↠´ The Fighter and the Fallen Woman ☆ Download by ¿ Pamela Cayne

↠´ The Fighter and the Fallen Woman ☆ Download by ¿ Pamela Cayne 3.
5 i m a sucker for broken souls helping each other heal and finding love and i think for the most part this book did a good job in really showing us the connection between the two main characters i was super invested in lady king and in them getting their happily ever after because i think the book showed me that they really deserved to have one where it slightly lost me was the last couple chapter, it just seemed like a lot was going on and having obstacle after obstacle come up was getting quite tiring luckily it wasn t enough for me to suddenly dislike where the story went so i only docked half a star to what was, at least for the first half, a 4 star book.
Enjoyed the heroine a lot Good premise.
I wanted the hero to step up and be a little alpha.
Too much page time with the bad guy and I disliked the ending Review to come I really enjoyed this one lot It s dark, it s gritty, it s Victorian and I foresee most of the complaints about it coming from the fact it s too dark or too depressing In which case, read the title, read the description and get a clue This is a romance about a prostitute heroine, mistress to a crime lord and a boxer hero, a hired thug for the same crime lord My Fair Lady this ain t.
I loved the twists and the turns of the plot I loved how everybody was working an angle I loved LOVED that the hero and heroine didn t judge each other What didn t work quite as well for me was the ending, which I think was because the author wanted to wrap things up a bit too neatly But yes, we do get a happy ending hey, this is a romance It s a good, solid read and quite notable If you re looking for something different from the usual Regency Fairy Tale Merry Go Round, this book is it.
Pamela Cayne s dark Victorian romance is a hauntingly beautiful debut Lady s fears and her past are sensitively portrayed, and the author s deft characterization paints her as a woman who is both incredibly sympathetic to readers and, also, strong and admirable King is powerful, kind and deeply protective of Lady, although he knows he can t publicly show this These two survivors a rich man s mistress and a rich man s thug bring us a compelling and dangerous love story.
I loved these well written and unique characters and their undeniable chemistry I was up for hours reading this story, and it was worth every minute The last few chapters especially left my heart pounding as I raced to the conclusion A highly recommended novel I can t wait for books by this talented new author DNF at 50%Very slow moving and writing tense made it difficult to follow action.

Had me from page 1 right until the endHaven t read any Victorian era romances but if they are all this good then I am sold Loved the characters, especially the heroine, whose mix of sentimentality and savvy is a great combo I hope I see by this author What I loved about this the vulnerable, flawed characters, who cling to the beauty of their inner world I loved the moments of introspection of the MCs, as well as the gritty dark atmosphere and the villains It s an unusual and interesting romance not one relying on the stereotypes and topoi that are too often used by too many authors.
Big points for originality I love historical romance, but one does get tired of dukes I loved the character of Lady her smarts and grit and heart let her survive being the mistress of Mr Adams, an abusive London underworld kingpin, and King, a boxer with a gentle side, made a great match for her Though the abuse itself was largely off screen, the story was very dark and intense If Lady and King are caught together, they ll both be killed, and there are possible betrayers lurking on every side as Lady and King make plans to run away at the end of the boxing tournament The secondary characters were also well drawn, particularly Mrs Nesbitt, who is both Lady s best friend and a spy for Mr Adams, and Jonathan and not quite right in the head boxer.
5 starsIf you re looking for a light, fluffy romance, look somewhere else This was dark and dangerous and filled with anger and deceit and double crossings But in the midst of all that, there was a romance between two people who, at first, felt they didn t deserve love King, the street fighter, and Lady, the paid mistress, found each other and eventually found their piece of happiness and contentment King had me from the beginning of the book Yes, he was a brawler, owned by a horrible snake of a man, but he had the most tender side to him that had me melting He was softer than Lady ever was I guess if I had been in Lady s situation, I d have learned to not be soft either Together, they worked Especially after King convinced Lady of his true feelings.
The ending was a bit abrupt, and view spoiler I don t think Mr Adams would ever stop looking for them He wasn t the type to loose at all through the book, much less after finding Lady again There was just no real way he would let them go hide spoiler London, People Like Us Don T Get Happy EndingsIn Twelve Years As A Bangtail, Lady Has Never Feared A Man S Kiss Owned By The Ruthless Hannibal Adams, The Earl Of The East End, She S Draped In Jewels And Dead Inside Lady Learns Fear, However, When She Kisses Mr Adams S Best Fighter For Luck For King Sees The Real Woman Locked Away Behind Finery And Falsity King S Life Is Made Of Fists And Scars, The Only Things That Have Ever Felt Real To Him Even His Name Came From The Man Who Owns Him The Man Who Turned Him Into A Champion From The Moment Lady S Kiss Sends Him Reeling, King Resists Wanting What He Can T Have Mr Adams Never Gives Up What He Owns When Lady Is Sent To Nurse King Through The Tournament, She Finds A New Strength Through The One Man Who S Never Treated Her Like A Whore King Discovers That The Woman Who Shares His Dark World Might Also Be The One To Lead Him Out And As The Tournament Comes To A Violent Finale, Lady And King Must Decide Stay Spoiled And Shackled, Or Break Free And Risk What Happens When Fear And Dreams Collide , Words