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[Chloe Seager] ñ Editing Emma [firefighters PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ Don T Miss The Laugh Out Loud Novel Of The Year Online, You Can Choose Who You Want To Be If Only Real Life Were So Easy Emma Nash May Be Down, But After Months Of Wallowing, Stalking Her Ex Online And Avoiding Showering Because, Really, Who S Going To Care Emma S Ready To Own Her Newly Single Status, Get Out With Her Friends And Chronicle Her Dating Adventures On Her Private BlogBut Life Online Doesn T Always Run Smoothly Stumbling Upon Her Mother S Tinder Dating Profile, Getting Catfished And Accidentally Telling The Entire World Why Her Ex Boyfriend Leon S Not Worth Any Girl S Um Time Okay, Those Were DisastersBut Surely Nothing Else Can Go Wrong Filled With Fun, Flirty Encounters And Heartwarming Friendships, Dating Disasters Of Emma Nash Will Shock And Delight Scores Of Readers Looking For Something Fresh Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Rating 4.
5 starsI picked up this book at the perfect time, while I was going through a period of self realisation You can read about it in my mid year review Why perfect Because this book is all about Emma and her own self discovery Yes, there s a lot going on in it to do with boys and school and so on, but those aren t the point Editing Emma is about Emma growing up a bit And despite an age gap of almost 10 years yikes , I ve also been growing up, becomingof the adult that I should probably be already.
A belated disclaimer, but I ve actually met Chloe, the author Our first meeting was also when I was first told about the book, when she admitted to being nervous about the comparison of Editing Emma with Louise Rennison s Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series I was also hesitant to believe it I can remember being obsessed with those books when I was younger, and the bar was set really high But she shouldn t have worried because Editing Emma is hilarious Instead of a diary which is what Georgia kept , Emma keeps a private blog, which she updates throughout the day with whatever is going on Just the first chapter heading had me laughing out loud, so I knew I was onto a winner.
There are very clear parallels between Georgia and Emma in the beginningIn addition to a lot of laughs, there were plenty of damn straight and hell yeah moments Emma has mini rants about how guys get grossed out by periods, with this funny because it s true line thrown in If guys bled out of their penises for a week of every month, you can bet we d hearabout it.
I envied how open she was with her friends about periods and masturbation and so on Emma loved to love herself I didn t have that level of honesty in my friendships as a teen, and I think it s rare even now Wouldn t it be nice if society could just accept that girls have needs, too Given that we were introduced to all the other characters through whatever Emma wrote on her blog, they were surprisingly real I could actually imagine them and relate them to people I knew in my own experiences I liked how different each of her friends were, and how the guys were portrayed as normal guys, not villains Everyone in the book was flawed and made mistakes, but they were relatable and understandable mistakes I ve already come up with book titles for Emma s friends if Chloe ever wants to write books about them Except Steph Steph seemed pretty mature.
Overall, Editing Emma was a very satisfying read that made me laugh and evaluate my own life at the same time I feel like every book should aspire to make you think about your own life And as an added bonus, you can read the book wondering which of the hilariously awkward bits are inspired by real life events, because I ve been told that there are quite a few See this review in its natural environment, Dani Reviews Things.
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How long are you supposed to wait for a kiss to happen, before leaving Then his head whacked me in the face It was nice, I think.
I want to say I have no idea why Dating Disasters of Emma Nash Editing Emma in the UK has such a low average rating on Goodreads, but if I m being honest, I think I do I mean, Emma is ridiculous She chases around after, and obsesses over, this boy who seems like a prick She makes all kinds of terrible decisions, and mopes for far longer than anyone should ever be allowed to mope for But she completely reminds me of myself as a teenager Oops.
Tatiana got it right when she compared this book to Louise Rennison s Georgia Nicholson series It s got all of the same silliness, humour, and what are you doing moments that I loved about that Plus, there s themodern aspects like social media, blogging and Internet stalking.
I found the author s decision to allow Emma to break down, not shower, mope, and obsess to be realistic, honestly I didn t get the sense that we were supposed to think Emma s behavior was good the U.
S title actually has the word disasters in it And Emma s dating disasters were funny, cringey and very entertaining Also, I just don t think feminism requires women to be strong and smart all the time I m certainly not I find it so muchreal and refreshing to see girls going through heartaches and making stupid mistakes, but then growing and learning from them Admittedly, Emma still has a long way to go, but I know there is at least one other book so I have faith in her Plus, I decided not to open with this quote lol but I LOVE that this book is so cool about girls masturbating It s great AND makes for some hilarious moments Right Time to start on my resolutions Or I could always go to my room and masturbate all afternoon It does seem infinitelyappealing Six orgasms in half an hour That s one every five minutes If you look at my daily activity based on masturbation alone, I m actually an incredibly productive person.
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5 This was super fun.
12 22 2018What does it say about me that I have to reread a book I read in May of 2018 because I can t remember enough details to understand its sequel original reviewIf you like Louise Rennison RIP and occasionally enjoy a silly romp about teen girls obsessing about boys and acting dumb as much as I do how else would I relive the sweet memories of me crying in a school bathroom over some pimply boy , this book is not a bad choice The humor is not as strong as Rennison s it doesn t land quite the same punch, but a lot of the same elements are here girl friendships, clueless dating, conflicts with ridiculous mom Seager s novel isexplicit and frank about sex too, which is a good thing I think I d totally readof these.