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[ Read Online The Courtship of Izzy McCree Ö harlequin-romance PDF ] by Ruth Ryan Langan Ä I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.
The heroine had a tough past but was still a strong character and managed to stand up for herself.
While both hero and heroine make mistakes in the relationship I did not find myself getting overly irritated by them which happens with other books at times.
The kids in the book were pretty endearing and the plot was action packed.
I flew threw this bookvery enjoyable and a surprising favorite.
Dude was kind of a hella of a dick.
I liked everyone else but he was really kind of an ass.
Im so in love with HR its no joke OMG! I absolutely loved this book.
A big thanks to my reading buddy, Kate476, for this wonderful, wonderful recommendation.
I've only read one other book by this author, and although her talent as an writer was very obvious, I didn't particularly care for the direction in which she took the book.
That book, Highland Barbarian, was a big disappointment for me, this one was a sublime reading experience! Nicely written, and beautifully edited, the book is peopled with a rich cast of characters, who are all so superbly developed that they seemed almost to come alive between the pages of the book.
I loved Matthew and Isabella (Izzy), both as a couple, as well as as individuals.
Matthew's four children were adorable; my absolute favorite was Aaron, the man/child who was so protective of his family.
My heart broke for Matthew, a man almost broken by his faithless wife's treachery; and as for Izzy.
OMG! I cried when she finally told Matthew about her past.
It's not that her tale was the most tragic I'd ever heard, but the author does such a good job bringing Izzy's past to life, that I was completely overcome with emotion.

The book blurb is pretty spot on, and I don't really have much to add.
Izzy responds to a letter, that she believes is from Matthew, but in reality was written by his fifteen year old son, Aaron.
Needless to say, Matthew is unpleasantly surprisedan understatementwhen Izzy shows up on his doorstep.
His first instinct is to return the unwelcome interloper to whence she came, but because they live out in the middle of nowhere, that will have to wait until morning.
In the meantime, he has a change of heart and decides that, for his children's sake, he will marry Izzy.
In the beginning Matthew comes across as a hard, angry, bitter, unbending man, who rules his family with an iron fist.
Yet still, his children are devoted to him, and Izzy can see that he is just as devoted to his children.
The first meal Izzy had with the family, the night she arrived, brought to mind a litter of pigs at a trough! If it were me, I think I'd have run screaming all the way back to Pennsylvania.

Izzy has had a lifelong dream of having a home and a family of her own.
When given the chance, she does everything in her power to make her dreams come true with Matthew and his children.
But before she can achieve her dream, Izzy will have to face the demons of her past, and reveal the truth of her previous life to Matthew, in order to gain the love and acceptance she so desperately craves.

I really loved this book.
For me it was a sublime experience in reading euphoria.
LOL This is a book I happily recommend to anyone who reads historical romance books, but especially to those who particularly enjoy mailorder bride romances.
FYI, this is essentially a clean romance.
The couple do engage in marital relations, but the reader is given very little details.
Happy reading! This plot device has been used before but Ruth Langan added an interesting wrinkle or two.
Izzy McCree has arrived to marry her mailorder groom only to find that he did not send for her.
One of the children wrote.

Soon, Izzy and Matt marry but she has some serious problems with men.
Matt, in disgust, orders the stagecoach to pick her up on their next run (the stagecoach travels infrequently in that area).

Izzy is particularly good with the children, who are starved for attention and some mothering.
Matt is a good man but rather rough around the edges.
One of the children suggests that Matt court his new wife; Matt is appalled by the idea.
He works long hours just to keep the children fed.
We know he’s a concerned father because the children are resourceful, polite and support each other emotionally.

This story comes to life with the twists and turns that Matt, Izzy and the children face.
I’m glad I had the chance to read this book.

Didn't really enjoy this one as much as I'd hoped.
It was a bit boring.
I often stopped reading and went to do something else.
Hence why it took me twice as long to finish it.

I thought some things were over the top.
Isabella is scared of having sex with her new husband.
But they get into the habit of Matthew trying to get close, they kiss, she closes herself off, he gets mad and storms off to sleep in the barn.
But then, something happens, she admits to all her lies and tells Matthew the truth about herself and bam, she's no longer scared, they have sex and they're in love.

Then in the end, the exwife appears out of nowhere.
Isabella is mad Matthew lied (even though she did nothing but lie since she got there) and she leaves.
But it's okay because they go after her.
Then Matthew gives all his money to the exwife (WTF? Why? He owes her nothing!) and she's out of the picture again.
They live happily ever after.

Not my cup of tea.
Wasn't bad, just not for me.

Heartwarming and wholesome

This definitely made my day better!

This was such a cute story, there was nothing amazingly original to it but the characters made it special.

There wasn't anything new about it but it left me feeling happy.
At the end, in the authors note she wishes for the reader to come away from her stories with a heart brimming with love and I most admit that I did feel it.

I can totally relate to Izzy's plight but also to Matt and the kids', sometimes the family we're given pales before the one we choose.

I recommend it to anyone who's feeling a little jaded and needs an emotional pick me up, it definitely leaves you smiling.
This was much better than I was expecting.

Single father with 4 children living in the Sierra Nevadas gets an unexpected mail order bride.
She's got secrets.
He's got secrets.
Eventually they learn each other's secrets and get a HEA.

It's maybe a tad too long.
I could have done without so much of her "ack! Don't touch me! Wait touch me! No don't!" theatrics.
It was an enjoyable story.
The kids weren't smarmy or moppety.

I'd say verging on PG13 but not quite.

I've put another one by her in my TBR pile.
If you can get past the cheesy cover there is a really good story inside.

A hard working woman so lonely she'll travel across a wilderness to marry a stranger.
Unfortunately he didn't send for her.
One of the kids did because he realizes they are in desperate need of a mother.
Dear old dad decides to marry her out of obligation because he can't afford to send her back.
He's not to happy about it but what's a guy to do? I could have been really trite from that point on but the characters are so human and vulnerable you have to like them.
There are also some twists and turns along the way.
On my top ten list.
A book you put aside to read again.
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