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[Lynne Twist] ð The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life [harlequin-desire PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä My parents gave this book to their kids for Christmas several years ago, and I finally picked it up and read it I can often be cynical of non profits and organizations meant to assist others, even though my parents have been running one for 7 ish years, or perhaps because they have been running one I think it s very difficult to have a system that does not make one party vulnerable to being taken advantage of another, especially when their is such discrepancy between haves and have nots There were a lot of ideas I liked from this book 1 An ethical life is a fulfilling life not easy, not always happy, not without trouble, but fulfilling despite the setbacks 2 There are 3 myths that keep people from feeling like they can make a difference 1 The myth that there are not enough resources to go around 2 The myth that is better she gives many examples of extraordinarily wealthy people who worry constantly, and feel like if they had just 5 million , they would be fine , and 3 The myth that the unfair circumstances in life are set, that that s just the way it is.
3 The idea of sufficiency if we look around us and within us, we will find what we need This translates into letting people you help be a main part of the solution, providing them with the opportunity to build self sufficiency.
4 What we appreciate appreciates And appreciation is the beating heart of self sufficiency When we recognize what is already in our lives, we want for less, and we see how to use what we have to care for our needs 5 Ghandhi, There is enough for our need, but not for our greed 6 We should invest in activities that enrich our children s experience of life, and that increase their appreciation for life.
7 We have the power to arrange our lives, so that the stand we take with our money and our lives is a n every day, right now, every week expression of our core values, not a some day, next year, when I retire, or when I have enough expression of our core values.
Also, people and organizations can make a difference, they might not be perfect, but they can have a positive impact on the lives of others.
To be perfectly honest, I expected to hate this book I thought it would be flimsy and cliched and hapless.
To my great surprise, it isn t What it is, is a moving book that challenges the reader to reexamine assumptions about money, wealth, and enough I read this at about the same time I read The Fifth Discipline, and they were actually a great combination, giving rise to my thoughtful reflection on the mental model of scarcity that most of us including me operate in by habit, contrasted with how the world looks from a mental model of sufficiency.
There were some good a ha moments in here for me A good, quick read, especially worthwhile for anyone who gives charitably or who works in the nonprofit sector.
I m not really the type of person that leaves reviews I usually just mark the stars and leave it at that But with The Soul of Money I just have to say WOW what a book I ve read many books on prosperity that teaches how to get money and get money Lynne Twist has written something completely different She just doesn t talk about prosperity and how to get it But she teaches how to be good stewards with what we have And not just about money but our other resources that we all have within ourselves such as Love and Charity She mentions about how thoughts of scarcity has created a world of you or me and by changing our mindset to sufficiency, creates a world of you and me And, that there is enough resources to create a world that works for everyone I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a fear of money and thinking of not having enough And how to be good stewards of money, our personal resources and Earth s resources.

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I liked the anecdotes about people the author knows and her experiences traveling the world The story about meeting Mother Teresa in India was great.
The thesis is that money is powerful and should be used to create good for you and the world I can agree with that Also, money flows like water and we are the conduit of our money We can control the flow and need to learn how to direct the flow of money to create good, happy, balanced lives There are not concrete steps to follow This is not really a self help book but it does help you look at how you personally use money and stimulated me to look at the choices I make with my money in a new way.
This book was recommended to me As I often do, though consciously I am trying not to any, I read prepared to react, to judge, to criticize, to dismiss The photo of the author on the book jacket gave me reason not to venture further no need to explain , but I opened the book and read anyway.
However, someplace along the way, as I read THE SOUL OF MONEY, I just read, I just listened I was most engaged with the stories, off put by the didactic nature of the book I will continue to ponder and explore Lynne Twist s insight into conversation and how positive change happens when conversations are changed and when conversation includes many of us which can happen with today s social media However, positive changes, as she points out, can be replaced with negative conversations too Case in point, when the conversations after 9 11 was diverted from heart and soul to getting back to business, the business of spending money a directive from President George W Bush THE SOUL OF MONEY had implications for all of us, no matter if we have little or lots of s I think most of us already know that how we get and spend our money affects our soul is affected by our soul, but a reminder now and again is always appreciated That said, though, I think it is complicated than the book alludes to Twist also discusses why we give money and tells the story of how she returned a 50,000 contribution because she thought it was given for the wrong reason Does giving need to be soul centered to do good in the world I appreciate Twist s research and hand s on knowledge of fund raising I especially appreciate her understanding that people, for the most part, want to be self efficient, and just a quick and temporary handing out of money, etc isn t necessarily a fix, but can be detrimental in the long run We think we know what people need and want, but we don t, unless we ask Unless we sit down and have a conversation.
For what it s worth, I could see THE SOUL OF MONEY written as an essay, something I would have spent less money on, and less time reading.
I agree with the author s overall point that our use of and relationship with money can be used in positive, values affirming ways and that the first step in this is recognizing that we really do have all that we need right now By the middle of the book, however, I started to wonder if delivering this particular message was all the author intended to do with the pages in front of me The stories are personal which is nice but I would have also like to read some demonstrative examples of how to make this happen in everyday life especially within an overall consumer culture that doesn t support the way of life she s espousing.
This Unique And Fundamentally Liberating Book Shows Us That Examining Our Attitudes Toward Money Earning It, Spending It, And Giving It Away Can Offer Surprising Insight Into Our Lives, Our Values, And The Essence Of ProsperityLynne Twist, A Global Activist And Fundraiser, Has Raised Than Million For Charitable Causes Through Personal Stories And Practical Advice, She Demonstrates How We Can Replace Feelings Of Scarcity, Guilt, And Burden With Experiences Of Sufficiency, Freedom, And Purpose In This Nautilus Award Winning Book, Twist Shares From Her Own Life, A Journey Illuminated By Remarkable Encounters With The Richest And Poorest, From The Famous Mother Teresa And The Dalai Lama To The Anonymous But Unforgettable Heroes Of Everyday Life I am very interested in this topic, but Lynne was a magical thinker.
One story was of a village in the desert that needed to find water She knew that the women had the answer How The women said to keep digging Why They eventually found water, and they were saved So we should just follow our intuition around and have faith that the right thing will happen How many villages tried this and found only sand Another story was how Mother Teresa never had any savings She trusted in god to provide Yes, that s the advice I want to give to all the savers in America don t save money, something will come along Don t we already have too much of that She did have some good points about how money doesn t make you happy, and if you have enough money, you can get a lot of joy by using it to help others She is a professional fundraiser, which seems consistent, but her motives are likely good Still, overall I didn t like the book There has to be a better book on this subject.
Lynne Twist talks about money in a way that I ve never experienced before She delves deep into the idea of money as a means of expressing our greatest hopes for ourselves and our communities The way she talks about money imbues it with a spiritual significance that I ve realized is totally appropriate Lynne s life is now dedicated to putting into the practice that helping people to help themselves rather than just stopping at helping people is the way to co create a compassionate and just world It s not just filled with philosophy, but also includes practical applications of how you too can connect with the soul of money.