✓ The Cowboys Ë Download by ↠´ William Dale Jennings

✓ The Cowboys Ë Download by ↠´ William Dale Jennings a western by one of my favorite authors One that I will read again.
I can definitely see why they changed certain details for the movie.
The Time Is , The Place The Wild Wyoming Montana Territory Will Anderson, A Flinty Old Rancher, Has A Huge Herd Of Cattle Ripe For Market When His Regular Hands, Inflamed By Gold Fever, Desert Him In Desperation, He Hires The Only Men Available For The PerilousMile Drive A Pack Of Scraggly Schoolboys Through Skill And Harsh Discipline, Wil Anderson Whips Them From Greenhorns Into Seasoned Cowhands But Before The Long Drive Is Over, The Boys Discover That The Price They Must Pay For Manhood Is A Terrible One Murder And Revenge The Stunning, Heartbreaking Climax Of This Extraordinary Story Will Surprise You And Perhaps Even Sock You A coming of age story set in 1877 in the Montana Wyoming cattle country Wil Anderson agrees to use a ragtag group of school boys to help him drive his cattle 400 miles to Belle Fourche Before the drive is over the collective group grow and develop from boys into young men in this rugged tale of what it takes to earn respect, and develop individual character, and see a job through to the end.
This book, along with The Cowboy and the Cossack were both recommended to me by my grandfather It s the story of a cattle rancher who s cowboys all leave to search for gold and hires all the school boys in the town to herd his cattle 800 miles to market In this story, the author conveys the gruff, unrelenting way the rancher trains the boys, along with the pain of seeing one or two die This novel was also adapted into a movie starring John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Brown back in 1971 As always, the book is better than the movie, for you get a much better understanding of the characters, their thought process and feelings.
I loved this book as soon as I read the first page It captured me and wouldn t let me go I have seen the movie about 40 times I guess, having watched it over and over since I was a child As great as that John Wayne movie was the book is so much incredibly better I think the movie needs to be remade following the book faithfully It s so simply and easily written in a style that maybe isn t around any It s so good I didn t want it to end I laughed and I cried while reading this book and took me on an adventure, a great escape This is what a great book should do It might be hard to find but try to find it because it is a can t miss linda book.
According to Wikipedia, Jennings wrote this book based on a film treatment he had sold, which was made into a movie with the same name, starring John Wayne That happens to be one of my favorite movies, I ve watched it many times and the book follows the movie pretty closely or vice versa.
Also on wikipedia it says the book caused a lot of controversy among publishers due to its glimmers of homoeroticism I d say those few glimmers are the main things that pop out as not being in the movie And they aren t major things, just glimmers, like the article says.
If you are a big fan of the movie, you ll probably enjoy reading the book too.
This is the difinative novel about a cattle drive The vocabulary is dead on and Jenning s research is thorough This is a must read for any old west fan Of course it was made into a great John Wayne flick.

Thoroughly researched, compelling, and well crafted I read this on a whim after I bought it at a used book sale, and wondered how I d ever missed this as a cowboy and horse loving kid Farcomplex than the wonderful John Wayne movie.
If you watched The Cowboys with John Wayne than you will love the book I was engrossed Couldn t put it down Through smiles, tears, and laughter this book lives up to the Duke s call Follow a group of young school boys as they learn the hardships of life by way of a cattle run, and a hardened cowboy determined to get his cattle sold.
Like I said, if you liked the movie than you will love the book.