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[Liudprand of Cremona] Ä The Complete Works of Liudprand of Cremona (Medieval Texts in Translation) [cross-dressing PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä This Modern English Translation Of All The Surviving Literary Compositions Ascribed To Liudprand, The Bishop Of Cremona From To , Offers Unrivaled Insight Into Society And Culture In Western Europe During The Iron Century Since Liudprand Enjoyed The Favor Of The Saxon Roman Emperor Otto The Great, And Traveled To Constantinople Than Once On Official Business, His Narratives Also Reveal European Attitudes Toward The Byzantine Empire And The Culture Of Its Refined Capital City No Other Tenth Century Writer Had Such Privileged Access To The High Spheres Of Power, Or Such Acerbic Wit And Willingness To Articulate Critiques Of The Doings Of Powerful People First Half Of The S, And His Historia Ottonis On The Rise To Power Of Otto The Great Provide A Unique View Of The Recent Past Against A Genuinely European Backdrop, Unusual In A Time Of Localized Cultural Horizons Liudprand S Famous Satirical Description Of His Misadventures As Ottonian Legate At The Byzantine Court In Is A Vital Source Of Information On Byzantine Ritual And Diplomatic Process, As Well As A Classic Of Medieval Intercultural Encounter This Collection Of Liudprand S Works Also Includes His Recently Discovered Easter Sermon, A Rare Early Document Of Jewish Christian Intellectual Polemic Italian And German Medieval History, And The History Of Byzantium Will Find This Collection Of Translated Texts Rewarding A Full Introduction And Extensive Notes Help Readers To Place Liudprand S Writings In Context

An excellent edition of the collected writings of Liudprand, tenth century bishop of Cremona with a penchant for moonlighting as a diplomat and historian He offers a fairly detailed and fascinating look at events of the late 800s through mid 900s, and his lack of impartiality can be rather refreshing His main historical work is, after all, the Antapodosis Retribution , designed to embarrass his former patron Berengar II and to further ingratiate himself with Otto I Antapodosis takes up the bulk of the text and is quite useful in its own right I had occasion to utilize one of his juicier anecdotes for a sermon on honesty He has a somewhat anti Jewish Easter homily here, plus a small piece about King Otto, but the other great gem is his harshly bitter Embassy to Constantinople, the story of his mistreatment while on an extended diplomatic mission to the court of Byzantine emperor Nikephoros II Phokas On the whole, out of all the medieval histories you could be reading, Liudprand is one of the livelier choices go for it