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☆ Read Ì For Now by Nicole Deatherage ☆ After Being Dumped The Day Before Her Wedding, Leigh Stopped Believing In Happily Ever After She Moved Forward, Picked Up The Pieces, And Decided That Having A Physical Relationship With Her Brother S Best Friend, Jax McKay, Would Be The Perfect Way To Jump Start Her New Single Status She Knows He Doesn T Do Commitment, And That S Exactly What She NeedsJax Had Always Thought Of Leigh As Unobtainable Not Only Was She His Best Friend S Little Sister, But Until Recently She Was Spoken For When She Propositions Him, He Devises A Plan To Make Her His, Even Though He Knows She S Only Looking For Something TemporaryWill He Be Able To Keep Her For Always, Or Only For Now For Now Will Be New Adult And Probably Won T Be Appropriate For Readers Under Unless Your Mom Is Like Mine And Spoon Fed You Harlequins In Junior High True Story, That Really Happened P EDIT For some reason i can t reply to comments, sorry about that Was not ignoring anyone The set release date for For Now is sometime in October If you follow my Facebook you know that I had a lot of health things earlier this year, and then found out i was pregnant last month Please follow my facebook if you haven t already as a firm date will be announced at a later date TEASER Casual sex and you aren t two things I think about in the same sentence, Leigh I told her seriously Really what I wanted to say was why have casual sex with some asshole at a bar, when you could have sex with me after dating a few weeks but I didn t want to freak her out and make shit awkward when she came over to hang out with her brother Well, why not I have needs, you know It s perfectly normal these days for women to be just as promiscuous as men She held a hand up to stop me from responding, Look, I know you think of me just as Adam s annoying little sister that tagged along with you and your friends even though Adam is working tonight, but I m not a child I don t need you to look out for me I knew exactly what I was doing over there with Kevin I rolled my eyes at her, I only wish I thought of her as my best friend s annoying little sister Maybe then I wouldn t be potentially shitting on ten years of friendship with her brother over the feelings I actually had for her Yeah, I saw that but you don t even know that guy He could have all kinds of nasty diseases And who said I thought of you only as Adam s little sister I don t, by the way You have some way of showing it, Jax I thought we could hang out and get to know each other a little better so then I could ask you never mind I ve obviously had too much to drink because I decided against asking you earlier when you wouldn t dance with me She blushed a bright red, clearing her throat and looking awkwardly at the group of people across the patio playing beer pong Ask me what I questioned No tequila for Leigh, I thought to myself She s not making any sense tonight Between the promiscuous sex crap, and her wanting to ask me something and then deciding against it shit, my headache was getting worse Well like, I ve known you forever right We re friends, right So, I was going to ask if you were interested in adding some benefits to this friendship I know you don t do relationships, which is perfect because I don t want to be in a relationship right now Maybe never I know you don t do drugs, or have any diseases or anything I know you know how to be discreet and I put my finger against her mouth, hushing her My mind was reeling at this offer Part of me was saying HELL YES, and the bigger part was like OUCH, did she just call me a man slut I shook my head, clearing my thoughts She really has had too much to drink if she was offering me this Time to take this girl home to sleep it off C mon, Leigh I ll take you home This isn t really your scene You re too good, too sweet, to be in a place like this You re not going to meet Prince Charming here I took her in my arms, hugging her close God her hair smelled so good like honey and cherries Someday you re going to meet someone who won t treat you the way Allen did He s going to treat you like you re his entire world he will do anything to make you happy You really don t want to go down this road, sweetheart Not with me, not with anyone It won t make things better it ll just make things worse in the long run She pushed out of my embrace, looking like she might cry Shit, I didn t mean to make her upset I ve never turned down a girl and had them be upset about it Who am I kidding I haven t turned down many women, and when I did they were too drunk to care Maybe I don t want to be good or sweet, Jax I don t believe in happily ever after Not any If you re not going to give me what I want, I ll go back into the bar and find someone who will Her voice was thick with tears I flinched when I realized how deeply Allen hurt her It made me want to find that fucker and introduce him to my size twelve steel toed boots Before I could say anything else, she turned and started to walk away from me It was in that moment that I decided I was going to break the guy code and pursue my best friend s sister But I had to do it in a way that gave her what she wanted without compromising what I wanted For Now, all that mattered was keeping her out here with me I would figure out the rest tomorrow Thank god for ridiculously high heels, because she d only made it about five feet away from me I spun her around and molded my body against hers I lifted her face and leaned down I really wanted to kiss her, but I knew that if I kissed her, I wouldn t be able to stop Her breath smelled like lime, with a hint of vodka She really had no idea how much I wanted her, and it pissed me off that she was oh so willing to throw her body at some prick if I wasn t interested I wanted to shout at her to open her eyes and see what she had right in front of her face It was really pathetic how much I wanted this girl I wanted her enough that I was going go along with this even though I knew she was worth so much than just a quick fuck Hell, I was worth than just a quick fuck What is it that you really want, Leigh You want me to treat you like an easy lay To just fuck you and toss you like I have countless other women I glared into her eyes, wanting her to realize what a horrible idea that was, wanting her to see how angry it made me that she would even want me to treat her like I treated women in the past She blushed, biting her lip and tilting her face down Her head was almost resting on my chest I smelled honey and cherries again that intoxicating scent made my dick hard as I thought about how soon i would be to burying my face into those silky locks as we cuddled after sex And then she nodded at me, her head still down God, she made me so mad yet I was so turned on Look at me Look me in the eyes when you answer me My voice came out harsher than I had wanted it to, but she looked back up at me and was nodding again I laughed In retrospect, laughing at someone who just admitted they wanted to have sex with me was pretty stupid I just found it oddly funny that this was a total role reversal Here I was, pining away for this girl, wanting to actually date her Her brother gives me the opposite of a blessing because of my past relationships he basically told me that if I so much as hugged her inappropriately he would castrate me because she s too good for me he didn t want his baby sister hurt If this was some other prick sniffing around her, hell yeah I would totally understand his distrust But we re talking about ME His best friend It burned that he didn t think my feelings were genuine Now here we are, and she only wants to sleep with me Good one, God Still amused, I teased her Easy girls don t answer with a nod, sweetling They tell me exactly what they want from me But since you ve technically already answered twice, I ll give you what you want, but we re going to do this by my rules.