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[Meg Little Reilly] ↠´ Everything That Follows [dyscalculia PDF] Read Online Ä Redemption , Escaping a Haunted Past, or a Tragedy just off the shores of Martha s Vineyard.
A group of friends looking to celebrate wind up being questioned for the death of a friend.
The weather was stormy, the darkness set in, the body seemed to simply sunk deeper to the point of no return There has to be some sort of evidence you would think right Well, yes but will it ever be uncovered is the better question Keep in mind Hunter was not originally part of the group Also worth noting is that Sean has a child so he has to watch himself Sean s been in a relationship with Kat forthan 5 yrs after she came into town and became friends with his mother Orla s apprentice glass blower.
Of course first on my list is wth is she thinking having a romance with the operator of the boat Hunter whose the rich kid senator s son trying to keep a low profile to not upset the father s reputation for election Kyle s autopsy states killed by drowning but could there have beenas he was known as an experimenter with drugs.
Everyone seems to be buttoned up tight and is not quite as open and honest as perhaps one would think.
Will the truth eventually win out This was a great read by Meg Little Reilly.
The mood has been set, the characters are in place, and this book will show that the moral compass is leaning but to what side is something for you to decide.
Thank you to Meg, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC copy in exchange for this honest review.
3 stars BlogShe had done nothing, which was a choice in itselfEverything That Follows was a nice and quick read The premise of the story a party resulting in a death that even the witnesses don t know whodunit engaged me from the start Note For some reason I went into this thinking it was a thriller, when really it wasof contemporary, and I have since adjusted my rating accordingly.
While the beginning captured my interest, the rest was a little less engaging Nonetheless, it held my attention enough for me to journey with the characters to the very end through their ups and downs, internal and external conflicts and their dealings with the morality of what they witnessed or even, what they might have done themselves My favourite part of the book has to be its cast of characters We mainly follow Kat look, it s me and her friend Hunter I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and seeing their relationships grow One thing that I found the author did a good job of with the characters was capturing their emotions Especially panic Panic, panic, and panic for everyone I m glad the storyline, especially with the friendships, went down the path it did and it s certainly one part that kept me in the novel the whole time With that being said, I did have some issues with the book Namely, the writing There was something off about it, that made it a clunky read at times There were also second person perspective changes that were sudden and unexpected Thankfully, there weren t too many of those, but when they were present, they were indeed noticeable In addition, the ending seemed too perfect, for lack of a better word While I did enjoy it, I thought I should point that out for those who don t particularly like books like that.
Ultimately, I would recommend this novel for those who are interested in character driven novels with characters who are struggling in a morally gray world If you re looking for a thriller suspense of sorts, another book might be a better choice Received an ARC via Goodreads Giveaway Quotes are subject to change in the final copy.
CAUGHT IN THE BACKWASH, THEY HAVE LOST CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES For Fans Of Megan Abbott And Chris Bohjalian Comes A Novel Of Moral Complexity About Friends Who Must Choose Between Self Preservation And Doing The Right Thing In The Wake Of A Fatal Boating Accident Set In The Moody Off Season Of Martha S Vineyard, Everything That Follows Is A Plunge Into The Dark Waters Of Secrets And Flexible Morals The Truth Becomes Whatever We Say It Is Around Midnight, Three Friends Take Their Partying From Bar To Boat On A Misty Fall Evening Just As The Weather Deteriorates, One Of Them Suddenly And Confusingly Goes Overboard Is It An Accident The Result Of An Unwanted Advance His Body Disappears Quickly, Silently, Into The Dark Water The Circumstances Are Murky, But What Is Clear Is That The Other Two Need To Notify The Authorities Minutes Become Hours Become Days As They Hesitate, Caught Up In Their Guilt And Hope That Their Friend Has Somehow Made It Safely To Shore As Valuable Time Passes, They Find Themselves Deep In A Moral Morass With Huge Implications As They Struggle To Move Forward And Live With Their Dark Secret I received this book from Harper Collins Canada for an honest review This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it Die hard thriller suspense fans might find this book a little tame for them but it kept my interest throughout Three people go out on a boat at night and only two come back Did the third person make it to shore on their own That is what Kat and Hunter hope for There are various reasons why they don t go immediately to the police for help and once that decision is made their lives are never the same The characters in this book are all flawed and this affects their morality or lack thereof I love character driven novels and these characters had so much dysfunction and ambivalence to right and wrong that I really had to see how this story would end There were so many different choices and paths they could have taken at various times throughout the book I kept second guessing them thinking don t do that practically from the first page The ending was a bit simplistic but it still worked for me I think this book would be great for book clubs as there are a lot of discussion points Overall a great read for me.
RATING 2 STARS I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY Review Not on Blog I finished this bookone star The characters felt real enough that I disliked a fewone star.
There were so many moments I was like what Like when someone who is drunk and just tried to make the moves on me goes accidentally overboard, my first instinct would be to cover it up, not Well, that is what Girl sorry I already forgot her name does She then let s another guy her boyfriend s bff who was also there drunk and passed out until after the action talk her into not reporting it, bribe her with his father s political money to keep quiet Then some random girl, whose name may be Ashley, becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the dead guy Oh wait, she for some reason gets a job and now doesn t care The Girl tells her boyfriend because he thinks she is having an affair with his best friend Now boyfriend is struggling with inner turmoil knowing how a man died but can t tell the police If this intrigues you, you may like the book, some people enjoyed it I just was too annoyed with people in this book as their motivation wasn t even strong.
After a night of celebration, three friends go out on a boat in Martha s Vineyard But only two return Kyle has gone overboard and Kat and Hunter cannot rescue him in the blinding storm.
But, instead of reporting the accident the two return to land telling themselves that Kyle will be able to swim to shore They don t really believe that, but Hunter Briggs, son of US Senator Briggs, cannot risk harming his Dad s chance at reelection with another scandal, and he is only 4 months removed from a stint at Rehab Can they really just go on as if nothing as happened when his body is discovered on a nearby beach When others are getting close to discovering what they did or didn t do that night Could you live with that secret I had not read anything by Meg Little Reilly before but she has a way of setting the scene which had me picturing the blinding rain, and hearing the boats slapping against the docks You may think that you have read a similar story beforeprivileged son, getting away with a crime.
yet, this story felt fresh The characters seemed real The emotions raw.
Would the police ever ask who Kyle left the bar with that night Did anyone see them You can find out on May 1, 2018 when this title is released I would like to thank Netgalley, the publisher and author for the ARC that was provided to me in exchange for my candid review Fascinating premise How would your life change if you were keeping an unbearable secret Two friends wrestle with this question and their sanity in an off season Martha s Vineyard.
As in her debut We Are Unprepared, Reilly paints a realistic picture of encroaching environmental disaster as natural forces mimic human actions.

This is a case of what would you do Or shoulda, woulda, coulda Three people go out on a boat after drinking on a stormy nigt What could go wrong Well needless to say only 2 come back They decide to keep things to themselves and then low and behold their lives begin to unravel.
5 stars rounding to 4.
I m having a hard time putting this really in a thriller category I think psychological suspense may work for this but for some reason I keep leaningtowards the contemporary side One fatal accident and the decision to not call the authorities lead to disruptions in their relationships, work lives and within themselves.
This is a moderately paced book and the author does a fantastic job putting you into Kat s mind and she struggles with her conscious throughout Kat and Hunter saw Kyle fall over the edge of the boat during a stormy night and did nothing Sean, Kat s boyfriend, suspects something is going on with Kat and Hunter after all there is a certain intimacy in sharing such a large secret But not everything is as it seems Keeping secrets, however, has a way of manifesting into every aspect of your life Is there any way to get past this feeling Paranoia sets in and now everyone is the enemy I really did enjoy the atmosphere of this book I struggled with Kat and Hunter throughout their process What I didn t quite understand was Ashley I did enjoy her role in the book but felt towards the end it all was just a bit too easy If you ve read the book then I think you ll know what I mean A character driven novel that focuses on the mental gymnastics that one tends to do when one lie piles on top of another Suitable for those looking for a lighter thriller Two roads diverged which path would you take Thank you to Mira for this copy in return for my honest opinion read this review on Julie s bookshelfAfter celebrating her biggest sale yet as a glassblower, Kat sets sail with two acquaintances to continue the celebratory night aboard the Martha s Vineyard waters As a storm set in, one of the sailors is sent overboard following a tussle The remaining two make their return to land while struggling with the decision to report what had just occurred out on those dark waters Ultimately, they decide to keep the secret amongst themselves to avoid any potential speculation that their involvement wascriminal than accidental The mental strain of such a large secret will alter their lives forever.
Everything That Follows was an easy read but it had a hard time completely hooking me in I also had a difficult time categorizing this as a thriller I would consider this in the contemporary genre due to this novel lacking true thrills and suspense Meg Little Reilly has written a character driven novel I really enjoyed being in Kat s head and enjoyed the characterization of her character and that of Hunter s Ashley, who is portrayed as a bit of a villain who is slighting unattached from reality, was a character I believe was set out not to be as likable, and for this reader, that was achieved.
Some of the events that occur throughout this novel were a bit implausible making it difficult for me to fully get into the story Its moderate pace could have picked up a bit if some information, such as the details on glass blowing, were left out I also found the last quarter of this novel to be a bit deflated, but still oddly satisfying My largest grumble was that it seemed far too easy for this story to end this way You ll get what I m trying to say here when you reach the back cover Likewise, I was left wondering what the heck happened to our pal Ashley How did this character just bow out and ceased her obsession to find the truth behind what happened to Kyle Ashley wasn t painted to be the type of person to just drop it and move on so this lacked believability for me and seemed like a cheap way out I believe this would be a great read for book clubs and would also suggest this to readers who enjoycontemporary dramas over true thrillers This definitely had a summer feel and would be a fun beach read This is my first book by Meg Little Reilly and I would be interested in trying a future title of her in the future Many thanks to Meg Little Reilly and Mira books for a free advanced readers copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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