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[Pete Holmes] ð Comedy Sex God [modern-classics PDF] Read Online á I don t have favorite anythings, but this is my favorite book written by my favorite comedian Such a lovely, infectious person with an equally beautiful family Coming from a fallen Christian background and having searched for the what is this, knowing there was somethingwe weren t being taught, i was so thankful to find another not so crunchy and tbh atrustworthy because of that person and a very public person at that spreading the real truth that we are all the god thing that people have been fighting about for a millennia It s in us and around us and we need to just stop what we are doing and soak it in As with everything, I read this at the perfect time And it has been a transformative read, which i recommend to literally every single person I know This is a very good book We don t agree about the way he sees God, but I identified with many of his experiences about spiritual development and development as an individual Like, down to song lyrics It s also the closest I ve ever come to thinking I should try psychedelic drugs But my mom might read this review, so DON T WORRY I decided against it.
Part Autobiography, Part Philosophical Inquiry, And Part Spiritual Quest, Comedy Sex God Is A Hilarious, Profound, And Enlightening Romp Around The Fertile Mind Of Stand Up Stand Out, Podcast King, And HBO Superstar Pete HolmesPete Holmes Is A Sold Out Every Night Stand Up Comedian With Two HBO Specials And The Host Of The Hugely Successful Podcast You Made It Weird, And He Was The Creator Star Of The Hit HBO Show Crashing But It Wasn T Always Roses For Pete Growing Up, Pete Was Raised An Evangelical Christian, But His Religion Taught Him That Being Bad Smoking, Drinking, Having Doubts Or Premarital Sex Would Get Him Sent To An Eternity In Hell So, Terrified Of The God He Loved, Pete Devoted His Life To Being Good, Even Marrying His First Girlfriend At The Age Of Twenty Two Only To Discover A Few Years Later He Was Being Cheated On Thanks For Nothing, GodPete S Failed Attempt At A Picture Perfect Life Forced Him To Reexamine His Beliefs, But Neither Atheism, Nor Christianity, Nor Copious Bottles Of Yellow Tail Led Him To Enlightenment Pete Longed For A Model Of Faith That Served Him And His Newfound Uncertainties About The Universe, So He Embarked On A Soul Seeking Journey That Continues To This Day Through Encounters With Mind Altering Substances, Honing His Craft In Front Of Thousands Of His Comedy Fans, And Spending Time With Savants Like Ram Dass, Pete Forged A New Life Both Spiritually And PersonallyBeautifully Written And Often Completely Hilarious Imagine Dass S Be Here Now If Penned By One Of The Funniest People Alive Comedy Sex God Reveals A Man At The Top Of His Game And A Seeker In Search Of The Deeper Meanings Of Life, Love, And Comedy There is something deeply strange about the sensation of starting a book and having the experience of oh my, I identify with that feeling and remember when life was like that Then you proceed and eventually have the experience of oh my, that is exactly how my life feels right now Then you look down and realize you aren t quite finished with the book, and as you proceed you cannot help but feel like the author is a strange county fair fortune teller predicting your future You re not quite sure how accurate they are, but it certainly has the ring of truth and possibility about it I don t think Holmes is prescribing a story ending for other young men like he was and I am People who feel like they ve escaped the damaging influence of evangelical Christian masculinity, but are still thankful for some of the lessons it taught us I m not sure what to do next, but Holmes does the loving thing of explaining what s worked for him, and giving you permission to try what works for you, knowing all the while that Pete will still love you.
Pete Holmes is a gift.
WOW, can I relate to Pete Holmes Right down to the Christian fundamentalist upbringing, youth group, private college, etc And a whole ton of messed up body shame with sex I also relate to findingChristlike peace outside of religion than in Rob Bell, Richard Rohr, sans Ram Das, check, check I m not quite aligned with Pete as regards psychedelics, but hey there s time I guess.
This was a super easy read that was also incredibly deep Perhaps it s because Pete Holmes and I had such similar upbringings for our formative years, but I don t know that I ve ever found something so relevant Pete Holmes is basically a braver version of me.
It has encouraged me to continue further reading about spirituality and the nature of the Divine, and I don t know that a lot of comedians books can say that Did Leading With My Chin do that No In any event, I loved it.

Couldn t put it down I love Pete s podcasts for the humor but also for the deep, meaningful conversations he brings every episode This book was no different Loved every second of it.
Pete Holmes has been one of favorite podcasters for awhile, and a favorite guest on other podcasts So I was excited to see him publish a book While not much of this is new to anyone who has listened to pete regularly, it s a fun and funny summary of his upbringing in the church, marriage and divorce, deconstruction and finding peace with his spirituality Fun to listen to on audiobook as he narrates it himself But not with kids around read full review here journey to Comedy Sex God began with Rob Bell, which is fitting because he s the author of Sex God.
Similar themes, but less funny.
Rob is the former pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI not to be confused with Mars Hill Church in Seattle I used to religiously download his weekly sermons, and was feeling a Bell shaped void after he decided to take off for Los Angeles to pursue other ventures.
It was 2013 and were planning a trip to Ottawa at the time, so I did a search for Rob Bell in my podcast app to help keep me entertained on the long drive I came across his name listed beside this funny little logo and was interested to see how the author of Love Wins could make it even weirder As it turned out, that book was the impetus for this podcast host to reach out to Rob, and I quickly learned that I actually had a lot in common with Pete Holmes.
Our stories aren t quite the same my wife didn t leave me for a small Italian man, thank God , but I weave in and out of phases of deconstruction and reconstruction as a result of life circumstances, having my eyes opened to new ways of thinking while shelving old, harmful beliefs about faith and God s role in the world in which we live.
I can t say I ve gone so far as to have my mind opened by psychedelics, and likely never will Pete s deep dive into Ram Dass is kind of where our paths veer most obviously I m interested in him and will check out his teachings, but I won t be humping on a plane to Hawaii anytime soon At the same time, I ve kind of found a guru in absentia in Richard Rohr another previous YMIW guest and a fave of Pete s and often think about planning a retreat to New Mexico to meet him.
That s kind of the point of Comedy Sex God, really We re all on different paths, but we all come from the same Oneness, and thein tune we become with it and each other, the better off we all will be.
Pete referenced Bell in this book, and I know he has a relationship with others I admire, namely The Liturgists, David Bazan, and Rohr himself Again, different streams, but all flowing from the same grand river.
The sections on meditation and breathing and Awareness were particularly meaningful for me, and I know these are practices I need incorporate into my life Thanks for another kick in the ass, Pete.
I should add Pete is a really great writer, and both his comedy and his warmth come off the pages in droves This book is hilarious, and I laughed out loud on several occasions it s also deeply moving, and I teared upthan once.
It will come as no surprise that I can t recommend this book highly enough I hope you all read it, love it, and come to admire Pete as much as I do.