeks, lots of hot sex And the fact that neither of them expect to fall in love and Daniel still has every intention of moving added a nice touch of angst I was also surprised to find that I bought into the love even though a good part of it was off screen With the connection and the memories that Carlie reminisces about it was a bit believable, but I still would have liked to see it happen That s the problem with novellas Simply Scrumptious Kate Hoffmann 2 5 Darcy walks into a chocolate shop and finds herself face to face with the one night stand from five years ago that she hasn t been able to forget Kel Martin is a famous baseball player and has had his share of hookups, but Darcy stands out and now that he s found her, he s not gonna let her go.
without getting her out of his system The two agree to a bargain that whiel he s in town, they ll burn up the sheets together and then part ways But after the first night, Darcy knows she s in trouble because things are just as incredible as she remembers and with a whole week to get to know him, she s bound to fall for him Kel falls first though, and convincing Darcy that they can have something real won t be an easy task.
Meh I wasn t impressed with this one It s interesting because it s kind of the same set up as the 2nd story in this anthology, with the couple agreeing to a fling for a short period of time But these two start out with a bit tension, since they re both nervous about whether the other remembers their night together and I got the impression that Kel was a bit of a player and was really only interested in the sex In fact, he was down right smug about the sex and knew he was gonna get it and I didn t care for his attitude Darcy wanted the sex, but she knew her heart was at risk So it felt like they were already on slightly uneven ground And in the end, I didn t buy them falling in love because it felt like it was ENTIRELY sex These two fell in lust and wanted to stay together for that The author called it love, but I didn t feel it from them and there wasn t enough interaction between them for me to feel it.
Three hot novellas where chocolate is the theme Quick read and cute premise.