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Ù Read É Back in the Saddle by Willow Summers È I m amazed at some of the harsh criticism leveled at this book, one that I really enjoyed It doesn t have a bunch of typos like so many indie books, the characters are unique fun, and this does not feel like a rehash of another NA Contemporary romance plot This is really a story about a young woman building a life for herself If you re looking to laugh, this is the novel to go for It s funny, sometimes over the top, but also with a main character who truly has a huge heart.
Sexual commuter quotient home and hosed, safe and soundSoundtrack Saturday Night Fever Not so classic cowboy Willie William is in love The problem is he can t be His love interest is a California party girl Jessica fresh out of college, who finds herself rejected too many times by the guys she falls into bed with So, between a rodeo, a dance, an attack by an abusive cowboy, a night at a club that included a hip hop possible strip club moves and a confused outing to a local bar, feeling hopes dreams are smashed Had many good laughs reading this one and it gave me hope that there are still some gentlemen out there that pull out chairs and hold doors for a lady.
I was a little disappointed in this romance novel It kind of drags on at times When I read a romance novel I expect some kind of conclusion in a romance This book centers on William a rich cowboy and Jessica a girl from LA that moves to Texas You have to go through the whole book before they finally even kiss each other Then I see there are at least twobooks to read on their relationship To me that s just too much to invest in a ho hum book I was disappointed in this one FREE ontoday 4 8 2019 More than half of the reviewers wrote this book was funny and I must say I agree wholeheartedly with them It was also compared to Sex and the City but I was never a fan of that show so I can t comment.
Overall, I think Jessica s character was sarcastically, annoyingly cute Its like one minute I m cracking up at something she s saying or thinking but the next minute she s getting on my nerves She s a grown woman who obsesses way too much over a men who treat her like crap, she spends about 75% of the book crying and whining, she is super clumsy especially when William is around, oh and she can t handle her liquor to save her life, but she keeps on drinking On the other hand she has no filter, says what s on her mind, most of the time its embarrassing as hell, and for some reason is always getting hit on.
William s character was unnecessarily broody, its not really clear why he acts the way he does I guess it ll get explained in the next book The whole book was from Jessica s POV, which kind of sucked Its always good to get the perspective from a few of the other characters, not just one So, the cover of the book is very sexy, but there is nothing sexual in the book FYI THE COVER I HAVE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE SHOWN HERE ON GOODREADS AS I GOT MY BOOK FROM BARNES N NOBLE THEIR COVER IS COMPLETELY DELICIOUSI MEAN DIFFERENT There is a lot of talk from Jessica about her dirty thoughts but nothing crude or crassmaybe the author is saving the good stuff for the next book Jessica Is No Stranger To Life Giving Her Lemons On The Tail End Of Her Latest Bad Decision, Jessica Realizes She Needs To Make A Change So When College Finally Ends, She Packs Up Her Life And Heads To Texas For A Fresh Start It Is There She Meets The Most Ruggedly Handsome Cowboy She S Ever Encountered An Entrepreneur With A Million Prospects, Jessica Knows He S Out Of Her League, But Life, And An Adventurous Spirit, Keeps Driving Her Toward Him, Stumbling And Laughing All The Way He Can Only Resist Her For So Long I ended up skimming pages after 40% It was lacking something for me.
What did I just read The writer has given an h who is a moron She s lucky she can walk and talk at the same time wait, no she actually can t Not even bothering to read any further it s an insult I didn t just dislike this I hated it.
So when I first started reading this, I did not have any high expectations based on the cover of the book and the title.
Little did I know then how hilariously funny this book would turn out to be It is not often that I find a book which manages to amuse me to the point that I catch myself constantly laughing out loud.
This is why Back in the Saddle has recently become one of my favorites I really like reading contemporary romance novels, however, the female protagonists are very often incredibly annoying, to the point that I feel like slapping them They are insecure, clumsy and constantly need their knight in shining armor to save them So in expectation of such a heroine, I started reading Back in the Saddle with only mild enthusiasm This changed very fast, since Jessica s quirky personality and sense of humor intriguied me from the beginning Jessica is sassy and always has a comeback at the ready which made the dialogues incredibly funny to read Also, Jessica is portrayed as a strong heroine There was one instance in the book where I fully expected the familiar hero swoops in to save the damsel in distress pattern to emerge I found it very refreshing that Jessica is a heroine who can get out of a dire situation on her own One of her character traits I initially did not like, though, was that she is clumsy I am so sick of female protagonists who seemingly cannot walk down a straight line without tripping this annoying flaw appears to be obligatory for any female protagonist in the romance genre.
But the difference in this book is, that the clumsiness is not used to justify the protagonist s self consciousness as it is used in Twilight and co which I found incredibly annoying I think that the clumsiness here solely serves to create funny situations which makes it easier to bear As far as romance goes, the events in this book were fairly tame, which was deliberately done, I think, to entice readers to buy the two sequels Which I of course did, as I had already fallen in love with Jessica and William and all the other characters I thoroughly enjoyed this book and despite the occasional grammatical errors I do not have much to criticise.
The funny characters, witty dialogue and fabulous humor at least in my opinion make up for any negative parts This is why Back in the Saddle receives 5 stars from me.