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[Jacqueline Wilson] ✓ Paws and Whiskers [zombies PDF] Read Online Ï In love Leoneis pet cat catwings is an unusual story.
I won a copy of this book from a Goodreads Giveaway.
Fantastic book A lovely selection of dog and cat stories, old and new we enjoyed them all, perfect length for bedside stories.
This Special Anthology Features The Very Best Stories About Cats And Dogs From The World Of Children S Literature, Chosen By Bestselling Author And Battersea Cats And Dogs Home Patron Jacqueline WilsonIncludes A Brand New Story By Jacqueline Herself, Leonie S Pet Cat, As Well As Extracts From Treasured Classics Such As The Hundred And One Dalmatians By Dodie Smith And Gobbolino The Witch S Cat By Ursula Moray Williams, And From Modern Favourite Writers Such As Anne Fine And Patrick Ness The Book Also Features Personal New Pieces From Many Authors About Their Own Treasured Pets, With Contributions From Michael Morpurgo, Philip Pullman, Malorie Blackman AndThis Is A Collection To Enjoy And Share For Many Years For Every Copy Sold, A Significant Donation Will Be Made To Battersea Cats And Dogs Home Okay let me get something straight, this book has 400 pages yet only 50 pages is only hers This book is just extracts of books I thought this was pointless and she just wanted a book out so opal plumstead was her 100th book Makin cinta deh Dikasih nana 2 tahun yang lalu dan baru dibaca sekarang.
In English, tapi bukan Krama Inggil.
Cerita di Leonie s Pet Cat, bikin keidean untuk nulis cerita MG tentang BTS atau EXO yah.
pokoknya ide dulu Nulisnya entah kapan pNext, mau berburu Queenie, ada enggak versi terjemahanya.
I thought this would be a light, quick read basically, a break from classic English literature However, I feel that this book is for a much younger audience and due to this reason, I didn t find it very engaging or gripping it definitely has a younger target audience but I would recommend it for a younger audience because it is a clear and easy read Additionally, it is a collection of short stories so they are quick and don t drag out causing a lack of attention and interest Overall, I think it is well written and would be a perfect read for a pre teen or younger child but it wasn t for me.
This was book was okay, but i found a fair few of the short stories boring Although, to be fair whilst some of the stories were cute animal stories just aren t really my thing This has been sitting on my shelf for nearly three years though so I had to finally read it I really enjoyed the original JW short story she wrote for this though

I really like Jacqueline Wilson s books but this one I didn t really like and I found it a bit boring, so I didn t read it all When I was younger, I loved Jacqueline Wilson s books I practically devoured them, reading and reading my dog eared copies until the spines split I wanted to be her characters Eliza from The Bed and Breakfast Star, Ruby from Double Act although I was probably a Garnet , Tracey Beaker in the dumping group, and even Lottie from the Lottie project Now I m a twenty something year old, I ve obviously grown out of that Of course Now, I ve realised that who I really want to be is Jaqueline Wilson herself.
This was a really lovely and well chosen collection of stories and extracts about dogs and cats I myself am of a cat person than a dog person, so I had a natural swing to enjoy those stories But I still loved the dog stories, particularly the extract from The Incredible Journey It was really moving.
One concern I had about this novel was that reading only short snippets from stories would feel so incomplete that no satisfaction could be gained Luckily, I was mostly wrong with this feeling, as I knew most of the books they came from One Hundred and One Dalmations, Just William, Dick King Smith I haven t read Jean Ure s novel Ice Lolly and this particular extract was unsatisfying for me It left you with too many questions questions can be very good, but this was too much I was delighted to see The Cat That Walked by Itself it has inspired me to reread Just So Stories.
The first story, Jacqueline s own, was lovely, and her oh so familiar and comforting authorial voice shone through I liked Leonie, and it was a very complete short story I wasn t left feeling cheated Amongst the old favourites were some unexpected surprises I never knew that Ian McEwan wrote for children Note to self must find out I was also shocked to see the Patrick Ness extract from Chaos Walking, as the rest of the stories were aimed at much younger children I would feel uncomfortable with a young child reading Ness books because, brilliant though they are, they are very violent It seemed a little out of place to me.
Nick Sharratt s illustrations were similarly comforting, memories of reading by torchlight in tents and gobbling down books in some vague fear that they might leave if I didn t It was odd to see Nick Sharratt s drawings in place of the traditional pictures for some of these stories One Hundred and One Dalmations, Alice Through the Looking Glass but I enjoyed the change I also loved the cover under the dust jacket Overall, a wonderful anthology, and for a very worthy cause It will appeal to animal lovers of nearly any age, anyone who knows about the bond you can feel to a dog or cat Very enjoyable.
Now, excuse me while I go away to find a copy of Just So StoriesNote I was given a pre publication copy of this for free, but all opinions expressed are my own.
This was a nice children s book why was it in the YA section at the library I do not know Some of the stories were written especially for this book, some were excerpts from novels, some were classic children s tales Unfortunately I d actually read most of them elsewhere before Some were happy, some were sad, some were suuuuuuper weird lol And one thing I learned was that Dodie Smith who wrote I Capture the Castle also wrote The Hundred and One Dalmatians Who knew And in one of the stories a kid calls another kid Dalek as an insult Brilliant.