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[ Pdf Beach House Beginnings (Beach House No. 9, #0.5) ↠´ sexuality PDF ] by Christie Ridgway Ê I received a free complimentary book and voluntarily reviewed it.
Almost Wonderful is the first book of a series that takes place in Crescent Cove, California It is a novella written by the prolific and highly skilled author, Christie Ridgway.
Meg Alexander grew up in Crescent Cove but left when a tragic accident changed her life She has never returned even though her family owns surfside bungalows in the area When her sister, who runs the place, has to go to a friend s wedding, she asks Meg to take over for her while she is gone.
Caleb McCall had spent a summer and never forgot the wonderful time he had He especially has never forgotten Meg even though she barely remembers him He decides to return for a few days just to relax from his busy work.
However, when he finds Meg there, he decides to follow through on his former attraction The problem she does not want to get involved with anyone In spite of that, Caleb refuses to give up on her, and he never stops chasing her.
I enjoyed this book, although Meg seems to be a little too stubborn On the other hand, every girl would love a man like Caleb, who is handsome, charismatic and wealthy, chasing after her.
This is a fun book to read, and I am looking forward to enjoy reading the next book in this series.
Almost Wonderful begins with a tragedy that shapes the path of one woman s life It s about heartache It s about second chances It s about forgiveness It s about love Meg and Caleb s journey isn t always a pretty one, but their story needed to be told The carefree girl with the winning smile and the young boy who watched her from the sidelines First love had heartbreaking results for that young girl Will the ghost of summers past ruin her second chance Ms Ridgeway never shies away from emotion Whether it s grief, nostalgia, guilt or heartbreak, she walks headfirst into the abyss and creates a great story.
Christie Ridgway Invites You To A Special Place Of Sun, Sand And Romance In Her New Series, Beach House No Enjoy This Prequel Novella And Meet The People Of Crescent Cove Two Miles Of Magic That S How Meg Alexander Remembers Her Childhood Home Of Crescent Cove On The California Coast But Meg Doesn T Believe In Magic Any Not Since Heartbreak Made Her Leave At Nineteen And Kept Her Away For Ten YearsYet Meg Can T Say No When Her Sister Asks Her To Temporarily Step In As The Cove S Property Manager And She Can T Deny Her Instant Attraction To Handsome Guest Caleb McCall He Sparks A Desire That Meg Hasn T Felt In A Long Time But Even As Their Incredible, Incendiary Kisses Tempt Her Into A Short Term Fling, Her Head Tells Her To Pull AwayCan Caleb Convince Her To Give Love A Second Chance Meg Alexander returns home to run her family business in Crescent Cove, California She left 10 years ago after the love of her life died In that time period she has built some pretty high walls to keep herself from being hurt.
Caleb McCall returns to Crescent Cove and reconnects with Meg when he rents a bungalow from Meg He doesn t stop trying to break through her walls.
This is a fast enjoyable read and that has quite a bit of content My emotions were up and down while reading this I ached for Meg There was also times I laughed.
Kind of an okay story Skipped a lot of steps, even for a novella I think Caleb moved too fast even though I get why , and I felt Meg was kind of overreacting to what happened in her past view spoiler Her love died, he didn t cheat, abuse her, or make any choice that could have caused her to believe there are no happy endings If there s one thing we re all sure of it s that everyone is going to die It doesn t make sense to close yourself off because of it hide spoiler 3.
75 starsA sweet story of letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings.
The novella Beach House Beginnings sets the tone for the Beach House No 9 series In this short story we get to meet Meg a 29 year old woman who was raised in Crescent Cove and hasn t return to her home since she left following the end of her first love She stopped believing in love and ever afters, living her life as a single woman and securing her heart from disappointment.
Caleb just went through a major awakening A workaholic who owns his own company, he is determined to slow down and live his life to the fullest He s had a revelation of sorts which requires him to go to Crescent Cove to find his future Handsome, funny and totally charming Meg gives in to him for a little fun during his stay only to be confronted by her past.
This novella is a great start to the series The setting Christie Ridgway is using for the series is captivating and beautiful and her descriptions of the surroundings gives us great picture into what the characters are seeing everyday without it being overwhelming I enjoyed the writing, especially the humorous banter between the characters and the emotions displayed between them Their romance, even though a bit too immediate for my taste, felt real enough for me to overlook it because their connection was palpable from the start I loved Caleb He was funny and honest from the moment they met and their easy manner with each other made me want to cheer them to end up together The hesitation, the doubts and the emotions displayed by both played a major part in my enjoyment of this story.
I will certainly be looking forward to book 1, Beach House No 9, as well as the other books scheduled to release.
This is a nice little novella It has some supernatural aspects, as well as lessons about grieving and loss This only got three stars because I thought the heroine had much healing to do before the HEA The timeline of healing, to me, should have taken longer than a novella, but I still liked how the end came about In this book, Ridgeway does a wonderful job of describing place and setting It was set on a beach, and I could hear the surf and feel the sand The teaser at the end for the next book in this series intrigued me, and I m looking forward to reading that as well.

closer to 3.
5 stars a bit too short and tad underdeveloped but still a charming little easy to read romance to introduce this series cant wait for 3 stars Contemporary Romance NovellaThis is a sweet, albeit fanciful, novella and a nice start to a promising new contemporary romance series.
I loved this novella Of course, I m not surprised I really have fallen in love with Christie Ridgway s writing since I read The Secret sigh This woman can really write romance Almost wonderful starts out with a very sad, hardened womanMeg Ten years before the love of her life died and she ran away from the life she knew, changed her name from Starr to Meg and built walls around her heart, never to be hurt again So now, ten years later, because her family needs her, she returns home to Crescent Cove This is where she meets Caleb Watching him try to help her heal, no matter how much she turned away was so moving The belief in fate is questioned Caleb truly believes they were meant to be together, that it is what brought him there I m trying not to say too much But Caleb is a true romantic at heart Plus he is sexy as hell Oh Then there is Bitzer, I can t forget Bitzer Caleb s dog, who plays a very big role in this story I loved Bitzer There is quite a lot to this little 97 page novella It was beautiful, touching and at times had me laughing out loud I m really looking forward to reading the rest of this series