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5 This final 4th book in the Saga of the Redeemed ties everything up, as the final plans of all of the Reldamars come to fruition Thankfully not as dark as the last book, but in the midst of war we get to see Tyvian, Artus, Myreon, and Hool once again as they follow their own paths I loved Tyvian s path with his iron ring, and was happy that we got to see of Lyrelle in this one too I wish the end didn t feel so sudden, but I read it twice and feel satisfied Overall, this series was great and I highly recommend it Very sorry to see this endThis author has definitely gained a loyal readerI m looking forward to the next series This was a blast from the start

A truly awful pun in the chapter headings aside, a fitting end to Tyvian s story and a lot of fun A wonderful tale, which according to the afterward, is the end of this series THAT makes me sad I hope another story brings him back to these wonderful characters.
I ve been reading this series since first joining up with the Harper Voyager Super Reader program free books for honest reviews Yes please , and have enjoyed the entire ride While things tend to run a little slow on occasion, it s by no means a bad thing Habershaw than makes up for it in the next scene Fans of fantasy with a rogue as the protagonist see Mark Lawrence s Prince Jalan in the Red Queen s War trilogy will definitely enjoy the antics throughout these books As an added bonus, you have a large cast of secondary characters that as often as not steal the main stage for themselves Overall I d give the series a very, very solid 4 stars, not the best in the game but definitely worthy of a read.
Auston Habershaw S Epic Fantasy Series, The Saga Of The Redeemed, Which Began With The Oldest Trick , Comes To A Powerful Conclusion In The Far Far Better ThingWar Has Come To EretheriaWith Tyvian Reldamar Feigning His Death, The Forces That Still Carry His Banner Are Left To Fight A Vicious Battle Against The Warlord Banric Sahand And The Noble Houses That Flock To His SideLed By Myreon And Artus, This Band Of Freedom Fighters And Angry Rebels Is Faced With An Enemy The Likes Of Which They Ve Never Faced Before One Who Will Do Anything, No Matter How Brutal, To Secure VictoryHaving Had His Fill Of Death, Tyvian Tries To Run Away From The War Fought In His Name, But It Just Isn T That Simple With His Mother Held Prisoner, Artus And Myreon In Grave Danger, And Xahlven Pulling The Strings In The Background, The Ring Drags Tyvian To Return And Set Things RightBut How Can One Man Fix A World This Broken And What Will Be Left Behind When The Smoke Clears No One Can Say For SureLeast Of All Tyvian