Trailer ✓ The Adoption PDF by Ø Anne Berry

Trailer ✓ The Adoption PDF by Ø Anne Berry A wonderful story beautifully and lyrically told Not a jarring line anywhere.
5 The chapters that cover Lucilla s early years and Bethan s her birth mother romance with Lucilla s father are very good Bethan is forced by her parents to give Lucilla up for adoption and the story revolves around her story, Lucilla s and Harriet adoptive parent The emotional distress that each of them experiences is well explored but the story seemed to run out of steam towards the end.
Galles, Anni Quaranta La Giovanissima Bethan Si Innamora, Ricambiata, Di Un Prigioniero Di Guerra Tedesco E Rimane Incinta Colpevole Di Essersi Concessa Al Nemico, Macchiata Dal Disonore, Bethan Viene Segregata In Casa E Costretta Dalla Famiglia A Dare In Adozione La Sua Bambina, Lucilla Anni Sessanta, L Epoca Della Contestazione Lucilla Cresciuta, Si Sente Libera E Indipendente Non Sopporta La Severit E I Pregiudizi Dei Suoi Genitori, E Ha Un Pessimo Rapporto Con La Madre Harriet, Che Sempre Fredda E Distante, E Sembra Non Averla Mai Amata Davvero E Un Giorno, A Anni, Scopre La Verit Quella Non La Sua Vera Famiglia E Cos , Anni Dopo, Dopo La Morte Di Harriet, Lucilla Decide Di Mettersi Alla Ricerca Della Sua Madre Naturale La Figlia Gina A Insistere Perch Ritrovi Le Sue Radici E Faccia Luce Sul Passato Ma Troppo Tempo Trascorso, E Troppe Lacrime Sono State Versate I enjoyed reading Berry s thought provoking novel She beautifully describes the lives of Bethan, the biological mother, Harriet, the adopting mother, and Lucilla, who was adopted at the age of three and a half months Further, she goes even beyond that by taking Lucilla s daughter to the picture, as at one point she also craves to know her biological background and true grandparents She never will know them though, but the need to know her biological origin was palpable This struck many chords and made me wonder how many adoptive mothers have had to give away a child they would rather have kept and who miss the child all their lives I m not a believer in that the environment can heal all but am convinced that biology plays a large part in forming one s identity and wonder how much attention is paid in adoption processes to the biological connection between mother and child and siblings Lucilla does not fit in the adoptive family, neither does the adoptive mother learn to bond with her The Adoption was kind of a mismatch but could not be cancelled.
A very good read I loved it ON and on and on and onrambling and repetitive and yet the chapters with the young Lucilla are so compelling as to make me unable to stop reading it.
Would really like to give this 3.
5 not quite a 4 but nearer that than a 3 Enjoyable and interesting but in need of a good edit.

a beautifully written book, wonderful imagery It shows the long lasting effects of decisions made both by oneself and by others on your behalf.
The Adoption was another book a bookgroup read of which I was uncertain but ended up pleasantly surprised by.
This is a realistic and compassionate novel about the complicated emotional issues surrounding adoption The story of Bethan is heart breaking, but Anne Berry rescues the book from the depths of despair to which it should sink with her lightness of touch and a quiet, quirky humour The characters feel solid enough to make you fall in love with Lucilla young and old, want to strangle Frank, wonder what on earth motivates some people to act as they do and hope we have moved on since 1948.
What puts me really off about this book are all the grammatical errors and words left out of sentences Grrrr Bad, bad editing And therefore, 3 stars.