Trailer ì The Hidden Life of Otto Frank PDF by ì Carol Ann Lee

Trailer ì The Hidden Life of Otto Frank PDF by ì Carol Ann Lee In This Definitive New Biography, Carol Ann Lee Provides The Answer To One Of The Most Heartbreaking Questions Of Modern Times Who Betrayed Anne Frank And Her Family To The Nazis Probing This Startling Act Of Treachery, Lee Brings To Light Never Before Documented Information About Otto Frank And The Individual Who Would Claim Responsibility Revealing A Terrifying Relationship That Lasted Until The Day Frank Died Based Upon Impeccable Research Into Rare Archives And Filled With Excerpts From The Secret Journal That Frank Kept From The Day Of His Liberation Until His Return To The Secret Annex In , This Landmark Biography At Last Brings Into Focus The Life Of A Little Understood Man Whose Story Illuminates Some Of The Most Harrowing And Memorable Events Of The Last Century Who is Otto Frank Like millions of people across the globe, the name is familiar to me He is the father of Anne Frank and the only surviving member of her immediate family from the nazi concentration camps of WWII Whilst Anne Frank is known all over the world for her diary written whilst she was a teenager and mostly during her hiding from the Nazis all I knew of her father was what I read in that diary By chance I recently came across a memoir After Auschwitz by Eva Schloss, whose mother married Otto after the war That gave me a tantalising glimpse of a most fascinating man I needed to find out Thankfully I found this book, which is an extremely comprehensive biography so comprehensive that at times it s not so interesting to read too much minute detail, the narration broken up with nonstop direct references and dare I say it, too much Anne Having read a fair few books on wars, particularly WWII over the years, I still learnt so many new and fascinating things about that time from this book For instance I had no idea China was involved in the war I have always wondered what happened to the detainees when the concentration camps were liberated some pretty shocking answers to be found here and how they had to go about picking up the pieces of their lives sadly it was with little to no help from anyone Then, if all that wasn t bad enough, due to the confusion at the end of the war and the Nazis trying to destroy the evidence of their crimes, some people did not find out the fate of their relatives until over 40 years after the end of the war The author was able to find out so many little fascinating details about Otto Frank s life like him hiding their possessions amongst several friends in Amsterdam before going into hiding from birth until his death It s amazing what sources were still available to her when researching this book many years after the end of this life The authors reasons for pointing her finger at Tonny Ahlers, being the one who turned the Frank s associates over to the Nazis was very interesting reading Sadly in my opinion I doubt the truth will every come out for certain I was very cross and saddened to read about the other people trying to take ownership of Anne s words, taking complete advantage of an innocent man trying to do good Shame on them Otto really did lead a really interesting life, through some very extraordinary circumstances What struck me was he never lost his love of life and people His work after the was to educate the world where we went wrong and teach love, compassion and tolerance I think Because the man who lost everything found it in his heart to still love And chose to give the most precious thing he ever had to the world his daughter Anne even though doing so he pretty much became lost to the world Anne is much loved and celebrated, now finally Otto gets a voice.
Carol Ann Lee fills in some of the backstory gaps for readers of the Anne Frank diary We all know the basic facts of the teenage girl who hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam with her father, mother, and sister, along with the van Pels and Mr Pfeffer only to be outed and sent to Auschwitz so painfully close to the end of the war however, most of us don t know the details of the life of Otto Frank, the father and only survivor of the group.
Lee is very good at painting little thumbnail sketches that seem to realistically portray minor events in the background story, and here she focuses on a very likely suspect who betrayed the family Working from reams of research material collected by herself and other Anne Frank aficionados, she painstakingly pieces together the details of events spanning both the war years and decades after view spoiler These point to one Tonny Ahlers, an NSB hack who originally met Otto Frank in order to blackmail him but later actually did business with him and the Opekta company Lee even gets verbal admissions from Ahler s brother and son, who wholeheartedly believe that Tonny was the betrayer In the North American edition, she provides even fresher evidence to infer that Tonny s wife, Martha, may have been involved and actually placed the call to the Gestapo hide spoiler

This was ok To me it was like reading a textbook I m just so partial to historical fiction.
From the moment I began reading, I was completely engrossed I hadn t ever read much about Otto, Anne s father, seeing as most of the literature about their family is focused solely upon Anne However, this book proved to be an absolutely fascinating read, providing much needed background and insight into family dynamics from an adult perspective that helped to understand significance of events that I had read about previously in other books The book begins with Otto s childhood in Germany and follows him through his life at a rather quick pace, slowing to really dig in after the family moves to Amsterdam in the 1930 s when Hitler was rising to power in their native Germany.
The story follows Otto through his entire life, including very closely detailed accounts of his time in Auschwitz and his journey back to Holland after the war was over Through all of it, a man named Tonny Ahlers plays a very key role, as it seems he blackmailed Otto Frank from very early on in the war until seemingly the day he died Ahlers was a well known anti Semitic and friend of the German occupiers in Holland, well know in Amsterdam for betraying Jews he knew to be in hiding Throughout the book, it would seem that Tonny Ahlers was the man who betrayed the Frank family, knowing early on about their hiding place and only letting them stay in order to continue to blackmail Otto However, the final chapter in the book drops a starting bombshell, revealing that the person that called the SS that day in August of 1944 to betray the Frank family was actually a woman That woman was Tonny Ahler s wife.
If you are at all interested in WW2, the Holocaust, or history in general, read this book It s fantastic.