Trailer Ê The Silent Earth PDF by Ù Mark R. Healy

Trailer Ê The Silent Earth PDF by Ù Mark R. Healy One Of The Most Gripping And original Sci Fi Series Of Recent Years, The Silent Earth Is A Breathtaking Glimpse Into A Terrifying Future The Earth Is In Ruins Cities And Nations Destroyed Those Who Survive The Onslaught Succumb To The Cold Blackness Of Winter A Handful Of Machines Finally Emerge Into The Light, Lost And Directionless They Are The Last Remnants Of Civilisation Brant Is A Synthetic A Machine Who Has The Appearance And Emotions Of The Humans Who Made Him He Is Hunted Across The Wasteland By Cruel Scavengers Known As Marauders Who Are Intent On Cannibalising His Body To Prolong Their Own Lives Brant Carries A Great Burden As He Tries To Return Home A Secret That Can Change The World Against The Unforgiving Desert, The Twisted Denizens Of This New World And His Own Dark Past He Needs To Find A Way Back At Any Cost I utterly LOVED this trilogy I loved the whole premise, the characters and how well they are developed, the plot with all its twists and turns, none feeling forced or out of whack with previous chapters I couldn t stop reading and felt bereft when I reached the end, though satisfied as well.
The beginning of a new worldThis is such a unique perspective on what happens after world wide devastation Robots with human feelings bring life back to the planet I look forward to muchfrom Mark Healy.
I cried when a robot died in the story There was not much action in the first part of the series but, that was setting up the rest of it Plenty of action later on I enjoyed the whole idea of the series and if you are a sci fi fan give this series a read.
AWESOME LOVED IT ,This is the most engrossing book I have read for years The only other one that was even Close was another series by Healy This guy is a find Very good read kept picking it up when I could hard to put downRe commend to readers who like dystopian reads books about the future and science fiction Very interesting concept with good against evil Enthralling It was different from other books ,The hero isn t human or animal.
I was only disappointed in the ending I wanted .
Extremely good read The best story that I have read in many years Well written and very entertaining with lots of places that you just can t put it down.
What a great story This was such a great story I became very invested in the characters, and was sad when it ended I read the trilogy as one big book so there was no waiting between books I am starting Mark Healy s The Reach series now and look forward tostories from this author I would strongly suggest that you check him out Cycles of lifeEnjoyed reading of a possible future Written a good understanding of human nature A tender and action packed sci fi story.