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Download Epub Format ñ The Substitute Groom PDF by µ Joan Johnston Once upon a time I decided I would try to acquire and read all the books in the Hawk s Way series Never happened I recently decided it was time to read the few that I have and pass them on.
This was a pretty sweet story about a man who loved his best friend s girl for a long time and what happened when she suddenly became available It s a fairly simple romance that unfortunately relied pretty heavily on one of my pet peeves, The Secret Mention was made of many family members, some whose stories were told in earlier books and some whose stories are still to be told.
All in all a quick and mostly enjoyable read.
I give up The characters and the story aren t working for me, and I m tired of seeing this book on my coffee table.
I picked this book up because I liked the title Hawks Way The Substitute Groom, I thought it would be a different read than what I have read I was right This is a terrific, well written heart warming story of two families the Whitelaws and the Wrights, 2 ranches next to each other in Texas Jenny, Huck and Colt were threesome friends growing up but Jenny was Huck s girl, so Colt joined the Air Force and Huck soon followed Huck and Jenny were engaged but fate steps in and hands Jenny another blow,one she s not sure how she will deal with There are so many characters in here that you just really like, and that adds to this terrific story There are many reasons to read this book, but the ending leaves you with a smile I am definitely reading of this series.
Wow Love Colt A good read.

4 Stars Colt, Huck and Jenny had been a trio since they were thirteen Colt had always loved Jenny but because his best friend Huck had confided he too loved Jenny, Colt kept his feelings to himself When Huck dies in an Air Force accident, Colt feels guilty for wanting Jenny for himself Convincing Jenny that he s the right groom is another matter, especially when she s keeping a pretty huge secret herself This was a wonderful feel good read with some heart wrenching moments From earlier books we re learnt how much Colt loves Jenny, it was lovely to see him have his HEA.
Pretty good book It seemed kind of short I felt like grief over the first fiance s death was given pretty short shrift Jenny fell in love with Colt pretty quick I did like the way that Colt s character stayed true near the end when he found out Jenny s problem If he had just accepted it right off the bat it would have been unrealistic I liked the subplot with Hope and Jake.
His Marriage Proposal Wasn T Shocking His Motive Was But She Had Her Own SecretAll Of Jennifer Wright S Hopes And Dreams Had Rested On Her Summer Wedding Until A Single Moment Changed Everything Including The Groom Suddenly, Jennifer Agreed To Marry Her Fiance S Best Friend, A Darkly Handsome Texan She Needed And Desperately Wanted Almost Against Her Will But US Air Force Major Colt Whitelaw Had Sacrificed Too Much To Settle For A Marriage Of Convenience, And That Made Hiding Her Passion All The Difficult And Hiding Her Biggest Secret Downright Impossible