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[Karl May] Æ Der Schatz im Silbersee [martial-arts PDF] Ebook Epub Download Æ ak i me u mayevim knjigama, ova je za manje zahtjevnu publiku.
One of my childhood favorites Der Schatz im Silbersee Ist Ein Klassiker Der Abenteuer Und Jugendliteratur Tramps Unter Dem Roten Cornel Suchen Im Silbersee Einen Schatz, W Hrend Old Firehand Dort Eine Silberader Ausbeuten Will Winnetou Und Old Shatterhand Stossen Dazu, Aber Auch Die Utah Indianer Kampf Und List, Mord Und Marterpfahl Das Macht Dieses Karl May Buch Aus Der Film Schatz Im Silbersee Geh Rt Zu Den Erfolgreichsten Filmen Seiner Art This was one of my favorite books while growing up It stood against the test of time, still good The Book That Started It All nostalgia More than thirty years ago, this book made me fall in love irreversibly with books, these printed delights that open up new worlds when your options are limited, add color to whatever seems black and white, nuance to whatever seems dishearteningly categorical, and create possibilities where there are none.
I had read this book twenty times by fourth grade It still brings back such sweet memories of sleepless reading nights I loved the adventure, the characters, the story, the dialogs in fake foreign language, the good old romanticism of good vs bad I now know he had written these stories before he ever visited the Wild West and without seeing an Indian but who cares I visited relatively few places and talked to few people, but thanks to the reading journey this book had set me on, I ve nevertheless seen numerous places and talked to thousands of people.
So in a time when food was rationed by the state, toys were scarce and mostly shaped by our own creativity, and we had access to cartoons on state television ten or so minutes a week, this book made my world magical.
Thank you, Karl May nostalgia This was a good occasion with this book to recall my favorite novels from childhood Winnetou, Old Surehand and other such stories from the wild west, written by the master of this genre, Karl May, were all part of my first few novels I have read And of course I have loved them and like many children, I imagine myself sometimes even playing with my brother and other children how it is to be Winnetou or a white hunter in the Great Plains.
The premise is extremely simple and usual for children novels the opposition between good and evil and of course that good always wins Pretty predictable but you cannot expect something else from children s lit This is why I will give it a 3.
Regarding the form, this is another element where the genre is fairly strict and this novel does not make an exception Apart from this, I liked the names of the characters that were reflecting the traits the author gave them I did not like that it felt like the authors controlled excessively their actions so that the plot and the planned actions twists end up as he wanted This was something that I did not noticed when I was a child but now it ruins the pleasures of some parts Thus, I will rate it with a 2 for form.
In terms of originality, I had the impression that a large part from the novel is recycled from other works of the same author Although the genre of western does not allow a high degree of originality, with this additional element I am forced to rate it with an 1.
In terms of characters, they are created using the genre stereotypes The good and evil whites, the good and evil Native Americans Nothing using too many gray shades But apart from this polarization, the author tried to differentiate as much the characters one from another He used various traits not necessarily used in the story to do so, but he did it So I will rate it with a 2.
Regarding the complexity and difficulty, it is clear that children s novels cannot be complex Karl May did a great job to simplify the story, but still it is a lengthy one Thus I will rate it with a 2 for complexity and difficulty.
In terms of credibility, this is perhaps the weakest point of the novel and of most novels from Karl May But children do not need too much credibility thus the success of such novels is pretty high if they have enough adventures in it For me this is important and this is why I will be rate it for credibility with a 1.
The last criteria is edition I struggled at times to read it as it contains a lot of misspelling I believe my ebook was created by scanning the original and the proof reading was not done very well This is the reasons why I will rate it with a 1.
To summarize, I liked that I remembered childhood but the novel itself is pretty average, even on the low end, if compared with others All in all, my final rating for the novel is 1.
71, which I will round it to a 2 on Goodreads system Criteria Rating Premise 3 Form 2 originality 1 Characters 2 Difficulty Complexity 2 Credibility 1 Edition 1 Total 1.
71 Fordetails on how I rated and reviewed this novel, please read these guidelines.
Mit Der Schatz im Silbersee von 1955 wird nun nach Winnetou die zweite gro artige Produktion des Westdeutschen Rundfunks in dieser Reihe ver ffentlicht Die beiden Blutsbr der Winnetou und Old Shatterhand jagen hinter Cornel Brinkley her Der skrupellose Ganove versucht mit aller Macht, den Schatz im Silbersee zu finden, und um an den Geheimplan des Schatzes zu kommen, geht er ber Leichen Winnetou und Old Shatterhand werden bei ihrer Verfolgungsjagd immer wieder von verfeindeten Indianerst mmen aufgehalten, mit denen sie sich heftige K mpfe liefern Schlie lich erreicht der Schuft Brinkley die Schatzh hle und glaubt, am Ziel seiner Tr ume zu sein Die Tonqualit t l sst stark zu w nschen brig Die Sprecher sind langweilig Die Einteilung der CD ist gut, aber das rei t es auch nicht raus Die Geschichte ist ein Klassiker, aber wenn er schlecht umgesetzt ist kann das auch nichts mehr retten.
The story is good, but this was translated by a non English speaker The grammar is not quite English sometimes Nevertheless, I ll be looking forKarl May books.

I don t know why it works again after almost 45 years but it does I couldn t say what the book s or its author s secret is, nevertheless it still is an excellent read.
My favourite book of Karl May.