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Í Read Õ The Order of the Goddess by John Louis å A Proud And Fearless Warrior Woman Must Go Undercover As A Pleasure Slave In An Exotic Harem To Rescue An Abducted Princess Elexsa Of Terradorn Is The Last Surviving Member Of The Order of the Goddess A Once Huge Army Of Warrior Women Dedicated To Female Independence As Well As The Spiritual Enlightenment Of The Divine Feminine However When The King Of Terradorn Informs Her That His Daughter Princess Anna Has Been Kidnapped And Sold Into The Harems Of Their Arch Enemies The Atroskians, Elexsa Must Act She Of Her Own Volition Enters The Harem Of The Atroskian League In Order To Locate The Princess During Her Enslavement She Is Well Fed, Pampered And Groomed But She Is Also Completely Humiliated Soon She Becomes A Mere Plaything For A Disgustingly Obese Atroskian Prince Who Has No Shortage Of Kinky Sexual Whims That He Would Like Indulged By His Strong Captive Elexsa Endures His Sleazy Advances While Patiently Waiting For The Moment When She Can Finally Break Free From Her Bondage And Show Her Captors Her True Identity As Well As The Wrath Of The Goddess, However Lurking Within The Shadows Of The Harem There Is A Very Sinister Force, One That Not Only Endangers Elexsa S Plans For Freedom But One That Also Threatens To Take Possession Of Her Very Soul