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[ Read Online The Last Tudor î battles-of-the-american-civil-ear PDF ] by Philippa Gregory î The devil protects his own A Game of Thrones, indeed There is vanity, spite, jealousy, arrogance, murder and mayhem in this crooked line of succession to the Tudor dynasty that would, undoubtedly, make Ned Stark s head spin Most certainly, winter has come.
Adding to this evil brew is Papist vs Protestant and who is backed by whom When Henry VIII s seriously ill young son, Edward, dies, the recognition of a true heir is at hand That crooked line runs rivers much like the trickles of spilt paint The backers of the reformed religion literally shove young Lady Jane Grey onto the throne even though she vehemently shakes her head in refusal She is touted as one of the elect Nine days on the throne is not even enough time to wrinkle one s gown Lady Jane and those of her inner circle are escourted to the Tower of London Your Tudor score card will be checking off this potential player.
Philippa Gregory stirs the pot, once again, with the tumultuous saga of the Tudor clan and their blood thirsty, disjointed members But this time, the reader is invited to partake in the lesser known sisters of Lady Jane Grey Though Lady Jane no longer poses a threat to the throne, Lady Katherine and Lady Mary certainly are Lady Jane was noted for her intelligence, Katherine for her beauty, and Mary, though quite diminutive in size, was wise beyond her years.
Enter Elizabeth I Stately, red haired, and consumed with jealousy, Elizabeth intends to snip off any tedious bits of the gross grained, irregular ribbons of her distant cousins Philippa Gregory paints Elizabeth with broad strokes of paranoia Robert Dudley, Elizabeth s favored married gentleman, clings like the vines along the castle walls Elizabeth voices no kinship to these cousins and her malice is felt to the bone Spies carry tales back to the throne room and Elizabeth doles out enough punishment to make even Queen Cersei Lannister blush Katherine and Mary will become quite familiar with the decor in the Tower of London.
This was an exceptionally good read by Philippa Gregory We come to know the elusive historical characters of Katherine and Mary Grey and the family preparations made to take one s place in that eerie line of succession to the throne My only wish is that there would have been a bit indepth coverage of Lady Jane herself Perhaps Gregory felt that Jane was already a much covered topic Her short, ill fated life left but a faint shadow in the spectrum of time Further, Elizabeth, though bathed in vanity, never to be betrothals, and a will of iron, sits rigidly as the most well known in her own Game of Thrones.
I received a copy of The Last Tudor through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Simon Schuster Touchstone and to Philippa Gregory for the opportunity.
Once upon a time, a was a big fan of Philippa Gregory Her novels piqued an interest in medieval history for me, and therein lies the problem once you begin to delve into the history books, Gregory s novels are rendered frustrating and often infuriating, so often is she lax when it comes to the minor issue of accuracy Of course, some artistic licence is to be expected, and an author will always interpret figures from the past, and the events in their lives, in their own way So, Philippa Gregory became something of a guilty pleasure for me as long as I took what she wrote with a pinch of salt, and schooled myself in the history she interpreted as she saw fit, all would be well Given that, since childhood, I ve found the tragic life and death of Lady Jane Grey especially intriguing, I was well prepared to put my sniffishness aside and hunker down happily guilty with The Last Tudor.
Oh dear The most glaring thing about this book is how it s just like any other Gregory book the formula of pitting women against each other, curiously anachronistic language and just enough bodice ripping romance to titillate without being too risque are all present and correct And yes, surprise, a great big wodge of Gregory s own personal slant on history which is, let s face it, in this case a prime example of the truth being far stranger and compelling than any fiction Perhaps it s because I ve always felt quite protective of Jane that I felt slightly affronted by Gregory s dour, joyless, unimaginative representation of her perhaps I was simply annoyed that in a tale purporting to spotlight Jane and her sisters, so much focus was placed on Elizabeth I always fascinating, of course, but it would have been nice to have given the Grey sisters the absolute starring role, given Elizabeth s is a voice with which we re all so familiar already.
The sisters are each in turn rendered as the two dimensional stereotypes we expect, but this reader anyway fervently hoped they wouldn t be there are no surprises, or character development, here Elizabeth fares little better, portrayed as the venal, self absorbed and selfish woman she is popularly and somewhat unfairly, I think perceived as It s as if Gregory cannot write women, especially strong ones in what was very much a man s world, without denigrating them see also the liberal use of the word whore to describe Anne Boleyn How jolly.
I think my detente with Philippa Gregory is now finally at an end Not even I can find much pleasure even of the guilty variety in her constant rehashing of themes and her interchangeable characters No doubt she will continue to dial in her own brand of historical fiction with the emphasis heavily on the fiction , and it will continue to delight and captivate her audience Perhaps some will discover a love of the periods she writes about via her work, and do their own research that s the hope, if yet disservice is not to be done to these wraiths from the past whom Gregory so ineffectually attempts to flesh out.
My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I don t want to touch this book with a 100 meter pole because of the description All below quotes are taken from itJane Grey was queen of England for nine days, dying on the scaffold for her faith But few people know about her two sisters, cousins to Elizabeth I who also faced imprisonment and death sentences for treason Jane died because of Parliament She did not want to be Queen She was forced by her parents and in laws She immediately surrendered her forces to Mary I Elizabeth I s half sister and went to the tower Mary did not want Jane to die She tried to save her life, but the influential councils denied it and she was executed Much like what happened between Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots.
Actually, most of the books I ve read about the Grey sisters focus on Katherine and Mary Not Jane She usually only gets a few chapters Same with non fiction books I think I read a book by Alison Weir that was about Katherine Jane doesn t have too much written about her since she s not sexyKatherine Grey was the beauty of the family who earned the lifelong hatred of her cousin Elizabeth I when she married for love Uhmmmm, no There was a literal act in Parliament that forbade anyone who had royal blood in them and Katherine Grey did because of her heritage from marrying without the consent of the monarch Katherine broke that law by marrying Edward Seymour yes, one Jane Seymour s nephews So, she wasn t hated She just literally broke the law and got thrown in jail since Elizabeth was rightfully upset about her trust being brokenMary Grey was an extraordinary little person known as a dwarf in Tudor times, who defied convention to marry the tallest man at court in her own secret love match Mary was not a dwarf She had a hunchback At least, all of the books I ve read about her have said she had a hunchback Also, Mary did the same exact thing that her sister did Married without permission So, yeah, she got in trouble for itThe fascinating story of three idiosyncratic Tudor girls and their challenges to the most powerful Tudor woman of all is the subject of the next novel from the author who defines what it means to be a writer of historical fiction I m sorry, but what fucking place gave Philippa Gregory her damn degree in history Who did this I mean, she can t even get simple history correct These times were interesting enough Stop pitting women against each other Elizabeth I didn t marry for many reasons Fear of what a husband could do to her, fear of childbirth, wanting to maintain all her power, etc However, she had love in her life She had Robert Dudley They loved each other until the end Practically a married couple.
Also, defines what it means to be a writer of historical fiction I call fucking bullshit I smell it wafting in the air No No NO NO This is a woman who can t get simple history correct This is a woman who makes up homosexual plots This is a woman who malaigns other women for the hell of it and buys into false charges of incest I ve read ten times better historical fiction by historians specifically Alison Weir who uses history heavily in her work and keeps it accurate Katherine Grey was the child of Frances Grey Frances Grey was the child of Charles Brandon and Mary, Dowager Queen of France Mary, the Dowager Queen, was sister to Henry VIII And Elizabeth I was Henry s daughter with Anne Boleyn So, they were cousins Edward Seymour was the son of Edward Seymour Sr and Anne Somerset Edward Sr was the brother of Jane Seymour.
Am a teptat cu mult entuziasm i ner bdare apari ia acestui nou roman scris de maestra c r ilor de fic iune istoric Philippa Gregory tiam c se afl n curs de apari ie i n momentul n care am v zut pe site ul Editurii Polirom c a ap rut am spus neap rat c trebuie s l citesc Men ionez c nu am citit toate volumele care compun seria dedicat R zboiului celor Dou Roze i nici n ordine Cel mai mult mi a pl cut cartea Trei surori, trei regine pe care am lecturat o anul acesta Deja am zis c ador operele Philippei i vreau, ca majoritatea c r ilor autorilor mei prefera i, s i citesc toate publica iile n rom n , bine n eles mi place extrem de mult istoria i, prin urmare, tot ce ine de ea, n special c r i Ultimul dintre Tudori a fost o surpriz pentru mine, deoarece m a teptam s fie un roman despre Elisabeta I a Angliei care, dup mine, este ultima din neamul Tudorilor ns nu a fost a a, ceea ce mi a st rnit i mai mult interesul s citesc c t mai repede cartea Lady Jane Grey, veri oara regelui Edward al VI lea i nepoata fostei regine a Fran ei, Maria Tudor, este reflectat este declarat regin a Angliei n iulie 1553, pentru c regele Edward a decedat, neav nd mo tenitori b rba i Sf tuit de John Dudley, ducele de Nothumberland i socrul lui Jane Grey, Edward o nume te regin pe aceasta nu le a luat n seam pe surorile lui vitrege Maria i Elisabeta Reg sim n carte aceea i atmosfer n care persist intrigile, comploturile i tr d rile specifice unei cur i regale Sunt fascinat de m iestria Philippei de a scrie frumoase romane de fic iune istoric bazate pe epoca Tudorilor i nu numai Evenimentele se desf oar ntr un ritm alert nici nu ai timp s te g nde ti la o nt mplare, pentru c peste pu in timp a avut loc o alta Abia m obi nuisem cu regina Jane c aproape imediat este executat , fiind acuzat de complot i tr dare la adresa veri oarei sale, regina Maria I a Angliei mi place c nu sta ioneaz mult pe o fapt , ci dup cum crede de cuviin trece la urm toarea Romanul este structurat n trei p r i care poart titluri semnificative i anume Jane, Katherine i Mary cele trei surori Grey cu s nge regal Perspectiva narativ este subiectiv , ca mai n toate operele Philippei Gregory, pentru a reda mai bine tr irile, sentimentele i faptele personajelor i pentru a se ntip ri repede n mintea cititorului pasionat de istorie i devorator de c r i numai bune de lecturat n momentele de lini te i pauz din via a sa Katherine Grey, ce de a doua dintre surorile Grey, este atestat i ntemni at n Turnul Londrei, deoarece Elisabeta, regina Angliei, o b nuie te de complot mpreun cu so ul acesteia, Edward zis i Ned Seymour Aici na te primul copil, un b iat care poart titlul de vicontele Beauchamp La un moment dat, Elisabeta este bolnav i cade la pat pentru mai multe zile i se spune c chiar va muri, ns f r s fi numit un mo tenitor la tronul Angliei Miracolul const n faptul c ea i revine fulger tor n doar c teva s pt m ni Dup cum am precizat ceva mai sus, situa iile de maxim tensiune sunt foarte multe i se petrec cu viteza luminii lucru care m captiveaz i mai mult Aici vreau s mai adaug i curgerea lin a lucrurilor, nici nu i dai seama c la pagina x Katherine Grey se afla n gra iile reginei, pe c nd la un interviu relativ mic de pagini aceasta cade n dizgra ie Este incredibil c de multe intrigi i comploturi s au esut la curtea tulbur toare a Tudorilor din secolul al XVI lea i modul n care au fost solu ionate de cele mai multe ori prin condamn ri la moarte Nu realizezi cine i este du man i po i ajunge du manul care va fi c t de cur nd dat la o parte din motive n scocite Domina religia protestant n defavoarea celei catolice Cu toate acestea, de Postul Sfintelor Pa ti, contrar tradi iei, carnea de v n toare v natul este declarat m ncare de post Katherine i zice c sora sa, fosta regin Jane Grey, nu ar fi ncuviin at n ruptul capului o asemenea libertate din partea cur ii regale de la Londra Pe parcursul romanului, se face trecerea aproape nesim it de la sora Jane la cea mai mic , Mary, ntre ele situ ndu se Katherine Mary Grey, surioara cea mai mic , continu s o slujeasc pe vicleana i indecisa regin Elisabeta I, cu toate c o ine ntemni at n Turnul Londrei pe Katherine, sora mijlocie, deoarece s a c s torit n secret cu nobilul Thomas Seymour Mary, la fel ca aceasta, se m rit cu Thomas Keyes, soldatul personal al reginei, sfind nd o n acest fel pe Maiestatea Sa Chiar dac nu am citit seria n ordine, romanele mi au pl cut i de abia a tept s mai citesc nc o carte scris de aceast talentat autoare Un roman impecabil i foarte bine scris i c r ile mele, desigur Pot oric nd s deschid o carte i s m ascund n lumea ei interioar , tainic i, desigur, trebuie s tr im a a cum ne dicteaz con tiin a, dar vreau ca tu s fii foarte atent la felul cum ar i, la prietenii t i i la credin a ta.
The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory has thrown me down a Tudor rabbit hole, but I m not looking to escape anytime soon The treachery, the gore, along with all the political wheeling and dealing captivate me, and I can t get enough.
MY THOUGHTS ON The Last Tudor BY PHILIPPA GREGORYThe initial thought that hits me over the head is why, OH WHY, did I wait so long to read a Philippa Gregory book She has been on my book radar for years but somehow I just never dived into one When watching Reign on NetFlix lately, I decided it would be fun to visit the same period but via the English setting Now I m addicted to all the Philippa Gregory books, and reading my way furiously through them And I m loving Reign than ever.
Now don t get me wrong they are not comparable in terms of historical accuracy Reign is VERY loosely based on fact, and has a soap opera feel to it But I love it And then seeing the same figures appear in the Philippa Gregory books is great fun Especially knowing that the books are a lot authentic.
Now I m not telling you that these are meticulously researched as a fact To me they feel that way, and I have been intrigued enough at times to check certain facts out, and they measured up That s good enough for me But what I truly love about these books is that they tell women s stories In an exciting way that makes history come to life.
A TRAGIC TALE OF THREE SISTERSThe Last Tudor features the three Gray sisters Jane who comes across as innocent and pious, Katherine who is silly but charming, and Mary who is small in stature but has a heart full of fight I don t think it s a spoiler to say that all died tragically young after all that s history , but the loss of life is so striking when you get to know each one personally.
All died for no reason, no reason at all, but to prevent them from taking the throne And the story of just how and why each ended up such dire plights will stay with me for a long time I love when a book series excites me, and I think it has been a while since I ve felt so satisfied and fired up as a reader.
I m in the exact opposite of a reading slump, not sure what to call it Maybe a reading fervour All I know is I m loving it.
WHO SHOULD read The Last Tudor BY PHILIPPA GREGORY Most people who love historical fiction have probably already tried this author out But it you are late to the party like I am, then I can t recommend these books enough Fans of Outlander might also enjoy.
Ugh Jane was annoying enough, but I yield at 20% with Katherine s story She s even whinier and self centered than Jane was Back to the library you go.
Three sisters and three very different voices from the past all coming from one family Philippa Gregory s The Last Tudor is the final story in her successful series that began with Anne Boleyn Starting with Jane Grey, the doomed nine day queen, Gregory draws a portrait of a teen devoted to both her religion , as well as the duty she owes her name Born the granddaughter of King Henry s younger sister, Mary, she knows she is royal and though she is unsure of the legality of the circumstances bringing her onto the throne, she accepts her role with fatal responsibility, willing to die for both her name and her devotion to her religion She is one extreme, and with Gregory s deft descriptions, each of the players take real shape, from her jealous and negligent mother to the boy she ends up marrying Gregory is able to recreate the rushed coup de tat, giving each of the players credibility that made the circumstances understandable and relatable When she is sacrificed for the Spanish marriage Mary so desires, her sister, Catherine takes over the narrative Fun loving and superficial, Katharine s story really shines She grows from a sullen teen to a warm and devoted wife and mother Where Jane sacrifices all for religion, Katherine does it for love Falling in love with Edward Seymour creates an alliance that threatens Elizabeth Young, fertile, attractive, the Seymour Grey union provides the possibility of a viable succession Petty and mean, Elizabeth destroys Katherine s life by separating her from her husband, declaring the marriage invalid and any offspring illegitimate I have read about Katherine s plight many times, Gregory paints a vivid picture of a young life slowly smothered by the political machinations and vanity of a selfish queen Lastly, Mary Grey emerges from the shadows as a survivor Born a little person, she is relegated as unimportant in the dynasty, but with her quiet dignity and strength she is able to survive the hostile palace Able to eavesdrop, she navigates the treacherous shoals of Elizabeth s narrow world until she meets Thomas Keyes She falls in love with the castle guard and then, throws caution to the wind to marry him Elizabeth vindictively ruins their lives as well All the key players are caught in Elizabeth s narcissism, her vile pettiness and heartless revenge It s a sad story of being a victim of impossible circumstances, and while each girl may see their sister s weaknesses, they are blind to their own It was my favorite of the later books in the series and a read that once I started, I couldn t put down.
This is the 15th book by this author that I have read I have enjoyed this particular series so much I love this kind of historical fiction When reading her books, I inevitably have to google these historical characters, to see how the book is going to end This one was no different The author manages to create anticipation But I always know how they are going to end before I reach the last page This book is one of the saddest books, I almost didn t want to finish it.
I will say this book was not my favorite of all Philippa Gregory s books in this series But I may have rounded up, because I adore the narrator of the audio, Bianca Amato She is one of my faves and she does this series justice This book contains three different POVs of the three Grey sisters during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I The queen is not portrayed in a benevolent manner She is petty and cruel.
and the Grey sisters are often the recipients of this They are deeply affected by her I enjoyed Jane Grey s story and wish it had been longer But I guess when you are beheaded at the age of 16, your story is a short one I also enjoyed Katherine s story Both of their POVs came across as personal and still had historical facts mixed in Mary s POV seemed a little less personal, and historical events I wish it had about her, but still the historical part was fascinating.
The Latest Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Philippa Gregory Features One Of The Most Famous Girls In History, Lady Jane Grey, And Her Two Sisters, Each Of Whom Dared To Defy Her QueenJane Grey Was Queen Of England For Nine Days Her Father And His Allies Crowned Her Instead Of The Dead King S Half Sister Mary Tudor, Who Quickly Mustered An Army, Claimed Her Throne, And Locked Jane In The Tower Of London When Jane Refused To Betray Her Protestant Faith, Mary Sent Her To The Executioner S Block, Where Jane Transformed Her Father S Greedy Power Grab Into Tragic Martyrdom Learn You To Die, Was The Advice Jane Wrote To Her Younger Sister Katherine, Who Has No Intention Of Dying She Intends To Enjoy Her Beauty And Her Youth And Fall In Love But She Is Heir To The Insecure And Infertile Queen Mary And Then To Her Half Sister, Queen Elizabeth, Who Will Never Allow Katherine To Marry And Produce A Tudor Son When Katherine S Pregnancy Betrays Her Secret Marriage, She Faces Imprisonment In The Tower, Only Yards From Her Sister S Scaffold Farewell, My Sister, Writes Katherine To The Youngest Grey Sister, Mary A Beautiful Dwarf, Disregarded By The Court, Mary Keeps Family Secrets, Especially Her Own, While Avoiding Elizabeth S Suspicious Glare After Seeing Her Sisters Defy Their Queens, Mary Is Acutely Aware Of Her Own Danger But Determined To Command Her Own Life What Will Happen When The Last Tudor Defies Her Ruthless And Unforgiving Queen Elizabeth 4.
5 stars I love Philippa Gregory, she has the ability to take historical people and make them incredibly real The reason this loses half a star is because I struggled a bit with Lady Jane Grey I had the same problem with another book about her earlier this year, Innocent Traitor I absolutely adored Katherine and Mary s stories I think this was the first of her books that had me crying in the end never a good thing when you re on your way to work I am very, very sad to hear that this will be her last book about this era The audible was great Bianca Amato did a brilliant job.