Á Beneath the Moors and Darker Places Æ Download by  Brian Lumley

Á Beneath the Moors and Darker Places Æ Download by  Brian Lumley a great collection of lumley s short stories along with the main novella, which is a classic lovecraftian tale the arkham version of the novella, although very collectible, only has the title novella, this has other short stories as well that are all pretty scary and weird.
I m finishing this up right now My first experience with Lumley has been very enjoyable I ll be readingvery soon My favorite stories from this collection 1.
Big C 2.
Beneath the Moors3.
David s WormFor some of the stories, you may wish to catch up on your Cthulu Mythos as they are pretty thick with Lovecraft spawned writing.
An enjoyable and classic collection of original and pastiche tales Imaginative, dark, and filled with the adverb laced descriptions of the master he so eloquently emulates It was an interesting blend of the best lovecraftian tales and themes.

Cthullu and others, driving people made.
All the stories are basically lovecraftian.
No Happy Endings.
More great short stories by a man influenced by Lovecraft.
So far, this is a great, lovecraftian set of short stories.
Appeal mostly plot what is happening and the imaginative descriptions of how things happen.
This is horror as in murder of teenagers type horror at least from the story I read The Fairground Horror this isfantasy type horror, with a very wild, imaginative and paranormal dimension Lumley also takes time to establish context and some character background before things get very horrific you have to give the book time and you have to want to take in the story it s not really a quick thrill.
Lumley has other short story collections including Fruiting Bodies and other Fungi The Whisperer and other Voices.
In Addition To His Stellar Necroscope Series, Brian Lumley Is Highly Regarded For His Short Fiction, For Which He Has Won The British Fantasy Award Beneath the Moors and Darker Places, A Companion ToThe Whisperer And Other Voices, Collects Nine Of Lumley S Best Long Short Works, Many Of Them Unavailable For Decades In Any FormThe Cthulhu Mythos Of The Immortal H P Lovecraft Provides Inspiration For Much Of Lumley S Work, Including Dagon S Bell And Big C, Both Included Here The Explosive Creation Of A New Volcanic Island Off Iceland InLed To Rising With Surtsey, An Homage Not Just To Lovecraft But To The Great August Derleth David S Worm Which Takes An Interesting View Of You Are What You Eat Was Published In A Year S Best Horror Stories And Later Adapted For Radio In EuropeThe Collection Also Includes The Macabre The Second Wish, Published Here For The First Time With The Author S original, Intended Ending, And The Fairground Horror, First Published In The Disciples Of Cthulhu Twenty Five Years Ago And Not Seen Since Save For A Small Press EditionThe Title Tale, Beneath The Moors, A Complete Short Novel, Has Been Unavailable In The US Since Its First Publication By Arkham House In The Early S It Is Considered To Be One Of Lumley S Strongest Short Works Tor Is Proud To Restore This And The Other Pieces In This Volume To Lumley S Growing Readership