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☆ Read Á The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant ß The Daisy Children is the story of Katie, a young woman whose perfect life is spinning out of control When her grandmother s who she barely knew death presents her with an escape route to go to Texas to sort through family secrets When she gets there, she reconnects with her distant cousin and she and Katie could not bedifferent They are left to sort the remainders of their grandmother s life and will learn much about their family along the way This was a good read full of twists and turns This book had so many things going for it I love books about family secrets It s always so interesting to me that some of the most surprising things can be found in your own families I thought the author did a really good job of slowly unfolding what Katie s family was hiding to keep you wanting to find outThe pacing was great I also was very interested in learning about the school explosion in New London, Texas I had heard of the event before but didn t know many details of this terrible tragedy Much of the book focuses on the aftermath of this tragedy and on the replacement children that the families who lost children in the tragedy These replacement children are well aware that they exist in order to fill a void of the children that were lost It s such an interesting position to be in and I really liked how the author explored this.
The writing of the book was good The author does a good job of capturing the personalities of the different characters and really bringing them to life While some of the events in the book were quite sad, this book also had a great sense of hope about it, which made for good reading Thank you so much TLC Book Tours and William Morrow books for providing my free copy of The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant all opinions are my own.
This is a well written, well researched novel inspired by true events The story centers on the New London, Texas school explosion in 1937 that occurred due to an undetected natural gas leak killing around 300 students and teachers The story behind this novel is nothing I have ever read about before so I was reading through this book like a crazy person.
Katie Garrett receives an unexpected inheritance from her grandmother, Margaret, who she hardly knew, so she sets off to rural Texas to meet up with her distant cousin, Scarlett Scarlett and Katie are polar opposites as Scarlett is vivacious and impulsive while Katie isserious and sensible Together they go through their grandmother s possessions, including photographs and letters only to unearth secrets about their shared family history.
The story alternates between past and present connecting four generations of women in such a unique and brilliant way The characters are well developed and the dysfunctional family dynamics are expertly written This is such a tragic and heartbreaking moment in time and I still cannot believe I never knew about it Of course, I had to do a little research and found that after this explosion a malodorous chemical was added called Mercaptan, which acts as a warning and gives that distinctive sulfurous smell And why is this incredible novel called The Daisy Children You ll have to read to find out.
Inspired By True Events, In Sofia Grant S Powerfully Moving New Novel A Young Woman Peels Back The Layers Of Her Family S History, Discovering A Tragedy In The Past That Explains So Much Of The Present This Unforgettable Story Is One Of Hope, Healing, And The Discovery Of TruthSometimes The Untold Stories Of The Past Are The Ones We Need To HearWhen Katie Garrett Gets The Unexpected News That She S Received An Inheritance From The Grandmother She Hardly Knew, It Couldn T Have Come At A Better Time She Flees Boston And Her Increasingly Estranged Husband And Travels To Rural TexasThere, She S Greeted By Her Distant Cousin Scarlett Friendly, Flamboyant, Eternally Optimistic, Scarlett Couldn T Be Different From Sensible Katie And As They Begin The Task Of Sorting Through Their Grandmother S Possessions, They Discover Letters And Photographs That Uncover The Hidden Truths About Their Shared History, And The Long Forgotten Tragedy Of The New London School Explosion OfThat Binds Them In 1937, a gas explosion ripped through a New London, Texas school killing nearly 300 children and their teachers The event devastated the nation and for many families, the loss was immeasurable A group of mothers decided to all get pregnant soon after the tragedy and 9 months later giving birth to the replacement children This story follows one such family and how a single horrific moment in time can send ripple effects lasting for generations This story is based on true events and would make a wonderful read for book clubs.
FABULOUS historical fiction Definitely on my list of best hist fic for the year.
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Set in Texas and based on the true events of the New London School Explosion of 1937, Sofia Grant managed to do what almost no one else has for me recently in fiction introduce a NEW historical event into my reading life.
The Daisy Children alternates between present day and events of the past, tying together 4 generations of women in a heartbreaking and surprising way I absolutely loved it Top recommendation for US historical fiction fans Thought I would enjoy this story but really didn t So, I had to fast flip thru pages after pages until I was done and then I had another reader to give me their view on this story Some of you might like this kind of story I did not The other reader sorta.
Early on in the story, an explosion in Texas killed many people including many children So, the story begins Families that lost their children wanted to start over with replacements And there you go the stories begin.
The Daisy Children is the fictional story of a family affected by a historic disaster, an explosion at a school in 1937 that killed many children and adults The story mainly concerns itself with Margaret spoiled, headstrong, one of the so called Daisy Children who were meant to comfort parents grieving a loss and her estranged grand daughter Katie As Katie travels to Texas for a reading of her grandmother s will, subjected to one disastrous occurrence after another, she has nowhere to turn except her complete opposite, twice removed or something cousin Scarlett Katie quickly sees that her cousin has followed the family tradition of women who make poor choices in men, but is only slowly beginning to recognize issues in her own marriage as she begins to uncover her mother and grandmother s pasts And as the reader experiences both Katie and Margaret s stories, we discover the different ways in which the four generations of women bear the scars of that 1937 disaster There wasthan one moment when I thought to myself she needs Jesus, but this isn t that book These are stubborn, difficult women who, while less so in the case of Katie and Scarlett, challenge the reader to find a way to understand them And while I didn t agree with many of the moral choices they made, the two storylines kept me engaged Though this is the story of generations of damaged women, the story wraps up with a brighter feel and the final chapter left me smiling after wading through all of the misery, poor choices, and missed chances of these women s lives For those who enjoy women s fiction, multi generational stories, dual timelines, family secrets uncovered, and women discovering strength within themselves Includes adult content and language.
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Weaving seamlessly back and forth in time, The Daisy Children by Sofia Grant is a multi generational novel that is based on a real life tragedy.
In 1937, several young lives are tragically taken when a gas leak causes an explosion at their school Several families immediately have replacement children which are referred to as The Daisy Children Caroline and Hugh Pierson are one of the families whose replacement daughter Margaret is quite willful and stubborn which often puts her at odds with her mother As an adult, Georgina s memories of her childhood are dramatically different from Margaret s and her mother is somewhat flabbergasted at some of Georgina s accusations Margaret ends up making an impetuous decision to marry a man who cannot forget his family s loss in the explosion and their union is passionate yet volatile Margaret s relationship with her daughter, Georgina, is deeply troubled which results in a lifelong estrangement after Georgina leaves home Georgina s relationship with her daughter, Katie, is also dysfunctional, but Katie is willing to overlook her mother sannoying traits After Margaret passes away, will her surprise bequests to Katie and Katie s cousin Scarlett repair the long running rift in their family The inheritance comes at a good time for Katie since she at loose ends and could use some time away from home Her trip hits quite a few snags and once she arrives in Texas, this hiatus from Boston proves to be quite the catalyst for future changes Her marriage to her husband, Liam, is not in a good place but it takes distance from her regular life to gain much needed perspective to view her marriage and her husbandclearly.
Katie is surprised by how much she enjoys spending time with Scarlett as they work together to fulfill the stipulations of Margaret s will As she and Scarlett clean out Margaret s home, there are a few surprises awaiting them Letters hint at family secrets and Katie hopes to glean some background information on her mother s relationship with Margaret Katie clearly sees her mother s flaws and their relationship works best with Katie spending minimal time with Georgina.
With real life events serving as the story s backdrop, The Daisy Children is an engaging and interesting novel The women in the Pierson family are not exactly the warm and cuddly types but some of their standoffishness is understandable given their family history With some unexpected twists and turns, Sofia Grant brings this multi layered novel to an uplifting conclusion that will delight readers.

Heading back to Texas after her grandmother died since she was named in the will was the last thing Katie expected to be doing, but it might have been something good since she and Liam were having some problems.
On her way to the airport, she and Liam were mugged and the only thing Katie had was a maxed out credit card, sixteen dollars, and her driver s license that she managed to keep from the mugger He took her phone, her computer, and all of her clothes.
Other obstacles were waiting for Katie when she arrived in Texas Her mother as usual wasn t there to help, but her cousin Scarlett picked her up in a monster truck, took her to grandmother Margaret s home, and left her to the memories in the house until Scarlett could come back the next day.
The Daisy Children takes us back and forth from the time of the explosion in 1937 of a school in New London that killed at least three hundred children and subsequently caused the birth nine months later of siblings of the children killed in the explosion to present day family members and situations Sofia Grant has written a captivating tale that takes us to Texas as we follow Margaret s granddaughters, Katie and Scarlett, as they find family secrets while cleaning out her home As Katie and Scarlett search through things in their grandmother s house, secrets come out about many things that were unknown.
The Daisy Children has an interesting story line based on this true event accompanied by Ms Grant s beautiful writing and marvelous descriptions that take you inside the story with the characters and allow the reader to perfectly visualize everything Ms Grant s beautiful writing style quickly pulls you into the book s story line and historical telling of the 1937 event.
The characters are genuine and true to their era and add a wonderful dimension to the book Most of the characters are likable.
The Daisy Children is a lovely, heartwarming saga revealing family secrets through letters and photographs with the story being wrapped around this little known historical event Women s fiction fans will adore this book and will want to recommend it to everyone who loves family drama, family history, and family secrets.
The ending was terrific, and I didn t want the book to end 5 5This book was given to me as an ARC All opinions are my own.
Before I get into my review of the book, I want to talk a little about the true event mentioned in the blurb, as it is a subject I ve previously read about and was amazed that few people are aware of it today On March 18, 1937, the deadliest school disaster in American history happened at New London, Texas, when an explosion ripped through the school and killed an estimated 296 students and teachers Others ultimately wouldn t survive the injuries they received that day, bringing the death toll to 311.
The cause of the explosion was a natural gas leak undetected due to its invisible, odorless nature that ignited when an unsuspecting teacher flipped a switch to turn on a sander It was this deadly explosion that moved the Texas legislature to mandate the addition of a malodorant, Mercaptan, to natural gas its unmistakable scent warns of a gas leak I shudder to think how manyfatal gas explosions might have happened, were it not for the practice of adding a smelly scent, and it astonishes me that so few people are aware of the reason why it s added, because it s important to know that it happened because of the terrible loss of lives of the New London school 81 years ago.
Okay, that s the end of the history lesson Let s talk about the book, shall we Obviously, the history behind the setting of this story is what first intrigued me about this book I wanted to see how the stories of the characters in the present day cousins Katie and Scarlett would come together with the story set in the past, having to do with their grandmother, Margaret Not to mention, I wanted to find out if the title, The Daisy Children, had any sort of relevance to the story, or if it was just a nice title Without going into any details, the title did prove to have relevance to the story, which I loved I d be hard pressed to pick which timeline past or present I liked best Both were enthralling in their own way, and each had events happening that I loved reading about It was particularly interesting how the after effects of that long ago disaster were felt by future generations of the family whether they realized it or not.
Grant s writing is superb throughout, weaving together a engrossing story with a foundation the New London school explosion that I ve never before seen used in such a fascinating way.
I think this book will be of particular interest to readers who love historical fiction with a foundation based on actual events and I have a feeling it will inspire readers to look into the tragedy of the New London school explosion.
I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of William Morrow Paperbacks via Edelweiss.