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↠´ Injustice Ù Download by º Tom Taylor Based On DC S Latest, Highly Anticipated Videogame, From The Makers Of Mortal Kombat Following A Great Tragedy, A New World Order Is Proposed But Not Every Hero Is Willing To Go Along With The Plan It S Hero Versus Hero In Epic, Unprecedented Battles Injustice Gods Among Us, ChapterDigital Release Feb ,Injustice Gods Among Us, ChapterDigital Release Feb ,Injustice Gods Among US, ChapterDigital Release Feb , Rese a con Spoilers Superman abre una cruzada personal que respira por el dolor de perder a Loise Lane, y es aqu cuando ya no le importan los da os colaterales, con tal de lograr la paz mundial y un alto a la guerra.
Este c mic estuvo centrado mayormente en el punto de vista de Superman y los que est n de su lado, destacando notoriamente su v nculo con Wonder Woman y todo lo que ella es capaz de hacer por su fe en el Hombre de Acero.
Me llama la atenci n lo cegado que est el kryptoniano, porque ni siquiera le tiembla la voz con sus amenazas de terror por sobre sus mismos amigos.
Cabe destacar la fuerza escondida de AquaMan y sus huestes submarinas, de hecho me sorprendi mucho que en el agua tambi n hubieran armas de destrucci n masiva.
Me dio entre risa, incertidumbre, y hasta pena, que un cono de DC, se est volviendo tan cansino con su nueva faceta de liberador dictador, que s lo quiero ver en lo que se transformar al final de este A o Uno.
Termino diciendo que est bien que uno quiera el fin de las hostilidades globales, pero hay un cierto l mite, y ciertos aspectos que se deben respetar pero se tema Superman se lo pasa por el cul.
4 Estrellas I really like premise of the video game Injustice Gods Among Us, what if Superman had a bad day courtesy of the Joker The video game answers that question, he s going to go crazy at a Superman level.
The digital first series based on the video game with the same title adds aback story to the game The game picks up media res when bad Superman has taken over the world The comic book goes back just when the bullet was fired that broke Superman s world apart.
I must confess, there s some guilty pleasure for me seeing Superman taken to the limit seeing both his family and city taken from him It s like a megaton bomb combining Batman s origin and Hal Jordan s descent in to Parallax with the destruction of Coast City.
I d really like to see this go and witness first hand the events that were referred to the in the game.
Superman, Batman i ter rist ilan edecek kadar kafay yediyse I d never read a DC comic before this one I was confused about where to start because DC has so many different story lines New 52, Rebirth, Action comics etc Someone from Reddit suggested I start with Injustice which is basically an elseworld story line Being a huge fan of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie, I was naturally intrigued by the Injustice story line which covers a conflict between Batman and Superman Injustice year 1 has an incredible cast Every big DC character is heavily involved in this story Every single character serves a purpose in the story Even though the Injustice story line runs for 5 years, I was surprised by how much year 1 covers You could basically make a 3 hour movie with the events of just year 1 As far as the story is concerned, it is absolutely incredible The best thing about it is neither Batman nor Superman s motivation is wrong They are both trying to do the right thing Compare this to Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie where you clearly can see that Batman was wrong I don t want to give anything away All I can tell is this book is an absolute must if you are a DC fan Even if you re not, reading this book will make you care for these characters.
read as digital ARC.
This thing is like impossible to review because of the sheer amount of notes I wrote to myself while reading it There is something epic, awesome, thoughtful or funny like every page and the pages are plentiful I was in the middle of this, thinking, Oh, it s probably almost over, but when I checked the pages, I had about 100to go Excellent.
Look forward to according to my notes Lobo Sass, Judgey Jor El, Harley Quinn in a mustache, Badass Alfred, reasonable villain responses when fight Superman, Arrow Sass, Flash y friendships, impossible Bat standards and a crap ton of jokes.
Preview Batman wasn t seen at the location Yes That s how you know he was there.
No one issurprised than me as to how good this series is I had long since grown tired of the grim and gritty comics, but this has been done well The gradual descent of once noble characters is heartbreaking.
Very cool I love this book Favorite DC book for me So far But i ve readMarvel than DC Superman is an absolute bad ass in this Injustice Gods Among Us 2 continues with Superman arriving at the docks to find a dead Jimmy and the Jokers calling card It sends Superman into a panic This is when I knew the inevitable and I got excited Because for the first time in history I thought they were going there.
Every member of the Justice League is alerted When the Flash carries Batman I couldn t help but laugh out loud But I missed the significance of finding one of Batman s rogue gallery dead from Joker gas.
But when Superman finds the Joker it s a WTF moment for me It ends with Superman facing his greatest foe, Doomsday I missed the breadcrumbs for the art I really like the dynamic scenes captured in each panel.