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[Amy Andrews] ↠´ 200 Harley Street (200 Harley Street, #8) [epic-poetry PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Reunited With His Past Running The Hunter Clinic S Charity Operation Has Given Surgeon And Ex Soldier Ethan Hunter A New Lease On Life His Reconstructive Work With Wounded Soldiers And Civilians Helps Block Out His Army Traumas But When Ethan Learns That He Ll Be Working Alongside Beautiful Surgeon Olivia Fairchild The Woman Whose Heart He Regretfully Broke He Can T Help But Remember The Passion They Once Shared And He S Surprised By The Sinfully Delicious Sparks Her Touch Still Ignites Is Olivia The Only Woman To Finally Provide Peace For This Long Tortured Hero A fantastic read and series Ethan was one of my favourite character s from the very start of this series ,l loved this romance story and relationship loved there chemistry adored the character s of surgeon ex solider Ethan Hunter whom was a surgeon doing reconstructive work on his patients he needed his job to block out his own trauma,Ethan learns that he will be working with an ex love surgeon Olivia Fairchild whose heart he had broken desperately and he totally regretted it for the hurt he caused her,But the sparks and chemistry are still so much alive for both of them,if both of them can get over there hurtful past and move forward and admit that they still love each other very much

200 Harley Street ISBN 978 0 263 90775 9I won the four 2 in 1 paperback books from Lynne Marshall giveaway Thank you so much.
There s a lot to sort through for the two main surgeons in this story The misconception of the past, their feelings then and now, as they work together They show such caring compassion, and a wonderful connection with their young patient Well written, meaningful, interesting, wrap up of this series Recommend 200 Harley Street The Tortured Hero is by author Amy Andrews and is a Harlequin Mills and Boon release for July 2014.
I loved the emotional drama in this story amid the medical chaos.
Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance series.