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[ Pdf The Bears Reluctant Wolf (Sweet Water, #2) Ø young-adult-fantasy PDF ] by Jenika Snow ó For a shifter I am your mate and I will kill if somebody touches you kind of book it s great There are no plots or some surprisessadly not so much sex but at least they dirty talk.
This is smut and easily forgotten.
Ok he is a polar bear shiftercool ha I had been waiting for this book for such a long time Yummy smexy dirty talkin bear This book has hands down the hottest mate meeting I have read in a long time I mean, damn girl, you will get naughty shivers Trace is scrumptious, he is possessive, lewd and wickedly delightful Once he scent his mate he is all in, even though he had a trust issues due to his past Yup, I am totally in lust Candace is a great girl, she isn t meek or a pushover She could have used a touch sass, but is easily loveable The steam factor is off the charts I lived Trace s naughty mouth, heck I would have loved even I am a sucker for a dirty talker There is some serious smexy action in the kitchen and a little stripper pole fun Oh la, this is a book to read while in the cold shower The story here is mostly all about the couple, not much of an outside plotline Not a complaint just an observation Sometimes ya don t need extras, the romance is enough to carry you through.
The mixed narrative really helps you understand where each character is coming from It is really easy to see the change in POV and never gets confusing.
The other great thing about this series is getting to catch up with old friends from the Wylde Bears series This time we catch up with Ary and Charlie, they are so cute I am loving this series and can not wait for Maverick, Liam and Melissa are all still single Trace Dakota, A Polar Bear Shifter, Lives By His Own Set Of Rules, And Makes No Apologies For It He Owns A Bar, Drives A Harley, And Expects Compliance In All Things He Doesn T Need Nor Want A Mate And Is Content Having One Night Stands But All Of That Changes When His Shy, Curvy Mate Walks Into His Bar Candace Jace, A Wolf Shifter, Doesn T Want A Man In Her Life, But Knows She Is In Trouble When She Meets Trace, An Overprotective And Barbaric Biker That Thinks He Has Some Kind Of Claim On Her He Seems Intent On Calling The Shots And Making It Known She Is His Mate Is Candace Ready For A Demanding Alpha Mate And Is She Ready For His Ex Wife To Come Back Into His Life Trace was a huge arrogant, bossy, crude alpha hole and the sweet ending didn t make up for him 3 4 of the way through I was just trying to finish the book and had lost all desire to read the next two in the series The ending did make me rethink deleting the rest of the series without reading them though But I think I ll wait until I ve forgotten how much I disliked Trace to start the next one.
He s big, he s bad, and he s dirty, which is exactly opposite of what wolf shifter Candace Jace wants in a mate Candace is borderline OCD and the victim of a cheating ex, she now has her life in a some sort of order and everything about bear shifter Trace Dakota off sets her carefully controlled world.
Owner of a bar, Trace had not expected to meet his mate at this point A bad marriage and left Trace with strict rules when it came to women, one night stands and that is it He knows his mate is Candace and even though it is difficult for his bear, he is taking his time to woo her as much as a Harley riding bad boy can.
Very fun read, I liked that they are polar opposites and Trace is pure alpha You can easily understand Candace s reluctance as Trace is very vocal about his wants an needs Look forward to in this series.
Can we please talk about how absolutely mouth watering Trace is Perfect name to go with this uber hot polar shifter And he drives a motorcycle and is buff to the gods sighs Amazing I loved the fact that Candace was curvy and smart My absolute favorite part was when Candace was at home pajamas on and glasses perched on her nose And then Trace shows up And the hottest most nuclear scene was in the private room with the pole.
So HOT NUCLEAR HOT Trace Dakota is a polar bear shifter he owns and runs a bar in Sweetwater Trace had been married to a human but after her betrayal he just beds random woman, nothing but a long list of one night stands, he doesn t want or need a mate He s a large male, muscular and aggressive.
Candace Jace is a wolf shifter but as opposite in ways toTrace as you can get When her friend Melissa persuades her to go on a night out together they end up at Trace s bar The minute he s see Candace all bets are off she s his mate and there s no way he s letting her get away.
I loved Trace he s big sexy and all dirty talk Candace should be offended but she s turned on despite the fact she knows that Trace might be too much for her But there s no escape Trace always gets what he wants I loved Trace and Candace They were polar hahaha opposites but they connected very well in an elemental level I really appreciated how Trace, the big strong male was the besotted onewell, as besotted as an alpha could be But, he never hid his need or desire for Candace He pursued her and helped her overcome her resistance for him in a most delicious manner That scene in the kitchen was HAWT I wonder who is next Liam, Maverick, or Melissa I m gonna love to see the man that will tame her It should be a fun read.

A fantastic sexy little shifter book, with a bossy ,dominant as hell polar bear finding his sexy little wolf mate I have been looking for a book like this for a while Very enjoyable.
Jenika Snow books always do this They start off SO good steamy The hero always talking so dirty you figure the sex scenes will melt your KindleTheeeeen not so much.
Sorry but my mate asking me to strip for him in his personal stripper den using a pole all the strippers did before me on our second date Not endearing.
HEA, Erotica.
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