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[Jan Coffey] Æ The Deadliest Strain [world-war-i PDF] Read Online Ù Sudden, Unexplained Deaths Marked By Rapid Decomposition Are Occurring Across The US When A Flesh Eating Microbe Is Identified Naturally Bioterrorism Is Suspected Homeland Security Must Go To Extraordinary Lengths To Defend America, Even To The Extent Of Resurrecting The Dead Outbreaks of contagious necrotising fasciitis are popping up all over America, usually with only a handful of deaths There is no apparent connection between the victims, and the disease kills in hours An epidemiologist working for Homeland Security is sent to a military prison in Afghanistan, to seek information from a woman who worked in a chemical lab in Iraq under Saddam Hussein s regime But all is not as it seemsThe book jumps around between narratives in the Middle East and the US, as well as shorter narratives by short lived characters who come into contact with the disease The sections set in Iraq and Iran focused much on the history of Kurdistan and the atrocities suffered during Saddam s years in power than on chasing down a treatment for the disease This in itself was fascinating But there were times when it would jump to a chapter about another body being found, and I d go Oh, RIGHT Plague thingy That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it The various narratives fit together well, and it s easy to relate to the characters There were numerous similarities to the world today America is under the leadership of its first African American president, the war in Afghanistan is dragging on, etc etc The story was fast paced and filled with intrigue My one issue with it would be that the reason behind the outbreak is left unresolved Yes, they discover how people were becoming infected But nothing than that Despite that, I liked this book a lot.
Enjoyable medical mystery.
An entertaining thriller In what appears to be a terrorist attack, outbreaks of a deadly, flesh eating disease, strikes America The only hope to stop it rests with the Iraqi biochemist believed responsible for creating the strain in the first place But how can American officials get someone they ve held prisoner for years in a CIA black site to cooperate As the President of the United States has to deal with deaths and mounting panic, on the other side of the world an American scientist and an Iraqi scientist have to try and work together to solve the crises despite their culture differences and lack of trust I don t like spoilers so I won t give anything away but I can recommend this book without reservation This is a very well written story, with enough twists and turns to keep you reading into the night.
The Janus Effect is a good read It is interesting with a well developed story line The characters are realistic and believable Knowing very little of Kurdistan recent history, I found the ravaging of this country appalling under Saddam s rule in Iraq A description of current conditions in Afghanistan reveals the futility of the U S presence in this country Fahimah is a believable and admirable character and elicits genuine concern on the part of the reader for her situation.
The indicated U S treatment of her is a sorry example of this country s persistent paranoia regarding terrorism danger Holding anyone without trial is inexcusable under any situation The lack of adequate testing of the Strep Tester is a soft jab at the Drug Companies and their shoddy practices.
On the down side, the book focuses too much on describing actions of the military and Government leaders, Those chapters read like another terrible Tom Clancy text The ending is too abrupt, leaving some unresolved threads What happened to Fahimah How was the disease finally resolved Did Fahimah and Austyn get together Looks like we might be getting set up for a sequel.
The short blurb on the cover of the book makes it seem as though it is going to be exciting Instead, it comes across as rather low key What seemed exciting was the segment with the teenagers suffering from cancer, and their parents on the seagoing ship It is nice that the one woman got to see her sister before the sister died She herself had been treated badly, and could have died as well One gets an idea about the struggle in the Middle East This was not the book I thought that it would be I have probably read too many Robin Cook ones.
I would have given this book four stars but the ending was rushed It is the story of a deadly flesh eating virus that is released in the US From the beginning you don t know if it is a terrorist act or an accident by a pharmaceutical company The race to find the cause and cure takes us to Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran.
I had higher hopes for this book I enjoy a good disease ridden pandemic, be it man made, nature run astray, on purpose, or accidental However, this book kind of lacked overall and I m fuzzy on exactly how this deadly strain was created, take one part real disease and one part packaging error And this wasn t picked up on during the trial testing by the FDA The story jumped back and forth on points of view between those with the disease very briefly , those at home fighting it somewhat , those overseas searching for a scientist somewhat and the history of the Middle East, their wars, people and atrocities lots of info There was even the hint of a budding romance Ho hum I often forgot what the plot was oh yeah, flesh eating disease.
The disease kills within an hour and spreads within minutes Micros eat away the body from the inside out The disease was thought to have com from an Iraq scientist who has been in a ghost jail for five years A new strep throat test strip that was just recently released in the form of samples is the cause and this flesh eating disease.