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[Katherine Mansfield] ✓ Journal of Katherine Mansfield [folklore PDF] Read Online ✓ the amount of minute and delicate joy I get out of watching people and things when I am alone is simply enormous I really only have perfect fun with myself Just the same applies to my feeling for what is called nature Other people won t stop and look at the things I want to look at, or, if they do, they stop to please me or to humor me or to keep the peace But I am so made that as sure as I am with anyone, I begin to give consideration to their opinions and their desires, and they are not worth half the consideration that mine are I don t miss J at all now I don t want to go home, I feel quite content to live here, in a furnished room and watch It s a pure question of weather, that s what I believe Life with other people becomes a blur it does with J.
, but it s enormously valuable and marvelous when I m alone, the detail of life, the life of life.
I admit, this diary or at least this version of it doesn t stand on it s own in the the way that Virginia Woolf s does, for instance But, but, if you love Katherine, as I do, you ll cherish every stray fragment Through all her suffering, she was nevertheless able to find beauty all around her, in a moth, a leaf, a cloudy day With every turn of the page, one is keenly aware that her days are were numbered.
I wish I could read each entry on the appropriate day and keep a kind of correspondence in the margins Alas, this is a library book Kelly will be so pleased And when I say I fear don t let it disturb you, dearest heart We all fear when we are in waiting rooms Yet we must pass beyond them, and if the other can keep calm, it is all the help we can give each other Katherine Mansfield S Journal Is One Of The Great Classics Of Twentieth Century Literature It Is A Uniquely Truthful Record Of A Great Writer At Work, Of The Spirit Of A Genius In The Last Ten Years Of Her Life, And Of The Development Of The Modern Mind During The Early Years Of The Last Century Her Husband John Middleton Murry Compiled The Journal Soon After She Died And It Was Published In It Consists Of Fragments Of Diary Entries, Unposted Letters, Scraps Of Writing, In Other Words Anything That Was Dated Or Could Have A Date Attributed To It And That Could Be Woven Into A Volume Called A Journal Katherine Mansfield S Journal Is Far Than An Intermittent Record Of Twelve Years Of A Writer S Life It Is Intensely Observant, Self Critical, Self Chastising, Confessional, Atmospheric, Agonised And Funny, An Essential Document For Anyone Interested In Women S Writing Of The Th Century And In One Of Its Greatest Writers Many years ago I found a copy of a totally pirated 1950s edition of this book in a second hand bookshop in Malaga The book had been printed in Cyprus, and was marked not to be sold in the UK Cause, like, we totally didn t have permission Plus a change, and all that There were pirate copies of Shakespeare s plays floating around in the 17th century, with added scenes that Willy had nothing to do with.
I read my copy literally to pieces I had never read any of Mansfield s work before that, except a short story in my highschool Eng Lit book which we never had to read for class , Miss Brill At the age of fourteen or whatever, it didn t make much of an impression.
Having re read this edition of the Journal innumerable times, and indeed memorised passages through sheer familiarity, I was ready to appreciate her work I have since acquired the masterly long version Katherine Mansfield Notebooks Complete Edition as well as many of her stories A member of the lost generation of the WW1 years, not one of her male friends who went to the front returned She was also traumatised by the loss among them of her cherished younger brother.
It is sad that her worst fears came true plagued by tuberculosis and the aftermath of venereal disease, she did indeed die leaving very little finished work In many ways Mansfield must have been a difficult person perhaps that is why I feel such an affinity with her.
ETA Comparing this edition, put together by her husband J M Murray, with the edition collated from the original texts decades later, I realised just how self serving Murray was He cuts out many passages that reveal negative aspects of his personality and their relationship, rewords others, claims to be unable to read some that are very clear and not complimentary to him and ends the journal before its actual end, with the words All is well.
All was not well, and he knew it, but I guess he chose to close it on an uplifting note.
Since I was heading back to NZ, I thought it might be fitting to pack Katherine Mansfield s journal to take with me I didn t realise that this journal is made up mostly of material from the last years of her life where she is ill, worried about her writing and in large amounts of pain Reading this while preparing for general anaesthetic, and again after the anaesthetic has worn off was a weird feeling to say the least That said, I love it Mansfield s always been that little bit intimidating, but in her journal she reads like a real person, and a surprisingly modern one despite the changes, losses and difficulties of the war, most of what Mansfield uses her journal to reflect upon are just as interesting today writing and the role of truth, the struggle of mind, illness and body, looking for direction This book was so much than I thought it would be.
Narrando i suoi giorni palesi e quelli nascosti e ormai vicina all ultimo passaggio dimensionale, Katherine scrive Da quando ha memoria di s , ella ha trascorso una vita tipicamente falsa Eppure, malgrado tutto, ella ha avuto momenti, attimi, sprazzi di luce che le han fatto sentire la possibilit di qualcosa di ben diverso.
In queste pagine si intravede un notevole potenziale inesploso, s Mi tengo stretti gli sprazzi di luce, ma torno veloce ai miei venerati, ben diversi, incenDiari.
I was amused to find that one of the words Katherine Mansfield really jelled with was little.
It has a resonance that I have not encountered with any other writer Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner probably comes the closest, and it is only fitting seeing they were probably living in the same era,definitely came from the same part of the Globe Mansfield from New Zealand and Turner from Australia and their sentimentality has the backing of an Iron Rod.
These girls could bite the bullet of Reality,both in their Fiction and in their daily Lives.
For Mansfield it was finding her niche, mixing with the Bloomsburys,finding a difficult man or a difficult marriageprobably Both and World War One where she lost her brother Virgina Stephen Woolf and her sister Vanessa Stephen Bell were to lose their brother Thoby to illness in 190 and Vanessa one of her sons, Julian, in the late 1930 s in the Spanish Civil War.
to be continued I can t for the life of me remember why I ordered Katherine Mansfield s journal and one of her books of short stories from the main library That said, I m glad I did I ve never read a whole journal before, just probably a piece or two here or there for a class Reading a journal feels strange, like maybe I m sneaking a peak into someone s brain and I m not sure that they would want me to do so, you know Mansfield was a really entertaining woman, from what I can tell, and she has a very relatable way of thinking especially about her writing there s a real anguish there about whether or not it s good enough, or whether or not she s writing enough, and it feels so strange to find a comrade who wrote those words in her journal 90 some odd years ago Anyway, it was interesting, and I m reading her short stories, and they re very readable and real, and I like them even better.

chiuso il libro riesco solo a desiderare fortissimamente di scivolare ancora, quando sar , in pagine cos febbrili che pulsano di aneliti e vivono dell attimo, riuscendo nell instabilit della parola a restituirmelo ogni attimo ferocemente, senza mezze misure.
katherine mansfield era frustata da ogni possibile percezione della vita, tipo una falesia dal vento e dalle onde c un che di selvatico in lei, di talmente indomito, necessario e disarmante, una tale totalizzante e sgomenta tensione, che letti i diari posso incontrovertibilmente affermare di amare pi ancora la donna dei suoi vividi racconti vivo in mezzo al frastuono di un torrente che io sola posso udire furiosa, isterica, urgente, adorabile kathleen.
Leer un diario como este da la misma sensaci n que estar espiando el alma de alguien No todos los diarios deben despertar las mismas ganas de leerlos por supuesto pero Mansfield, por suerte, quer a que la leyeran y eso es evidente As que no hay mucho de qu avergonzarse No se puede contar el argumento del diario porque no existe Se tratan miles de temas algunos triviales, otros decididamente trascendentales en una pocas p ginas, se cambia de a saltos, hay fragmentos de libros, anotaciones de sue os Hay un mundo ah dentro y a veces se ven las miserias Mansfield, que vivi escribiendo y viajando y que, lamentablemente, muri joven , tiene una capacidad maravillosa para transmitir hechos y sentimientos que parecer an ser de importancia s lo para ella Las ltimas etapas del libro son un poco angustiantes porque tambi n son los ltimos d as de su vida Me gustaron sus anotaciones de libros y las crisis compartidas, pero a la vez no pude dejar de sentir que, en algunos momentos, ella estaba tan dentro de s misma que me expulsaba del diario Algunos comentarios que Mansfield hace sobre ciertos temas me incomodaron Recomendar aDiarioa los que est n interesados en la escritora porque ya leyeron algo de ella o simplemente porque s Es un buen acercamiento.