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Trailer æ The Beast Within PDF by Ô Lisa Renee Jones 2 StarsHave you ever started a series and wanted to so badly to like it but you just couldn t I did the audio version of this book, but I also read the book because I was lost at some points.
This book doesn t read easily nor smoothly The narrator is great and I like his voice, but he couldn t save this book.
I listened to the first 30% of the book and after awhile I realized I had no idea what was going on, so I had to go back and read the book I think Lisa Renee Jones tries very hard to be like J.
R Ward I can see how she intertwines the secondary characters to get you hooked into the series, but it just adds confusion to me The writing is too forced and 100% overly descriptive I hate descriptive writing, but I generally like listening to it, but you can tell it s really bad if I don t get it while I listen and I think it s way too descriptive It got to the point I didn t know if the author was describing the scene or the characters where having an inner monologue, it just kind of mushed together I didn t connect to the characters and I think the book would have been better if it was smut At least the author could hide behind bad writing with a lot of sex scenes But it was a really tame book and that was really disappointing Karen and Jag meet each other in dreams and it took awhile for me to get into the book I felt like nothing happened and I felt like the pace was so slow like this book was the start of the series, but their story ends and each book is about a different couple.
I want to try one time on another couple to see if it gets any better.
I have loved everything Lisa Renee Jones writes, and this is no exception.
It was an easy weekend reader The characters leave nothing to be desired, they are well rounded and of course, HOT I liked this especially because it finishes.
so many books now leave you with a huge cliffhanger and waiting for MONTHS to find outThe Beast Within in part of a series, but it s the old fashioned series where it s about a group of people and what happens to them individually, so you don t need to read 1 first or be left out in the cold.
Kudo Lisa Renee Jones for such good entertaining Keep writing cuz we ll keep reading.

Lots of sex, not much romance in this series starter The Beast Within jumps straight into the steamy stuff, with an erotic dream encounter between the lead characters, that is about lust and temptation and nothing about romance In fact the first several intimate encounters between Jag and Karen are in these shared dream sequences Both the characters are interesting enough once we get to know them, but until we do there is not much emotional investment in them, so the love scenes were not that satisfying from a romance standpoint After that Jag and Karen pretty quickly discover that they have been husband and wife in the past so voila they re in love again and the author doesn t spend much time to develop their relationship in the present We just get a couple memories from the past and their romance picks right back up without much bother about the intervening century, even though they both admit that they are different people now minus 1 star for this So since the author hit the fast forward on the relationship, you might think that there was room for a bit of story then Not really To be fair there was a bit of world building that was done, since this was the first book in a series about these quasi vampire good guys who fight the evil quasi vampire bad guys We did get to find out how truly bad the bad guys are since they enthrall and use women sexually while drinking their blood and stealing their souls This was portrayed in a detailed scene where the bad guy revels in the woman s unhibited sexuality while she s under his spell This is still a rape as far as I am concerned and I personally think there are less distasteful ways of developing the villians than this type of creepy voyeurism, it just takes a bit effort Loses another star here One thing I did like about this book was the supporting cast, Jag was the leader of a group of alpha males and there are several that have hero potential, cocky lady s man Des and hunky but vulnerable Rock with his forbidden love for healer Marisol Get half a star back for the heroes to be So bottom line is interesting characters, not much story, not much romance, but plenty of sex So a prety good from me for The Beast Within, but the next one in the series could be better because I am guessing that Rock and Marisol are the next pair and the setup for their relationship showed promise.
DNF Did Not Finish I had to push myself to get to the 25% mark so that I could say I d given the book a fair chance My problems are mostly with the writing style I can t get into this story even though I m intrigued by the premise The writing seems stilted, contrived and forced There is a plethora of adjectives and adverbs to the point that you could call things over described and yet I can t see them in my mind With in the space of 2 chapters the author managed to use a two nearly identical phrases to describe the actions of 2 completely different characters All of the description is done in the seemingly endless monologues of the characters It is nearly impossible to tell what is the character thinking and what is the author setting the scene The characters all think in the same way and describe things in the same way I think the problem is that the author spends all of her time telling us what s happening instead of showing us I am a fan of descriptive writing, Gerald Durrell is my hero in that style This is nothing like that, it reads like court transcript than a story I gave up, with relief, at the 25% mark conveniently the end of Chapter 4 and will use my scarce and precious reading time on something else.
I was pleasantly surprised by this series I m a fan of Lisa Renee Jones but didn t know she wrote paranormal romances In The Beast Within, Jag, the leader of the Knights of White is an immortal destined to live for vengeance against the soulless Darkland Beasts who took his wife and his life Vengeance is all that has consumed him for centuries until sensual dreams of a beautiful woman start to haunt him Karen Gibson is an innocent mortal, unwittingly thrown into a millennia old battle, when the man she s been having steamy erotic dreams with suddenly appears in her life While she is uncertain that she can trust him, Jag seems to be her only hope of saving her sister Jag doesn t know what game Karen is playing, but once his beast is unleashed, there is little he can do to stay away from her Soon, it is clear that they need to stay close together if they will defeat the Darkland beasts that are holding her sister s soul An erotic, intense, action packed tale of love, war, friendship, and faith, where the good guys are a little bad and sometimes color outside the lines to get the job done.
So let me first off start by saying that I have never heard of Lisa Renee Jones I read and listen to a lot of paranormal romance and she is someone that I have never heard out of all my reader group With that being said I did not know what her writing style would be At first I was a bit confused There were times within this story where I felt some scenes were being repeated Take for instance the dream Jag and Karen keep having The transitions where off so I did not know if it was a memory or if Ms Jones forgot that she mentioned the dream in detail before When I realized that it was a mixture of both I decided that this is just her writing style and I will have to get used to it very quickly and not think to hard The story itself was great I loved the world building and I liked all of the characters Karen s sister that is the one being used and controlled to bring down Jag was not a heard but seen throughout this story I would have to liked to know her background so I got to see the full effect on how Karen knew there was something wrong with her sister besides the obvious I also wanted to know about Karen and Jag I get that they are soulmates and all that but I wanted to know about them individually since this is their book and it seems as though this is the last we see of them for a while I loved the baddy, Adrian He seems like he is going to be a fun character to explore The only real issues I have with all of the bad characters are that they are rapist They way Adrian described the way he used the nurse and the way he got her to comply screams predator I could have lived without that scene I am looking forward to continue this series and I did like the narrator, Eric Michael Summerer, who is new to me I can see myself listening to him again since he made me feel like I was part of the story and not just sitting there on the sidelines.
I really loved itJag is centuries old and a Knights of White They have a beast inside them and fight the Darklands, they are evil and are under Cain Karen has traveled the world but keeps having erotic dreams about a stranger On her way to her sister Eva s, whose husband was killed, she sees the stranger at the airport Jag thinks she s the enemy and out to destroy him When she gets to her sister s, she not herself, it s almost like she s in a trance or something Karen takes her to the hospital but there s nothing they can find wrong They suggest putting her in a facility but a nurse stops her in the hallway and tells her about Jaguar Ranch Jag is there and his Knights They have a healer that hopefully save her sister.
Jag had those same dreams that Karen did and he s afraid of his beast coming out and harming her But he ll do anything to keep her safe.
Excellent story Action, pain, sex, and love that lasts through the centuries Supernatural powers and of course evil monsters.
From Dark to Light.
Jag leader of the Knights of White lives with the fear of giving in to the beast that lives within him and the seductress in his dreams isn t helping his cause, he feels she will be his damnation When he bumps into the real life version of his dreamy delight he doesn t know if he should grab her and kiss her, or kill her before she seduces him like in his dreams This can t be real, but if he and his men who exist to eradicate the Darkside Beasts are real, then why not this vision Will this beauty that is Karen be his destruction, or will she be his salvation.
Will the leader of the Darkside Beasts accomplish taking the leader of the Knights of White down by using Karen against Jag, or will they only succeed in creating a leader the likes of which has never been seen ONLY PASSION CAN SOOTHE The Beast WithinKnown Only As Jag, He Leads The Knights Of White Against The Soulless Darkland Beasts Who Took His Wife And His Life Jag Is Immortal, Destined To Live With The Vengeance He Feels In His Heart And The Dreams That Haunt His Soul Sensual Dreams Of A Woman Dreams That Threaten To Unleash The Beast WithinKaren Gibson Is An Innocent Mortal, Unwittingly Thrown Into This Millennia Old Battle, And Unwillingly Under Jag S Protection She And Jag Are About To Discover That They Have Met Before In The Dreams They ShareNeither Trusts The Other Neither Can Survive Alone The Secret Of Those Erotic Dreams May Be All That Saves Them If Jag Can Only Accept It At Risk Is Karen S Life And Jag S Immortal Soul It s DNF Day today and this one just happened to be another that didn t make the cut for me.
I got a short ways in, realized I d rather be reading Midnight With the Devil again instead of this or, you know, anything other than this since it did a very, very similar premise in a much better and sexier manner.
I didn t make it very far in but life s too short to waste on boring smut I d rather read fun smut.