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✓ Read  In Broad Daylight by Seth Harwood  Moving away from the Jack Palms mystery series, In Broad Daylight is a police procedural which introduces readers to a new female protagonist in FBI agent Jess Harding, a professional who hunts serial killers only this time, the hunter becomes the hunted Set in Alaska, Harwood managers to instil a good sense of time and place, enveloping the reader in a real sense of isolation and small town atmosphere This is not one of the glamour FBI cases portrayed in popular genre fiction In Broad Daylight is gory, messy, and a little disturbing, the setting helps to confine to atrocities as well as perpetuate the darkness and mystery surrounding the methodical madness In Broad Daylight reads as a second series book rather than first with many references to Jess s past attempts at bringing this particular killer to justice There is also a high degree of back story implied as it relates to Jess s romantic interests with fellow agents I did find it difficult to fully appreciate Jess s past without having read a prequel like novel first That aside, this is a solid police procedural that has plenty of action filled moments This review also appears on my blog This is a fascinating story Jessica Harding is a FBI agent hot on the trail of a serial killer Five years ago, she was in Anchorage, Alaska, chasing this same nightmare It was her first time leading an investigation that contained crime scene after crime scene, and too few clues After months, the scent grew cold and she was re assigned to California Now, the killer is back and so is Agent Harding.
This time around she has enough experience to put on a strong front for the benefit of her male colleagues, showing that she knows exactly how she will move this investigation forward She s sure something important was missed the first time around and she wants to backtrack as she moves forward, but not everyone thinks that s a good plan for success As Jess enters each scene, looking for the slightest psychological whiff of her murderer, she is disturbed to feel him so close Some scenes raise the hair on the back of her neck, as she recognizes his games He enjoys throwing off the hunters with meaningless words, phrases, or sentences written with the victim s blood He begins to list the names of his victims at the scene and soon Jess finds her own name added to the list She decides not to report this fact and, although it gives her chills, she is determined to bring this monster down Once again, the crime scenes start to add up.
Jess is a great character with a lot of drive for her job It s the most fulfilling part of her life I appreciate that she is quietly aggressive and careful to protect her position, hopefully without offending Also, she has the ability to make a friend when it s not easy for her and not at the top of her list of priorities I enjoyed the suspense and the portrayal of Jess as only human, instead of Wonder Woman Jess is the main player, but there are others in the story that are interesting, even when they only have a small part There is plenty here to mull over as the story moves on, and the suspense is high There are a couple of eww murder scenes, but the book is well worth the time and anyone who loves catching the bad guy will appreciate this one.
The rating Genre and general reading age This is suspense for adults I don t know if a teenager would have the patience to wait out an investigation.
Level of sexuality There is some sex Overall, it definitely is not what drives the story.
Is there graphic language The author conveys the character s thoughts and actions with very little graphic language Thank you.
Did I laugh No.
Did I cry No I felt some sadness and anger for the victims Their deaths were violent and meaningless.
Is this part of a series Not that I can tell.
Level of character development The characters were great I didn t at any time think someone needed adjustment to make this storyline work any smoother.
I give this book stars.
FIRSTREADS ENTRY WINNER In Broad Daylight was a wonderful book written by a wonderful author I really enjoyed reading this book, and hope to find of your writings The plot was wonderful, and steady throughout the whole book, and your writing style is also great This is my favorite murder crime book ever The way you brought the characters in, and introduce them, and rather well the book Jess was my favorite character because she went through a lot during this book, and story to being with the adventure of finding the Alaska killer Very intensifying book that I would recommend anyone that needed book recommendations I thank you for the book, as you signed it, and its wonderful Thank you SethFirst time reading 10 19 2013 10 27 2013Second time reading 03 15 2016 03 17 2016 Enjoyed this book, mainly set in Alaska and San Francisco a female FBI agent who is a bit of a loner chases down a violent killer Harwood needs a female proofreader or just a proofreader In between all the corpses and chases, Harwood forgot to add a tiny thing called a plot Shooting the bad guy in the face whilst climbing up a 20 some story building in ballet flats is impressive, but it also means we never find out WHY he killed, and why he was obsessed with Jess Also, it took me half the book to realize that Oscar and Lindstrom were the same person And as for the way Jess uses Lindstrom as both target practice for perps and her personal disposable inflatable sex doll, this was the point where I realized that this was written by a dumbass maleIf Harwood really deserved the accolades attributed to his writing, his books wouldn t be free.
A gripping tale of an FBI agents hunt for a serial killer in Alaska.
Very strong characters, great story line, and I loved the descriptions of Alaskan life the big country feel that the author imparts.
Great book, well written edited.
The author also narrates this book, He has a good voice and his smooth style make this book an easy listen, 100% recommend.
I received a free copy of this audio book at my request, and I leave this honest review.
From The Author Of The Acclaimed Thriller Novels Jack Wakes Up And Young Junius Comes In Broad Daylight, A Taut Psychological Whodunnit With Stieg Larsson S Intrigue And Karin Slaughter S Raw Insights On Strange CommunitiesFBI Agent Jess Harding Treks Back To Anchorage To Hunt Down A Sadistic Killer Who S Reemerged From A Five Year Hiatus A Killer Who Has Already Slipped Her Grasp Once Before The Endless Days Of An Alaskan Summer Can T Thwart The Fiend S Plans As He Slashes His Way Through The Rural Community, Where Everyone Knows Your Name And Always Distrusts The Outside With The Help Of Oscar Linstrom, An Old Colleague Who Wants To Be Than Friends, Jess Attempts To Immerse Herself In The Area S Culture, Leading Her To A Strange Rural Village Inhabited By Russian Old Believers Hell Bent On Protecting Their Way Of Life Even The Locals Are Outsiders To The Old Believers, And Jess Needs A Safehaven In The Glare Of Daylight Because A Blood Stained Message Left At The Scene Of The Most Recent Murder Says Jess Is No Longer The Hunter But The HuntedSeth Harwood, Named A Best Of Author By George Pelecanos, Returns With This Terrifying Daydream Of An Expansive Great North That Offers No Place To Hide Kept me hookedI gave him five stars for this book because it did what a good book should do It made me want to keep reading The characters are realistic in an acceptable sense You are not required to muddle through tons of minutia and meaningless drivel Vitali Ivan was the hard one for me I don t want to give it away, though I would suggest to Mr Harwood that the F bombs brought no real value to the read, but were placed with precision I would recommend this book to adults who are mature enough to get by the language and that enjoy a quick read.
EnjoyedVery enjoyable Love the strong female lead The twists and utter determination of Special Agent Harding is unbelievable She s going to get her man no matter the consequence.
I liked this book my first read by Seth Harwood I don t want to give anything away but at the end there is mention of the need for a Physical Therapist in Anchorage