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[Robin Sharma] É The 5 AM Club [israel PDF] Ebook Epub Download ó Instead of writing a short, succinct book explaining his theories and methods accompanied by true anecdotal supporting evidence and which could have been used as a handy reference guide, the author has chosen to mire this information in a fictional account that is both poorly written and just plain annoying Take for example this line of dialogue That groovy cat was a pretty gnarly dude This is the tone of the dialogue throughout phoney forced jive talk If I d had to read oneanyhoo I might have pitched the book across the room As it is I skimmed the last couple of chapters, it was all too much One thing I did learn I won t be getting up at 5am any time soon.
Disappointed I was expecting a straightforward book with clear advice Instead, I got a book with boring characters.
Not recommended.
Legendary Leadership And Elite Performance Expert Robin Sharma Introduced The Am Club Concept Over Twenty Years Ago, Based On A Revolutionary Morning Routine That Has Helped His Clients Maximize Their Productivity, Activate Their Best Health And Bulletproof Their Serenity In This Age Of Overwhelming Complexity Now, In This Life Changing Book, Handcrafted By The Author Over A Rigorous Four Year Period, You Will Discover The Early Rising Habit That Has Helped So Many Accomplish Epic Results While Upgrading Their Happiness, Helpfulness And Feelings Of Aliveness Through An Enchanting And Often Amusing Story About Two Struggling Strangers Who Meet An Eccentric Tycoon Who Becomes Their Secret Mentor, The Am Club Will Walk You Through How Great Geniuses, Business Titans And The World S Wisest People Start Their Mornings To Produce Astonishing AchievementsA Little Known Formula You Can Use Instantly To Wake Up Early Feeling Inspired, Focused And Flooded With A Fiery Drive To Get The Most Out Of Each DayA Step By Step Method To Protect The Quietest Hours Of Daybreak So You Have Time For Exercise, Self Renewal And Personal GrowthA Neuroscience Based Practice Proven To Help Make It Easy To Rise While Most People Are Sleeping, Giving You Precious Time For Yourself To Think, Express Your Creativity And Begin The Day Peacefully Instead Of Being Rushed Insider Only Tactics To Defend Your Gifts, Talents And Dreams Against Digital Distraction And Trivial Diversions So You Enjoy Fortune, Influence And A Magnificent Impact On The WorldPart Manifesto For Mastery, Part Playbook For Genius Grade Productivity And Part Companion For A Life Lived Beautifully, The Am Club Is A Work That Will Transform Your Life Forever Unnecessary and boring prose with a story so outlandish it makes it hard to read Would have been much easier and engaging if it were written as a good old fashioned non fiction self help psychology book.
This is the worst book I have ever read.
I finished this book and I can honestly say that this wins the worst book award of the decade For some who states that it took 4 rigorous years to create this manuscript, I would be embarrassed.
You want to know the takeaways without reading a terrible story.
Well here it isWake up at 5am20 20 20 Formula is about breaking that golden hour into 20 minute blocks20 intense workout20 meditation reflection20 grow as In learning from books, et cetera I ll tell you this, wake up at 5am and workout intensely and watch how much damage you will do to yourself There is not hint of stretching or drinking a glass of water before working out, nothing This is erroneous and just a ploy for money off of his title as a New York Times BestsellerPlease do not purchase and move on to something with great reviews I admire the writer for attempting a new concept of sharing motivation idea in a fiction way to get readers interested in it The author has shared a beautiful concept to develop inner power to get external achievements It also shares how should we develop our inner power by following daily rituals 5 AM club doesn t only share the benefits of waking up early but it shares how powerful it impacts on our rest day activities The book helps to develop the habit of rising early and also shares what we should do after waking up The writer has focused on the importance of phycology, emotions, physical strength and spirituality He has shared the method of developing it and use it to achieve all our desires.
The concept is beautiful the writer could have avoided fiction story or could have given less focus on it Many times content deviated from its core point There were places where the writer got into over detailing which lost the main point of motivation It also seems the material could be reduced if the writer could balance the main topic and story I feel one should read the book at least once If the reader find book heavy, they can avoid starting chapters and jump to later chapters to get the core idea of the book.
I will give 4 out 5 stars to Robin Sharma s 5 A.
M Club.
Detailed Review Link You must have read many self help books I have too, but I always prefer biographies to self help books The reason being they all sound the same So I am pretty surprised with this book It has actually helped me with my goals One particular quote from the book which really worked for me is, Stop managing your time and start managing your focus Isn t that true I mean, don t we talk about time being the most valuable thing Well, what is the use of being disciplined if you don t know what you want in life Now, how has this book helped me Well, I am member of The 6 AM Club now but I am definitely on my way to join The 5 AM Club See you there.

wow, this is terrible The ludicrously bad story woven around the ultimately blog post sized advice has some of the worst writing I ve ever experienced Wow.
This fiction book with teaching and importance why to wake up at 5 am.
Join the 5 am club,own your morning.
Elevate your life theme of book.
The story revolves around the person artist and entrepreneur both attend the teaching of spellbinder motivational speaker and where they meet billionaires Mr.
Riley stone Both entrepreneur and artist will fall in love,the journey of learning about technique of 5 am club and other self help techniques by BillionaireThe story travel to various place Mauritius,India to visit Taj Mahal , Rome in Italy,Brazil Sao Paulo and South Africa for Robbin island place where Nelson Mandela jailed For learning the technique and importance of 5 am club.
The key technique are A The 3 step success formula by starting with better awareness lead to better choice and the finally better result.
B The 4 focuses of history makers 1 Capitalisation Iq2 Freedom from distraction 3 Personal mastery practice 4 Day stackingC Four interior empire Mindset psychology ,Heartset emotionality ,healthset physicality ,Soulset spirituality D The habit installation protocol for 66 days minimum to reach automaticity point for any habit to become our second nature Stage 1 1 to 22 days destruction phaseStage 2 23 to 44 days installation phase Stage 3 45 to 66 days integration phaseE The 20 20 20 Formula deconstructions from 5.
00 AM to 6.
00AMPocket 1 5.
00 Am to 5.
20 Am for Move Time for doing intense exercise and sweat heat to boost your metabolism and cleanses cortisol level and BDNF rise Pocket 2 5.
20Am to 5.
40 Am for reflection Time for doing journal,mediations,plan,contemplate Pocket 3 5.
40 Am to 6.
00 Am for growTime for review goals,read books,audiobook and podcasts Which improve knowledge and confidence boost.
F The 10 Tactics for Lifelong Genius Tactic 1 The Tight Bubble of Total Focus TBTF Tactic 2 The 90 90 1 RuleTactic 3 The 60 10 MethodTactic 4 The Daily 5 Concept Tactic 5 The 2nd Wind Workout 2WW Tactic 6 The 2 Massage Protocol 2MP Tactic 7 Traffic UniversityTactic 8 The Dream Team TechniqueTactic 9 The Weekly Design System WDS Tactic 10 The 60 Minute StudentG The twin cycle of elite performance are High Excellence Cycle and Deep Refueling CycleH The five asset of genius are mental focus,physical energy,personal willpower,original talent and daily time.
GCA Gargantuan Competitive Advantage True depth as it relates to how you think, behave and deliver Healthy perfectionism and an unyielding quest to be the best that you are capable of becoming.
Some interesting neuroscience term transient hypofrontality, human growth hormone production,BDNF brain derived neurotrophic factor.
This book have lot of quotes and you can keep rising daily 5.
am as upcoming goal for this new year.