☆ Lords of Tsamra Û Download by à M.A.R. Barker

☆ Lords of Tsamra Û Download by à M.A.R. Barker Travel Across The Planes Beyond To The World Of T Kumel, Where Things Are Not Always As They Appear And A Simple Mission Can Turn Deadly Korr Kka Is Part Of A Tsoly Ni Political Mission To Find A Peaceful Solution To The War Between The Livy Ni And The People Of The Isolated Tsol I Archipelago After Seeing The Wonders And Secrets Of Hol S Isle, The Talks Break Down And The Tsoly Ni Delegation Becomes Mysteriously Ill Left To Die From The Fearsome Plague Of The White Hand, The Mission Appears Destined For An Untimely End Waking Up On The Shores Of Livy Nu, The Remnants Of The Delegation Must Find A Way To Stop The Spread Of This Deadly Plague Before It Spreads And Destroys All Of Civilization Grab your dictionary and strap yourself in as Professor Barker takes his characters on another journey across the great northern continent of Tekumel.
I am not a literary critic All my reviews are entirely subjective My focus is on readability and story telling.
This is a good yarn However, as opposed to the previous two novels set in the exotic sci fantasy world of Tekumel, this book feels less able to stand alone as a story in it s own right.
A familiar character, as idiosyncratic as the author, re appears, with a host of new characters In a by now familiar trope, these characters find themselves struggling to survive amidst a confluence of events beyond their control.
This story containsmagic than the previous novels, which, although they are set in a magic laden world, are magic light Some of the deeper mysteries of this exotic setting are teased out And a littleof the ancient technologies are revealed.
For Tekumel afficionados this is a must read For those who have survived the previous two novels it is a worthwhile investment of time, although its rarity makes it a questionable investment of money I read a borrowed copy A couple of pages were missing, and one page contained a significant physical hole Fortunately, the missing information seems to have been non critical.
I would recommend this novel to anyone who has read The Man of Gold, and Flamesong, and is still curious about what the world of Tekumel has to offer.

I actually have a pre publication copy of this one, spiral bound It was expensive enough when I bought it, that I didn t feel I could justify buying a second copy when the nicer edition came out Now I wish I had, just so I had the final three novels in the same editions In any case, I am re reading this series of five novels I guess that so far, this one might be my favorite I do not like the way the one character from a prior novel is presented here He is not likeable, in spite of how much I liked him in his prior appearance However, I do like the new protagonist Also, this book is rather dramatically exciting, and it opens up the setting significantly I also like the ending very much.
Viewed as an advancing timeline to a game world, I m not really happy with the way the author took things My own campaign s timeline will not follow that of the author s campaign.
It s alright The story meanders quite a bit, and the characters never really grew on me To be honest, though, I think the only reason why one would be interested in this book is as a fan of the Tekumel world, and if you re a fan, it s worth reading just forauthoritative world and lore from Barker himself.