Download Epub Format × I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel PDF by è Caryn Yacowitz

Download Epub Format × I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel PDF by è Caryn Yacowitz A fun story with the different elements of Hanukkah.
This has nothing to do with the book, but it is for my own personal pleasure of being able to look back on this and remember it I won this book in a giveaway a little over two years ago I have finally found somewhere for it to go without just getting rid of it My cousin, Byrd, who died tragically in a car accident in December, left his girlfriend pregnant with two twin girls For her baby shower, she wanted everyone to bring books Guess where this book went Very glad to have had the chance to give this fantastic children s story away to people that I know will read it and love it Also the story is great, combining humor with famous pieces of art.
A Family Drives Through The Snow To Visit Their Beloved Bubbe, Who Spreads Out A Chanukah Supper For Everyone To Enjoy But One Dish Goes A Little Wrong I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A DreidelA Chanukah Dreidel She Thought Was A BagelPerhaps It S Fatal Indeed, Bubbe S First Bite Leads To An Insatiable Taste For Oil, Latkes, Applesauce, Gelt Even Menorahs But As The Family Tries To Distract Her From Her Gluttony, The Items She Devours Grow Ever Larger Will They Be Able To Reconnect With Her And Bring Her Home For The Last Night Of Chanukah Or Will Her Feasting In Fact Be Fatal Beyond The Joy Of A Jewish Take On This Most American Of Folk Songs, The Illustrations Here Offer Hilarious Parodies Of Great Works Of Art By Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hopper, Rockwell, Matisse, Picasso, And Other Masters Adding A Whole New Layer Of Humor And Culture To The Familiar Tune You Ll Love This Old Lady, And Want To Visit Her Every Chanukah For Years To Come I m not a fan of the old lady swallowed a bunch of stuff stories on account of the ick factor I made an exception to my aversion for I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel because of the topic It s still a kooky premise, but at least what she s swallowing dreidel, brisket, latkes, gelt, menorah, etc is novel and appropriate for the Jewish holiday.
The illustrations depart from famous art it s an interesting touch The pages can be chaotic, yet by the end, it s fun to see what pieces will be parodied.
rhyming bagel with fatal has my vote I was having a hard time finding a Hanukkah read aloud and decided to give this one a try It was definitely a flop with the 5th grade class I read it to and the perhaps it was fatal line did not seem appropriate or funny Still searching I love the Jewish twist on a classic As always the story has an old lady who keeps swallowing silly things This repetitive text is great for reluctant readers.

What a fun book to read and share 3.
5 stars Very funny I liked this one a LOT better than that other I know an old lady series that just needs to hang it up already This one is actually both unique and wonderfully creative in that it parodies a whole bunch of classic paintings Kids and adults will have fun seeing how many they can identify, and you can check to see if you re right on the book s endpages Veg n parents note At one point, the old lady swallows a gigantic brisket so huge, in fact, it actually looks like a mountain than a piece of meat There s also a picture on the wall in the background that shows a cow divided into parts, butcher shop style.
Sing along to the tune of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and you ll find yourself giggling before the latkes A preface of the story of Chanukah starts us off in this delightful ditty that is illustrated with takes on famous painting See if you can name them all, including the artist before the glossary at the end I missed two Fun