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ò Read » The Ward of Castoria (Castoria Series Book 1) by Robin Silverglate Ø Bryn Thorner Is A Seventeen Year Old Senior Counting The Days Until Graduation Her Steadfast Determination To Quietly Endure The Criticism Of The Evil Stepsisters Is Starting To Crack Things Change When A Handsome And Mysterious Boy Enrolls At Lockwood Prep Even Though He Finds Ways To Help Her Out Of Trouble, There Is Still Something About Him That Bryn Does Not Trust Dane Stormwood S Assignment Is To Protect Bryn From The Murderous Creature That Has Targeted Her Family While He Knows It Is Unwise To Become Entangled With Someone So Completely Different, He Cannot Help But Feel Drawn To The Beautiful And Intelligent Girl That He Has Vowed To Protect He Wonders If She Could Ever Fall In Love With Him Despite All The Reasons Not To

CastoriaI m not good at writing reviews I really likes this story and I m getting ready to start the 2nd one It head the real world and then the fantasy Woolf I have always liked this mixture Guess I like to think about a magical kingdom could be out there.
Monstrous creatures from Castoria keep escaping to Earth to prey upon the unsuspecting Humans Old seer woman Tetari sends members of the Vanguard to Earth each time she sees a vision of a human being killed by a monster This time the vision is unclear and Tetari sees both a father and daughter in danger She sends Dane to watch over the daughter while Beckwyn is assigned to watch over the father Dane infiltrates Bryn s school life by posing as a new student, while Beckwyn poses as an assistant for her father s researches.
The book focuses mainly on Dane and Bryn and him following her around to school, through her day to day classes, her getting bullied by one of the popular girls, and her barista job He even manages to swing an invite to dinner a couple of times I loved the relationship between the two characters For once, this isn t one of those fated, meant to be relationships where it s love at first sight with both characters equally head over heels smitten with each other In this story, Dane grows to love Bryn, while she finds him annoying and weird, with the weird factor only increasing the longer she knows him, which felt farnatural than most of the paranormal books on the market My main fault with this book was that not much happens in it Admittedly, I m a fantasy fan, and I get rather bored with real world stuff and beyond bored with high school dramas so I was flipping pages, wondering where the fantasy part of this story was Monsters attacked all of twice, so most of the book was spent waiting for the monsters, and the time in between was just basic high school stuff Even Dane s trips back home were stale since they basically covered evening meals where his sister kept attempting to set him up with girls Another thing that bugged me was that it was never clear on why how the creatures were coming to Earth Dane and his friends used portals, but I highly doubt the creatures were smart enough to travel that way You d think Dane would be trying to shut off the travel of the creatures at the source rather than the stop gap method he was using of just saving people as they got attacked Now, the ending did have the twist that should potentially turn the next book into my standard type of fantasy reading, and I read several of the reviews that make the next book sound promising and they did say better than this one, so it might be worth picking up, even though I didn t give this one full marks.