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5 stars.
This was so, so good I meanwow A larger heroine who was into fashion YES An Irish hero YES Dionne, the heroine, had an interesting backstory wherein she wanted to fix all the mistakes she d made pushing people away throughout her life On one part of this plan, she met Adam, the hero Man, I loved Adam Where Dionne was theskittish one, Adam was all in in terms of their relationship Their chemistry was definitely obvious, plus there was quite a lot of steam all throughout the novella I got this as a freebie for signing up to the author s mailing list, and now I cannot wait to readof her work.
SOFT SOFT SOFT Redemption Ain T All It S Cracked Up To Be The Minute Foul Mouthed Irishman Adam McLoughlin Sees Dionne Pryce, He Knows That He S A Goner The Ex Glamour Model Has Curves For Days And An Attitude To Match, And Her Ridiculous Stilettos Do Funny Things To His Insides He Makes It His Mission To Have HerBut Dionne Isn T Interested In Being Had She S Spent Her Whole Life Running From Love, And Now She S Busy Cleaning Up The Messes Left In Her Wake In Fact, She Has A Mission Of Her Own Operation Atonement And Even The Fiercely Sexy Adam Can T Distract HerOr Can He Nice, quick readI love that this book features a strong confident plus size heroine I wish the author delvedinto Adam s family and past What makes romance novels unique is that there are usually two main characters Not a lead, and a supporting character because love stories should be a partnership I would love to read a book by this author that thoroughly fleshes out both of the main characters Also, the plot twist secret scandal was fairly anticlimactic All in all, a nice quick read 3.
5 stars I got this as a freebie when i signed up for the newsletter It was thouroughly enjoyabke and i finished it immediately On the other hand, now it s been a week or three and i could not, for the life of me, remember what this had been about Reading other reviews that lay out the plot, it is coming back to me slowly, but i guess the important thing has been said I liked it, i m recalling it now and the plot was fine, the book was better characters A but it was, apparently, not that memorable to me.
I am still really grateful i got to read this and i do really love Talia s writing and all her diversity I guess it was probably a 3.
5 star read rounded up, but due to the time passing maybe i d round it down now.
Stop what you re doing and subscribe to Talia Hibbert s newsletter right now Not only will her opening lines bring you an incredible amount of joy they range from Salutations, my melty marshmallow to Hello, my precious pigeon , but you ll also receive a free short story and this delightful novella Operation Atonement introduces readers to Dionne Pryce, a woman whose perfectly put together appearance masks the fact that she s slowly but surely rebuilding her life In her quest to make amends and reconnect with an old school friend, she meets Adam McLoughlin, an Irishman who tempts her to break her no relationships rule This story is at turns steamy and sweet, and features a heroine with an enviable wardrobe who is learning to let her guard down I just started reading Hibbert s work earlier this year, and this taste of her work was the perfect reminder I needed to continue reading my way through her backlist Kelly excerpted from Bookish s Staff Reads PlotOperation Atonement is a short free novella that people get from Talia Hibbert s VIP mailing list This story is all about a girl looking for redemption for a life she lived and a guy who wants to give her the world It s very short and simple I enjoyed how easy it was to read but how it also still has a depth to it It was a love at first sight in the book but it wasn t bad because it was a short plot so it can t exactly be a slow burn It was cute and you re probably wondering why I gave it four stars instead of five like usual It s because for me it was too short lol so I couldn t fall in love with Adam and Dionne s story like I wanted to But, the story was so fun and simple I will 100% read it on days that I am looking for something light and fluffy CharactersAdam is a tough Irishman who will do anything for the people he loves, including pretending to be gay for his best friend at a class reunion He immediately falls for Dionne and her sharp features and quick wit Dionne is a curvy black girl with an infectious attitude who is trying to rebuild her life from the mistakes she has made She has some lust for Adam and wants to get to know him but doing that will get in the way of her Operation Atonement I think my favorite thing about these characters is that when they fought Dionne was the one to apologize I liked that because she was the one to hurt him RomanceSoft, sexy, sweet That is the perfect way to describe Adam and Dionne They had such soft moments and when they had some heart to heart, I melted They also had some sexy times that made me weak And lastly, those sweet nothings had me swooning They cared about each other and they loved each other It was fast but my heart beat faster Favorite QuotesOhh, this one was f trouble And he would have her How far up does it go She raised a brow Wouldn t you like to know Yeah, he said I really f would You re something else, sweetheart I don t understand what you do to me, but I like it I want to stick around and let you do it again and again Leaning down, he whispered his truth into her ear If we do this nowyou re mine Tell me you understand Or I could get on my knees and worship you.
this was the last book of Talia s i had to devour and it was a quick delightful read Dionne, the heroine, was divine, i adored her No surprise there because i love all of Talia s heroines I gotta say tho I do wish Dionne was on the cover because this is very much her story and Adam, while I love that dude seriously was really a part of her journey of atonement This book was so engaging Talia really crafts such multi dimensional characters and her female characters are always so amazing I would so love to be friends with Dionne and her crew Also whew Dionne and Adam were so steamy together And one thing we can always be assured of with Talia s heroes is that they are always in awe of the heroines And they are catching all the feels and i love that So now I wait to see what Talia puts out next because whatever it is imma be reading it

Es instalove pero en este caso no me molest Me encant que fuera Adam el que quer a tener una relaci n seria mientras que Dionne solo quer a sexo.
Me hizo acordar a Until I m yours de Kennedy Ryan porque a las dos protagonistas las juzgan por su trabajo y las tildan de putas y los h roes son re understanding, compa eros, las respetan y cuidan un mont n Y las defienden pero sin caer en eso de ser machitos violentos Una novella corta y entretenida.
5 stars, rounding upTalia Hibbert is taking romance twitter by storm, and I m getting caught up on her backlist since she is writing so much right now The first book of hers I read wasn t entirely my cup of tea but it wasn t because of the writing, and I was pleased that this one held up Short, sexy story about a woman who is looking for redemption from people she hurt or pushed away over the years hence the title Dionne has estranged herself from people as a defense mechanism because she s been judged by her choice of career she s a plus size model, basically but has done nudity I feel like I might have missed what exactly she does There are references to sex work Adam is a sports agent and they meet through their mutual friend, Eli, at Dionne and Eli s school reunion.
This is reallyof a novella length, so it didn t really explore Adam s background and family too much nor was there much resolution with one his brothers who was a jerk to Dionne and I wish the story had gone intodepth about Dionne s past relationships familial, platonic, and romantic in nature for which she was seeking forgiveness But I m giving it a higher rating than I probably would have otherwise because I really liked the heroine a lot I suspect this isn t Hibbert s best, but she s got a lot of talent.