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5 stars Review to come This book started right where the previous one left off Even though it wasn t as good as the previous one I still enjoyed it a lot, mainly because of the interesting characters I wanted to know what happened to them and right now, I cannot wait for the next book to be released in print.
What I enjoyed about this book The characters I wanted to know what happened to do, and the author knows when to switch point of view I just had to read on to discover what happened after to a certain character The descriptions are amazing While sometimes they were a bit too detailed for me, particularly when I was tired, they make it very easy to create the world in my head It also added to the atmosphere The way, like in the previous book, little texts from books existing in Gwald gave some background information on the world An original and entertaining way to build a world without having to dump a lot of information on the reader It reminded me a bit of the books than can be found in games such as The Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age The original approach to dragons Even though their relationship with humans isn t so original, the dragons as a race itself came across as very original to me I enjoyed learning and about it, and getting a clearer vision of how they used to be and what they are now There were, however, a few things that could have been better The pace of the book was rather slow And it never really picked up I had the feeling that most of the time, or less the same thing happened to the main characters, but slightly altered And at times that gave me trouble to remain focused It also gave me the feeling that some of the things happening in the book were page filling.
Leeing The Vengeful Inquisitor Melyn, Sir Benfro Is Drawn To The Last Resting Place Of A Great Dragon Of Legend, Magog, Deep In The Ancient Forest Through Magog S Spirit, Benfro Discovers The True Nature Of His Forebears A History Of Unimaginable Power And Mystery Over Mankind But With This Knowledge Comes Terrible Danger Errol Ramsbottom S Dreams Of Becoming A Great Warrior Priest Have Been Shattered By His Discovery Of The Dark Secret Of The Holy Order S Power And Yet As A Chosen Noviciate He Is Trapped, Unwillingly Drawn Deeper Into The Sinister Plans For War Which Will Engulf GwladWith The Forces Of Magic Gathering So The Destinies Of Errol And Sir Benfro Further Entwine Even better than the first which is to be expected or hoped for I guess But I am really loving this series It ended on a very interesting note, so I m gonna pop by my local bookshop asap and get the third The Rose Cord picks up right where Dreamwalker left off This, I really appreciated I m not a fan of when sequels spend the first 20 pages recapping what happened in the preceding book ahem I actually tend to speed read through those sThe writing style, pacing and format is still very much like the first book So I got of all the things I loved about the first book The excerpts from old texts were particularly good at framing my understanding of the chapter that followed Just that short bit of text revealed so much about the dynamic between dragons and humans, the relationship between dragon and nature, human and nature and the evolution of societies Love it The beautiful world building continues, revealing even aspects of this magical world that Benfro and Errol, and hence the reader, had no idea about And as the book reveals details, it also gives questions view spoiler And if you re wondering if it s really just going to be always be about Benfro, Errol, Beulah and Melyn No You ll love Malkin You ll want to start a fanclub for Malkin You ll want Malkin to be your pal hide spoiler When I started the first book I got a bit confused about the characters, and then I mean especially Benfro He is the dragon but his parts are written the exact same way as the human parts, so I had a bit of a hard time with remembering Benfro as a dragon I also had a hard time picturing the dragons after I finished the first book, but now that I ve finished this one I understand everything so much better I have a whole images in my head now, which I didn t have after I read the first book If they ever would decide to make these books with drawings, I would be over the moon I really love the story and I m so excited about Benfro and Errol their storylines finally coming together That s a spoiler I guess, I m sorry This book reads really quick in the beginning, there were so many things happening, but right before the end I reached some kind of dip and couldn t really concentrate any I felt like it got a little less interesting, but then right before the end it gets super interesting again, so I m very eager to start the next one At some points I kind of felt like I missed something in Benfro his storyline, probably because of the magic stuff that was happening, I couldn t really click some parts together but in the end it all turned out great I must say, Benfro his storyline was by far my favorite in this book And a character of the first book is returning in the end of this book which I m SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT.
Okay, I m going to start on the 3th book now.
This story has me captivated I went to the library yesterday to get the third book as the website said it was available but I couldn t find it very disappointing However back to the book I love the story and am completely hooked I can t wait to see what befalls Erroll and Sir benfro and if I hadn t got another book from the library to read I would just have downloaded it on my Kindle.
This is one of only a few series that I have just wanted to get straight into reading the next instalment whereas usually I like to have a break in between I m obviously binging on this and although I m keen to know what happens, I also don t want it to end an awesome read I enjoyed this for the most part, but found it dragging toward the end Still excited to read the next one, though.

My review for Dreamwalker the first book in the series.
It would seem that this series keeps getting better and better While I rated the first book 3 stars, this book receives 4 whole stars from me Yes, it took me a while to read it but it was really engaging in ways one wishes to be engaged by a fantasy novel While the first book was simpler both plot and character wise, I felt that both Benfro and Errol our heroes grew so much in the course of this novel Or should I say that they matured a great deal The rest of my review can be found HERE.
I kinda feel bad for only giving it 2 starsbut it was just soooo sloooow And repetitive I felt like I read the same chapter over and over again view spoiler how many times did Errol not die at the end of a chapter hide spoiler