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[ Read Online How to Woo a Spinster Ç 13th-century PDF ] by Kasey Michaels ä Much much too short I just wanted so much.
Short but lovely A good prequel to the series.
Kasey Michaels Aims For The Heart And Never Misses New York Times Bestselling Author Nora Roberts Still Unmarried At Twenty Eight, Lady Emmaline Daughtry Has Resigned Herself To Spinsterhood Then Captain John Alistair Arrives At Her Door The Very Image Of The Perfect Lover Of Her Most Private Dreams But Can A Man With A Secret And A Woman Who S Never Known Love Find Happiness When They Least Expect ToDon T Miss A Chance To Re read The Enchanting Prequel Novella To The Delectable Daughtry Families Series By New York Times Bestselling Author Kasey Michaelsoriginally Published In Lydia Nicole ve Rafe nin halalar Emmaline nin hikayesiydi K sa ama ho bir hikaye view spoiler Evde kalm k z m z Emmaline nin 28 ya g n nde Kaptan John Alistair geliyor ve karde i olan d k ve o ullar n n kt klar tekne yolcu unda dalgalar aras nda kayboldu unu tek bir ki inin sadece kurtuldu unu bunu bizzat g rd n s yleyerek z c haberi veriyor Tabii k z m z bu habere pek z lm yor tam tersi rahatlam hissediyor Neyse bu vesileyle tan yorlar sonrada yak nla yorlar evlenme teklif ediyor John k z m zda kabul ediyor sonras nda tabii John un sadece bir kaptan de il ayn zamanda bir d kte oldu u ortaya k yor hide spoiler This story was just too weird to be believed and that kept it at a solid 2 stars Honestly, these people fall in love in less than 24 hours Perhaps I would have believed it if the author had been able to make me believe it Their romance feels bland for supposedly falling in love at first sight Not even a major dose of lust here And reallyhis secret is NOTHING, so there s a bit of needless angstiness which doesn t even really count for anything Eh.
A quiet story, very sweet and charming As many other short stories it has the charms of simplicity, though it also sets the stage for the next books.
Boring with capital B Lady E is a 28 years old spinster who has been verbally abused by his father, then his brother and nephews Then on her birthday, she received the news that they are dead to a boating accident The man who deliver the good news was a Naval Captain, John Alistair And suddenly within 5 minutes of seeing each other, words like love is already thrown around Meh.
Short novella included in A Scandalous Proposal Emmaline and John meet, share bad news, fall in love and have a HEA in 24 hours Quite a feat Actually you are rooting for them from the beginning and since each has their own thoughts shared with the reader in enough detail you are fine with it.

On its own, it s at once overstuffed for its size and missing the detail or reasonable pacing that would make it feel complete But in its role setting the stage for the series, it does a good job of introducing the situation and the conflict while also providing a believable enough love story for these ultimately ancillary characters Some weak patches in the writing including annoying carelessness with titles and modes of address but mostly strong and immersive Three stars.
Good story Emmaline is at home, contemplating her life on her twenty eighth birthday Her older brother and nephews have gone off to sail a boat that they won in a card game, ignoring her as usual Captain Alistair has arrived at her door bringing the news that her brother and nephews have drowned She is stunned and slightly disturbed by the fact that she doesn t really feel any grief What she does feel is an attraction to the captain She talks him into staying for a few days to help her with what needs to be done John is bowled over by Emmaline s beauty and her self possession He had been expecting to have to deal with a hysterical female and was pleasantly surprised by Emmaline s composure He was also surprised by his reaction to her He has been called home by the death of his father but has not told Emmaline that he is than just a captain, enjoying getting to know her as just an ordinary man I really liked both Emmaline and John I liked the way that she was willing to pursue what she wanted as well as being able to keep her head John was a good man who wanted to help Emmaline, but he was also honest enough to be able to tell her his feelings quickly I would have liked the story to be longer as I felt that their relationship happened a bit too quickly to be realistic but I still enjoyed it.