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Trailer ✓ The Alibi PDF by º Sandra Brown I loved this slow building character driven murder mystery by the Queen of romantic suspense, Sandra Brown In fact for me the motives of each of the characters involved in the murder of shady business man Lute Pettijohn on both sides of the law and the way they intersected were of a page turner than finding out who actually did the murder It s become a bit of a goal when reading a Brown to try and tease out her multiple threads and work out whodunnit I didn t in this particular case but the way she crafts and manipulates her characters and the reader always ensures much reading enjoyment and again she didn t disappoint 4.
5 stars.
I really enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed every Sandra Brown book I have read Out here, he wasn t a professional, or a colleague Or a son Tension, anger and the weight of responsibility began to melt off him The sense of freedom was heady It s on the suspense and mystery than on the romance but don t let that put you off There are still some hot scenes Dispensing with the frivolity, he kissed her meaningfully When at last he pulled away, her troubled expression alarmed him What Be careful, Hammond No one will know I was here She shook her head Not that Then what You may have to put me on trial for my life Please be careful that you don t make me fall in love with you first How could one, anyone, describe the instant when it all comes together How to describe that burst of clarity when one knows that his life has only just now begun, that everything that s happened before was rot compared to this and that nothing will ever be the same again He had never felt like this in his life For one horrifying moment, she feared she had gasped out loud, echoing her orgasm Even horrifying, she had unintentionally turned and was looking at Hammond His eyes were hot, as though he had been following her thoughts A blood vessel in his temple was distended and ticking In Un Torrido Pomeriggio Nella Pittoresca Citt Di Charleston Nel Sud Degli Stati Uniti, L Unica Cosa Veramente Fredda Il Corpo Di Lute Pettijohn, Riverso Da Parecchie Ore Nella Suite Del Suo Hotel Era Potente, Spregiudicato, Disgustoso Chi, Fra I Tanti, Poteva Volerlo Morto Hammond Cross Aspira A Diventare Il Nuovo Procuratore Distrettuale E Seguire Queste Indagini Potrebbe Spalancargli La Porta Del Sospirato Ufficio Tuttavia, Mentre Pregusta Una Carriera Di Successo, Qualcuno Che Gli Vicino Trama Alle Sue SpalleForse, La Donna Misteriosa Al Corrente Di Un Segreto Per Lui Fatale, L Affascinante Creatura Con La Quale Ha Trascorso Un Appassionata Notte D A Nonch La Sospetta Principale Dell Omicidio Tutte Le Prove Sembrano Inchiodarla, Ma Lei, Alex Ladd, Pu Contare Su Un Alibi Perfetto Lui E Un Abile Manipolatrice O A Sua Volta Una Vittima Innocente I do enjoy a good romantic suspense with an engaging mystery and this one fit the bill Hammond Cross, a prosecutor with the Charleston DA s office finds himself stopping at a county fair en route to his cabin for the weekend Rescuing a beautiful women from some unwanted male admirers, he spend a few hours with her enjoying the treats of the fair and later running in to her on the way to the cabin, spends the night with her But in the morning she is gone and he never even got her name Returning to Charleston, he discovers that real estate magnate and cheating husband Lute Pettijohn was murdered in his hotel suite around the time Hammond was leaving for his cabin There are a number of suspects for Lute s death including his wife Davee and an unknown woman Even Hammond saw him briefly that evening This is my first book by this author but I very much enjoyed her characters and the twists in the plot that made it difficult to guess who committed the murder the perpetrator was a complete surprise Even the side characters were all rich and interesting Davee Lute s wife and Hammond s childhood friend , Rory Smilow, the police detective, Lorretta, the ex cop and recovering alcoholic who does undercover work for Hammond and Steffi, Hammond s colleague and ex lover and a total bitch and the town of Charleston was charming and an excellent location for a murder mystery.
One night of escaping reality turns into a long, ominous nightmare for Prosecutor Hammond Cross A spur of the moment decision turned into a night of passion with a mysterious woman who was gone by dawn s light Hammond doesn t even know her name He will before long, and it just may be his downfall.
Intriguing characters flaunt their way through The Alibi At first they didn t seem to have any connection to one another, leaving me wondering where it all was leading It soon becomes apparent as the i s are dotted and the t s are crossed, and their paths intertwine The characterizations are masterfully written each character is unique, working their own agenda I found myself fascinated with them all as the story played out, and I racked my brain trying to figure out their motives and connections to one another Hammond appears to be on a suicide mission as his actions belied his position, threatening to destroy his future My heart raced through the last few chapters and I may have screamed NO out loud a time or two Another Must read by Sandra Brown After checking the book out by mistake, the plot once again was intriguing but looooooooooooooooooong The romance was silly.
The culprit was well disguised A good few ideas for mystery authors.
Another excellent RS from Sandra Brown I m really amazed how she manages to find a really inticate stories, full of tension and suspense

Overall rating 4.
5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler 3.
5 starsReview to come.
5 STARSWow It s been a while since I ve read a Sandra Brown book And damn, have I missed them And l have to say that this is a difficult book to review, as I don t want to slip up and give anything away Trust me, with this one Just go in blind Don t read any reviews or even plot descriptions Just start reading Hammond CrossJust know that there are some incredibly juicy characters that await you The writing is fabulous as usual, and the intrigue undeniable Alex LaddThe dense air was redolent with the tantalizing aromas of cooking food junk food.
Where up north are you from Why Because you are obviously ill bred and very rudeBut this one has a little treat yes, we get the sexy stuff right upfront No slow build on this babyHow to describe that burst of clarity when one knows that his life has only just now begun, that everything that s happened before was rot compared to this, and that nothing will ever be the same againIt takes place in Charleston, South Carolina A town that I ve visited many times And there is no better place for a murder mystery thriller romance if you ask meHe had met her less than a week ago less than a week but he had never been sure of anything in his life Never before had he been so physically attracted to a woman He had never felt such a cerebral, spiritual, and emotional connection to anyone.
I sort of predicted the outcome quite early, but the story kept me guessing until the end I always knew how I wanted it to end and lets just say that that s all I m going to sayDon t be a Boy ScoutLOL Loved the book Go read it